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Thursday, September 30, 2010

She sparkles! She shines!

Words can never express our gratitude for Renee & Liz adding the work of their helping hands as they glue on jewels and pieces or mirror to the gypsy wagon. Waves of love wash over her. You just hafta smile when she shines her glittering magic on you.

Rumi said, "Be the slave of someone whose heart glitters."
"When their messages arrive
they give the weary soul vigor & comfort."
"Caught in this wind, the mind's branches
reach out & bloom all over again."
"A strange sweetness, never felt before,
spreads through the flesh
& the mouth revels in the luscious taste
of the reed flute & the player's lips."
"We hold no drink in our hands
yet the hour of a thousand joys swirls around us."
"To find your joy & bliss
look through your own window
let the whirling run wild & take flight,
for you are life added to the life of
whirling ecstasy,
you are the glittering joy of the age."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wagon before photo #4

My new blue Jeep we call 'Libertina' (a cross between Liberty & Tina Turner) can actually hook up to the wagon and pull it. WooHoo! Just imagine all the wondrous adventures we will have. Who knows? We may pull up to your place and visit you one day SOON!

Wagon before photo #3

Today Tate & Sylvia are going to begin priming the wagon Dale built and Jay has been finishing up for us. On Monday, Labor Day, we've invited friends to come add splashes of color to our flamingo gypsy wagon.

Wagon before photo #2

Look at Carol Hick's beautiful glasswork on the old window that came out of Edgar Cayce's Hospital at Association for Research & Enlightenment in Virginia Beach.

I've made little yard signs that say:

A.Y.C.E. Food For The Soul www.edgarcayce.com

to tote around and plant as we traipse about in the gypsy wagon- reminiscent of those old Burma Shave signs I used to see along the roadsides as a child.

Wagon before photo #1

Here it is all chloroxed clean & ready to be painted.

September 2, 2010 Funny story:

We hooked up the wagon and I drove it to our neighbor's barn. They live 2 houses north of us. Only to discover the wagon is TOO TALL to get into the barn!!!! Sooooo I drove it back here and I guess we'll be painting it in the front yard. The weather looks great today & as Steve pointed out- you don't get to put houses that need painting into a barn if it is raining. Sunshine! is my chant for the whole next week.