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Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010 Friday

Up Close Revelations In A Grain Of Sugar
This morning while enjoying breakfast at the Harbor Restaurant in Mobile's Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel I had one of those aha! experiences when I noticed that one single grain of natural raw turbanado sugar was casting a shadow on my teacup's white saucer. There before me was one teeny tiny grain of brown and golden yellow sugar with its gray shadow growing beside it. It made me look at other shadows on the table where my husband Steve and I sat overlooking the harbor. The sleek salt and pepper shakers that seemed to be of Danish design cast their own unique shadows. My fork held over the white square plate where my omlette sat cast a shadow going from the plate's edge to the omlette in the middle of my plate even as my fork was posed above the plate's upper rim. All through our morning meal my eyes kept returning to the small shadow cast by one simple granule of sugar. I thought about how many times there are things right before our eyes and we don't even see them. The night before my breath had been taken away by the marvelous stage setting of the 61st annual Polka Dot Mardi Gras ball with its balloons fashioned to resemble giant jelly fish dangling down from the ceiling rafters and its spectacular stage setting designed to display the queen's exquisite under the sea flowing train with its sparkle, shimmer and shine. The rainbow wings of their emblem gypsy's costume glittered and glowed. Sometimes when you look at certain things it is like they radiate and you see them as if through magical rose colored glasses that make them stand out dazzling- a vision of awe and wonder before your eyes.