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Friday, October 25, 2013

Red Letter Day My Goddess Paintings Go On Sale @ E's Chic Boutique in Gulf Shores

You'll find E's Chic Boutique on the left as you're headed toward the beach on Hwy 59 just past Fort Morgan Road. She has my Sun and Moon Goddess~ $55 Flamingo Goddess~ $33 Goddess of the Red Heart Key~ $33 Blue Heart Goddess~ $33 Purple Heart Key Goddess~ $33 Goddess of the Orange Flame~ $33 Purple Flower Goddess~ $33 Golden Handprint Goddess~ $33 Volcano Spirit Goddess~ $33 I hope y'all will at least go by and see them. I am so excited! Paint splattered today painting October's Red Madonna ALCHEMICAL MARRIAGE.

Our First Paralounge Experience October 2013

I vowed to write about all of the gypsywagon's trips BUT my blogsite changed format for downloading photos and I am testing this to see if it will show me and Steve @ Paralounge Drumming in Silver Springs. FL.