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Tuesday, November 1, 2016



Monday, October 31, 2016

My October 31, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Freedom to
seeing sacredness

~The core of peace lives
not in my thoughts or deeds but
inside of my heart

~When I go within
do I feel relationship
and know We are One?

~My relatives are
in each person animal
rock tree and flower

~I take refuge in
the Divine's presence and feel
safe and protected

~Everywhere in
the world surrounding me the
Divine is present

~The power of the
Divine protects and watches
over all of us

~When my good day to
die comes my spirit will go
into other realms

~Now, here while I am
on Earth let me deliver
love truth and beauty

~When endings come let
me find new ways to love and
create the Divine


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My August 8, 2016 haikus

My August 8, 2016 haikus

[some of this inspired by #33 Our Lady of Radiant Grace card in Alana Fairchild's Mother Mary Oracle with Shiloh Sophia's artwork]

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Fullness to
selections make

~The essence of All
catches my breath in awe and
I reflect the Divine

~Perfect stillness brings
perfect reflections What is
my life teaching me?

~What seeds do I hold
to plant into this day? Love?
Kindness? Joy? Delight?

~What radiant grace
allows me to live wildly and
expansively here?

~I am in love with
the earth and fly free I choose
to live in Spirit

~I trust enough to
leap into this day heart first
full of the Divine

~O Big Mama fill
me with your radiant grace
Let it flow from me

~Gift to me the chutzpah
to kick the door open and
dare to step outside

~Divine Mother waits
for me to sashay into
this Wild World with her
~Let's go rattle some
cages and free others to
know Big Mama's grace

My August 7, 2016 haikus

My August 7, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Perfection
to my life's ideals

~Today I found a
broken butterfly fallen
and I brought it home

~Molten Mystery's
Fire is at my center
I let my light shine

~Through me flows the Love
of living life to those I
meet on their paths

~I see you guided
and directed by inward
spirit that leads you

~You arrive where you
need to be and walk the path
that is right for you

~Just as butterfly
lives it's numbered days you grow
toward your freedom

~Spread your wings and fly
Let your feet dance on flowers
Live in beauty ways

My August 6, 2016 haikus

My August 6, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Abundance
to my gift giving

~Barriers and thoughts
of limitations keep me
from living fully

~I have talents and
gifts to share and ideas
to explore and dreams...

~Let me use my hands
to live in beauty ways Let
me dance in delight
1~dark nite blue
Big Mama
2~ AIR
Pollyanna Possibilities
NOT Poor Pitiful Pearl thoughts
The Sky is limitless
Create poems and paintings with passion
Pose questions that kindle sparks (into flames) in self and others
Flow loving kindness truth and beauty
(and kind thoughtfulness)
into all I think say and do
Mend with Kintsugi gold
Ground poems prayers promises and things I believe into my body with Qijong Tai Chi Yoga and Bellydancing
Apply spiritual principles into my daily living
Manifest Alchemical Magic
In the palm of my hand I drew a tree woman with roots who sez: I know where I come from
Above her head a heart compass w/the 4 directions
and the words:
My Heart Compass is my Guide
Above the heart compass a spiral
Inscribed in the spiral are the words:
I know where I'm going...

I gleaned these questions from Havi's June new moon post to create my art journal page
1~ How do I create a space for Beauty in my life?
2~ How do I bring my THOUGHTS into a place of Beauty?
How do I move in Beauty? in a free flowing way
3~ How do I create with Beauty?
How do I put Beauty into my passion? creativity in a focused way
3~ How do I create with Beauty?
How do I put Beauty into my passion? creativity in a focused way?
5~ How do I build/ manifest Beauty?
It binds things together?
How do I bring Beauty to my belongings?
1~ AETHER/space
2~ AIR~ thoughts/movement
3~ FIRE/passion/creativity/focus
4~ WATER/flow/emotions
5~ EARTH/grounding/manifesting

My August 5, 2016 haikus

My August 5, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Change to
my ways of thinking

~I think on these things
true pure right and lovely in
my mind's thought garden

~I weed out by the
roots negative thinking that
hurts harms and destroys

~With a clear field in
my mind I can plant heart
seeds of love's beauty

~The Divine's loving
presence protects me strengthens
my inner spirit

~With wisdom I know
what needs to be done and have
the strength to do it

~I overcome fears
and turn from darkness toward
Divine light within

~The heart seeds I plant
empower others to plant
heart seeds of their own

My August 4, 2016 haikus

My August 4, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
Assertiveness spirit to
my yoga practice

~I love others for
the sake of the spirit that
lives within all things

~The Lord of Love willed
Let me be many You and
I are shining love

~Let my actions shape
my life spiritually
with my practices

~From my heart my hands
do actions that are filled with
love and compassion

~Love flows into me
from the Divine and I flow
Love out to others

~Whether giving or receiving my heart
to the flow of light

~I shine