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Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year 2011 Is Almost Here

I gave my daughter an unusual handmade Christmas gift this year.
I wrote questions on the part you pull off an Always maxi pad.
Since her name is Sarah-Star and the papers for the night time
maxi pads have stars on them
it seemed like the perfect medium.
I took the words/phrases I have selected for my spiritual focus
for each new year since 1995 and turned them into questions.
I would like to share them with you now in the hopes spirit may
move me to find my focus for the coming new year.
[Note: I switch between using "YOU" and "I"
so you can read these questions either way.
Read them in the way that makes you feel most
like answering them.]
1- What is your Personal Legend?
2- What will you have in your life
this day?
this year?
3- What whimsical art do you intend to create?
4- What quotes can you collect from books today?
5- Can you surrender today?
6- What will you write in your Book of Days for today?
7- What do you desire to change in your life?
8- How can you be inspiration with joyous delight?
9- How can you celebrate oneness with all life today?
10- How can you be in Dharmic Service of others
for the Highest Good of all beings today?
11- How can you search for spiritual truths, inspiration
and new ways of being?
12- Where can you find Revelations of Truth this day?
13- How are you living with Thanks-giving
or an attitude of giving?
14- How are you weaving the Divine
into the earthy-earth
or the mundane?
15- How are you using your creative spirit
to celebrate your Indwelling Light?
16- What guides you to be mindful today?
17- What will your work in the world be?
18- What are you preparing the way for?
19- How are you being joyful with joyous delight this day?
20- How can you give Love, grace and gratitude
with joyous delight?
21- What mystic truths can you reveal to the world?
22- Where are you on your sacred journey today?
23- How do you nurture and nourish your creativity?
24- What different parts of your brain
can you develop?
25- How are you radiant with all of the good ju-ju stuff
you believe?
26- What are your hopes for the planet?
27- What do you feel devotional about today?
28- What wonder-ment can you find in the world today?
29- What can you do today to give helpfulness
and hopefulness to someone?
30- What amazing grace can you discover today?
31- How can I live intentionally today?
32- What lively muses can I connect with today?
33- Who can I connect with as my spiritual companion today?
34- In your mind's eye what do you see as reality
for your Highest Good
and the Highest Good of all?
35- Do you have the courage to pick yourself up from your
Woe is me! Poor Pitiful Pearl place?
36- What in-stances do you notice this day?
37- What is your response-ability today?
38- How are you connected to
the Powers That Be?
39- How can you focus on the spirit of God
at the core of your being?
40- How can you live in gratitude this day?
41- How can you help others wake up
to their empowerment today?
42- How can you feel oneness with Source today?
43- How can you help others feel
at-one-ment today?
44- What trick can you use to unlock
your creative spirit today?
45- What is my Creative Manifesto?
46- How can I visually chronicle
this day of my life?
47- What can I do to give my spirit wings today?
48- How can I visually go deeper than words?
49- What soul collage can I create today?
[see: http://www.soulcollage.com/ ]
50- What is truly possible in this moment now?
51- What revelations can you find today?
52- What joyful doingness can you find to do this day?
53- How can I journal for joy today?
[see: http://noticingwithjoycechapman.blogspot.com/ ]
54- How can I expand my creativity today?
55- How are you connecting
or attuning yourself with
Creative Force Source
/the Powers That Be
56- What awe-inspiration can you find
in nature today?
57- How do you live "everyday is a blessing"?
58- How are you living in joy today?
59- What is the Tarot Path Of Understanding
telling you today?
[see: http://www.gaiantarot.com/ ]
60- What are chakras telling you
about your world today?
[see: www.myss.com/library/chakras/ ]
61- Where in your world can you find
the Tree of Life?
by Rachel Pollack ]
62- How can you let Grace transform you today?
63- What prayer do you have
for the children of the world?
64- How can you find hope
and give hope to others this day?
65- What do you intend to create today?
66- What do you desire to create in your life
this year?

Hmm... I just may use some of these questions
to go along with the FLOWERS/ ESSENTIAL OILS

I invite you to make comments or
share what your new year's resolution process is like...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

from home Audubon Place South on Fish River Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hmm... I wanna write a book
& create some cards
where did I get most of my spiritual nourishment?
For years I have been studying
Edgar Cayce's work
in Search For God groups.
I have gone through his Search For God materials
and the experiments
that go along with each chapter
many different times.
It was his behest to apply spiritual principles
in my daily life that brought me nourishment
and fed my soul and insides.
Sooooo- how could I create CAYCE CARDS
that would make it easy for others
to follow my path with heart?
How could I help others empower themselves
to walk their own paths with heart?
What artist friends could I get to lend
their helping hands?

-Cards 0- 24, the major arcana,
take you through the chapters
in Edgar Cayce's Search For God books
by asking you questions,
in answering these questions
you will be uplifted
to revelations of truth
and find ways to apply
his spiritual principles
in living your daily life.
Each major arcana card is symbolized
by a gemstone
that gives added meaning
to each card's message.

My daughter Sarah-Star Wiest
and her husband Al
painted 25 little treasure boxes
to hold the 25 gemstones
that I intuitively selected
from Edgar Cayce's
Association For Reseach & Enlightenment
Bookstore located @
215 67th St
Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Sarah-Star & Al
live in North Carolina

My friend Rosetta Miller
painted 25 oval canvases
depicting the gemstones
and their treasure boxes.
She lives in nearby
Lillian, Alabama.

In CAYCE CARDS you will find 4 suits:

-flowers for Essential Oils/
for AIR/ swords
thoughts/ ideas/ eclectic quotes
14 oval flower paintings
by my friend Claudia Giannini
who lives in Pittsburgh

-Native American flutes
for FIRE/ wands
passion/ action/
Personal Spirituality
14 oval canvases
picturing flutes my husband and I own
painted by my friend
Rachel Guillotte
who lives in Loisianna

-Cowrie Shells
for EARTH/ coins
physical body/ resources
True Health
14 oval canvases
painted by my friend Sassy Lady Jan
who lives in Georgia

for WATER/ cups
Ancient Mysteries
14 oval canvases
painted by my friend
Renee Wilson
who is my neighbor
and lives close by
in Alabama
Island Girl Braids
-she's the woman who beads
& braids my hair
-she & Liz
added the dazzle to
our gypsy wagon
with colored glass
& pieces of shiny mirrors
Renee Wilson

And so, with a little help from my friends,
I have created CAYCE CARDS:
You can contact me
Susan Daniel
The Pink Flamingo Lady of LALALand
/Love Always Land
H 251-988-8693
M 251-752-7806
Let Flamingo Gypsy Susan Daniel
lead you
where your heart wants to go.
Find your soul's purpose
and live in joy!
What are tarot cards?
Illustrations and stories
that teach you lessons
of enlightenment?
I hope you will use
these pictures and words
to open windows and doors
that lead you
to your path with heart.
Be a child again!
Have fun!
Live in wonderment
and a state of awe.
Live in spirit.
Live your soul's purpose.
Keep a gratitude journal
of all the thanks-giving
you find to do
while you are exploring
and having
Grand Adventures!
What would your life be like
if you applied Edgar Cayce's
spiritual principles
to your every day living?
deepen your journey
as you walk your path with heart.
Why do I meditate?
I meditate to find and feel
my connection with
the powers that be in the universe.
Every breath I take,
every word I speak,
every step I take
is my prayer to God.
I do not see God as
some grandpappy
way up yonder in the sky.
I believe s/he
is the divine spark of being
that is in everything-
every tree,
drop of rain
or ray of sunshine,
every being
whether winged,
or creepy crawly.
Some say there is a silver cord
that runs through the 7 chakras
in our body
connecting us with the Divine.
I believe it's probably
something similar to that cord,
that weaves us each
to one another.
Some say there are ley lines
or grids of energy
flowing on our earthball.
is that each person, plant, animal
or thing I meet
along my path with heart
is energy
and the lines of love
drawn to connect us
help us remember
why we are here
on this earthwalk.
Playing with CAYCE CARDS
can help you use
the mystical keys
you have inside yourself
to unlock the tools
you can use
to paint your life's picture
or write the script
of your life's play
in ways that will help you
balance your life
and spritually.
Why am I just another flamingo
in the garden of life?
I am a flamingo
because I feel
a deep, inner need
to splash bright, happy colors
wherever I can.
I saw thousands of flamingos
fly into the Carmague
in southern France
and I know I am
part of their tribe.
I feel there are many of us
here this time around
to remind others
that we are here
to do whatever we can
to bring heaven to earth.
I hope you will read this book
and play with these cards
so you can discover
some ways you can
play music,
dance in nature,
sing your heart out,
delight in art,
create your life
with understandings
that bring you
joyous delight!
You can follow our Grand Adventures
by continuing to visit
Flamingo Gypsy's Wanderings @ http://www.flamingogypsy.blogspot.com/

from Huntersville NC December 27, 2010

I spoze I could go back
through my notebooks and
find that first, fat, overstuffed
exploding notebook I was filling
when I went to visit my friend
Claudia in her little gnome home
overlooking Cheat Lake near
Morgantown, WV. It was there
spirit moved me to decide I
wanted to write a book. At
that time I thought it would be
a comparison of different tarot
decks and I spent some years
collecting data about what each
card meant in different tarot decks
gathering info about Kabbalah
the Tree Of Life
chakras, colors & gemstones
along the way
BUT then the book in my heart
I wanted to write
wasn't a comparison
of tarot decks
(that kinda book had already
been written)
so I went casting about
from my canoe
and later paddling in my kayak
to discover what in Spirit waters
was mine to write?
I knew it would have something of
tarot decks and chakras and energy
medicine and colors and symbols and
fairy tales and meaning, the Kabbalah
the Tree Of Life
And then I remembered
something my daddy taught me when
I was growing up in the Methodist Church
You should always tithe/ give back 10% to
the places where you got spiritual
nourishment (not necessarily the church)
it could even be money, time or talent
given to nourish and nurture others
along their spiritual path
their path with heart

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Years Intention For 2011

I intend to start blogging
in the new year
& start posting pictures
about the Grand Adventures
we have with our gypsy wagon.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You're invited! Please spread the word!


Please bring your drum &/native American flute

or use one of our instruments

& come join us Saturday

late afternoon or early evening

October 30, 2010

(Rain date: Saturday, November 6)

for drumming and fluting around our gypsy wagon
@ Audubon Place South
15335 County Road 9
(on the east side of Fish River)
in Baldwin County
(Summerdale, AL 36580-4227)
Call Steve Heath 251-752-7807
or e-mail Susan Daniel mssusan@gulftel.com
for directions.
(We are on the riverside of County Road 9
between Hwy 32 & 98
County Road 28 & 24
Southworth & Basin Lane.)
Look for the pink flamingo flag
on the pink flamingo mailbox.
It hurts when the place we love is damaged.
By making simple acts of beauty,
we heal each other and our land.
From Houma, Louisiana
to Pensacola, Florida,
all along the cities, towns & waterways
affected by the oil spill that began on April 20,
people will gather in a spirit of appreciation
for their beautiful, damaged home
and their own determination to thrive.
We will make a picture of us drumming,
dancing and playing flutes to be included
in a special presentation of images
on digital disc. Everyone who registers
will receive one. The gypsy wagon is about
12 feet long- if we get enough drummers,
flute players & dancers to = 25 feet long or more
-we will be considered for inclusion in
a special limited number of aerial shots
to be taken that day by the award winning
New Orleans photographer, Matthew D. White.
Register on line at RadicalJoyForHardTimes.org
or contact us at trebbejohnson@gmail.com
RadicalJoyForHardTimes is a non-profit organization
whose mission is finding and making beauty
in wounded places.
Come join us for a Day of Solidarity, Beauty, Healing,
and Yes, Even Joy
for the Gulf of Mexico and Its People!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

She sparkles! She shines!

Words can never express our gratitude for Renee & Liz adding the work of their helping hands as they glue on jewels and pieces or mirror to the gypsy wagon. Waves of love wash over her. You just hafta smile when she shines her glittering magic on you.

Rumi said, "Be the slave of someone whose heart glitters."
"When their messages arrive
they give the weary soul vigor & comfort."
"Caught in this wind, the mind's branches
reach out & bloom all over again."
"A strange sweetness, never felt before,
spreads through the flesh
& the mouth revels in the luscious taste
of the reed flute & the player's lips."
"We hold no drink in our hands
yet the hour of a thousand joys swirls around us."
"To find your joy & bliss
look through your own window
let the whirling run wild & take flight,
for you are life added to the life of
whirling ecstasy,
you are the glittering joy of the age."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wagon before photo #4

My new blue Jeep we call 'Libertina' (a cross between Liberty & Tina Turner) can actually hook up to the wagon and pull it. WooHoo! Just imagine all the wondrous adventures we will have. Who knows? We may pull up to your place and visit you one day SOON!

Wagon before photo #3

Today Tate & Sylvia are going to begin priming the wagon Dale built and Jay has been finishing up for us. On Monday, Labor Day, we've invited friends to come add splashes of color to our flamingo gypsy wagon.

Wagon before photo #2

Look at Carol Hick's beautiful glasswork on the old window that came out of Edgar Cayce's Hospital at Association for Research & Enlightenment in Virginia Beach.

I've made little yard signs that say:

A.Y.C.E. Food For The Soul www.edgarcayce.com

to tote around and plant as we traipse about in the gypsy wagon- reminiscent of those old Burma Shave signs I used to see along the roadsides as a child.

Wagon before photo #1

Here it is all chloroxed clean & ready to be painted.

September 2, 2010 Funny story:

We hooked up the wagon and I drove it to our neighbor's barn. They live 2 houses north of us. Only to discover the wagon is TOO TALL to get into the barn!!!! Sooooo I drove it back here and I guess we'll be painting it in the front yard. The weather looks great today & as Steve pointed out- you don't get to put houses that need painting into a barn if it is raining. Sunshine! is my chant for the whole next week.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Blue Jeep Liberty

When we were in North Carolina visiting Sarah-Star and Al
we bought a blue Jeep Liberty to pull our gypsy wagon with.

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Caribbean Blue Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #PPH-58 - PPH-58 PP at The Home Depot

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Caribbean Blue Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #PPH-58 - PPH-58 PP at The Home Depot

Fold down porch on gypsy wagon

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Riverside Blue Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #530D-5 - 530D-5PP at The Home Depot

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Riverside Blue Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #530D-5 - 530D-5PP at The Home Depot

Upper half of gypsy wagon

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Herbal Garden Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #420D-5 - 420D-5PP at The Home Depot

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Herbal Garden Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #420D-5 - 420D-5PP at The Home Depot

Bottom half of gypsy wagon

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Flame Yellow Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #360B-6 - 360B-6PP at The Home Depot

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Flame Yellow Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #360B-6 - 360B-6PP at The Home Depot

Accent color for gypsy wagon

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Pink Bliss Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #680A-3 - 680A-3PP at The Home Depot

Behr Premium Plus 8 oz. Pink Bliss Interior/Exterior Paint Tester #680A-3 - 680A-3PP at The Home Depot

Accent color for gypsy wagon

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Thing Leads To Another Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our daughter, Sarah-Star
asked me to get Libby Bray's book:
That led me off onto the sideroads
where I found
Libby Bray's PRINTZ acceptance speech
for the book HOLY COW
so when my writing prompt
from Judy Reeves' WRITERS BOOK OF DAYS
was: Write about passing time.
this morning
I wrote:
Listening to Libba Bray's acceptance speech
she bounced all over
her personal life timeline
and I realized how we don't
know the meaning
of many of the things
we experience on this earthwalk
Hearing Deborah Heligman talk
about her book CHARLES AND EMMA
where she says: who we marry
really matters, it shapes who we become
support each other in growing the way
you're spozed to grow
Who am I? What do I believe?
What's the meaning of life?
What's my place in it?
The answers come @ different
times in our life
framed by the people/characters
who surround us
& the scenery we find ourselves in
Different parts of our life can seem
like different lifetimes
It all gets jumbled up together
& each time we pick out a part of
our lives to look at it
we find it dripping with all of the
other ingredients we've thrown into
the soup pot
Each taste and flavor
is influenced by every other one
even if the cake falls
it can be torn into little bits & pieces
& blended in with colorful jello
and creamy whipped cream
& made into a new creation
as if that's what we originally intended
No eggs, with their golden yolks are lost
They are too valuable to waste
Instead we stir them into
innovative creations
that honor the value
of treasures worthwhile
allbeit in a fashion
we never dreamed before
Time passes & we are transformed
into being
exactly what we're spozed to be:
a hodge podge
quilt scrap
creation of memories
that reflect
and mirror back to us
bits and pieces
of who we're really meant to be

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Part of THE LITTLE PRINCE read by his sister Sarah-Star

"When you look up at the stars at night,
since I'll be living on one of them,
since I'll be laughing on one of them,
for you it'll be as if all the stars are laughing.
You'll have stars that can laugh!
And when you're consoled
(everyone is eventually consoled),
you'll be glad you've known me.
You'll always be my friend.
You'll feel like laughing with me.
And you'll open the windows just for the fun of it . . .
and your friends will be amazed to see you laughing
while you're looking up at the sky.
Then you'll tell them,
'Yes, it's the stars.
They always make me laugh!' "

by Antoine De Saint Exupery

Words I said @ Josh's Memorial Gathering

Joshua Scott Daniel-Walters
Born March 27, 1981
-Lived 29 years, 3 months, 4 days,
Died July 1, 2010
Written by his Mama Susan
on the 4th of July,
Independence Day, 2010
@ Turtle Beach:
Turtles crawl out of the wet waters of spirit
to lay eggs upon the sandy beaches of earth,
from these eggs their young ones
will be hatched into life.
29 years, 3 months & 4 days my baby son
Joshua Scott Daniel-Walters
lived here with us.
I remember the very first time I saw him
and his tiny, little baby fingers
grasped hold of my fingers
and my heart.
His hands grew big and broad like my Daddy's
and my mother's father's-
his great grandfather's hands.
His heart was gentle,
and giving.
As a child he collected tiny little animals,
the kind you find in gift shops that come
attached to cards about the size
of postage stamps.
He cared deeply for the wee little ones.
Josh would always give anything he could
to someone in need.
by Marlo Morgan]
We read stories together about
Australian aborigines who go on walkabouts.
He found spirit in the gulf
especially when it was churned up into wildness
in a storm.
I can remember driving him and his friends
to go surfing before school would start in the morning
in those years before he got his drivers license.
He loved music, it danced in his soul.
He made music when he played guitar,
beat his haertbeat onto drums,
or breathed his spirit into a flute
or didgeridoo.
I will hear his song whenever I hear the birds
sing the sun awake.
I will sense his spirit in those magical moments
of dusk that have that Maxfield Parrish
quality of light.
Not that any mother ever needs a reminder
to pray for her children,
but whenever I'd notice a digital clock
showing 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55,
I'd stop and pray for Val and her husband Zach
and their 3 children- Eli, Lucas and Arianna.
I'd pray for Sarah-Star and her fiancee Al
and her soon to be family Addison
and their babies yet to be.
I'd pray for Josh, hoping he was safe and
happy wherever he was, wishing that one day
he would find a space to make a home
for himself.
Now I guess he's decided to do his walkabout
in the stars.
A lot of different cultures believe
when you leave this world
you walk the Milky Way as a road,
a river and a bridge between worlds.
Many Native Americans regard the Milky Way
as the path followed by the souls of the dead.
According to the Zulu
and other tribes of southern Africa,
the stars are the eyes of our dead ancestors,
keeping watch on the living below.
Josh walks this celestial path now.
Wherever he is I know he is walking his path
with heart.
I know whenever he needs strength
he'll remember the stories of hero's journeys
we read together.
I know some of the stories I read to him
will help him remember
to always keep LOVE in his heart,
to look for beauty in all creation,
and to be gentle,
and giving.
This may seem like THE END of one thing
but his stepdad Steve & I know for sure-
it is the beginning of something else . . .
We invite each one of you to explore
the . . .'s of infinite possibilities!!!

Who is your chosen tribe?

I spoke to Josh's friends about the meaning of tribe
at his Contemporary Memorial Gathering.
His tribe meant so much to him!

Who is your chosen tribe?
The core group of individuals
who make up your community.
People you can count on
and who can depend on you.
"Generosity of spirit is a golden quality
affirming our commitment
to a way of walking in sacredness."

Breathe in deeply
-relax your body
-open your heart
-become aware of
how your feet
ground you to your earthwalk
and this world
-know that within
each one of you
is the spark of the Divine Spirit
that connects you in spirit
to all living beings,
to one another
and to Josh and all others
who have gone on before us
to pierce the veil between
this world and the next.
Some say that when we die
we walk the starry trail
of the Milky Way
to our heart's home.

I felt my hands fisted up
& my heart contracted
when we got back to the house
here on Fish River.
But when his friends Eli & Joe
played guitar & the drummer
drummed- my heart opened up
and my hands opened up
to receive
the blessings of the day.

At night when I cannot sleep,
I still hear Steve's fluting
& Josh's friends drumming
in the front yard.

Meditation Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We played and sang
Gina Sala's youtube rendition of
(Because) the one I love
lives inside of you
I lean as close to you
as I can

I love you
I love you

I love you
I love you

I love you
I love you
Just as you are

Epiphany Wednesday July 14, 2010

I had an epiphany/realization/insight
when I was masterminding with Dennis,
my mastermind partner, this morning
In the mastermind process we go thru
there is the quote:
"Feeling separated is the root cause
of all unhappiness."

I am feeling separated from Josh.

I long to feel connected again.

Monday, July 5, 2010

In the sunlight we saw 3 white birds fly in

There is rain and there are times of tears & laughter. We are thankful
for this time in nature's beauty. As always the motion & sound &
beauty of the gulf soothes us & give us courage. Seeing the marsh
blesses us.

Rain in the marsh

We went thru the rain in the marsh to meet Janie & Kate in
Apalachicola to eat dinner @ Carolines overlooking the water.

Even the sky is raining tears @ Turtle Beach for Joshua Scott

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Turtle Beach

We can see beautiful dragonflies from the third floor porch of our B@B.
The waves wash all our worries away.
I am so glad we have this beautiful place & space in time to process
Josh's leaving his physical body & his earthwalk with us.

Turtle Beach sunset

Ah! Peace. . . We can hear the waves rolling in on the sandy shore.
Steve started out this morning in tears over Josh's death that would
not stop. I found a few teary places during our trek from Tarpon
Springs to here. We even managed to get in a fuss fight about what we
envision Josh's Contemporary Memorial Garhering to be: it was Taurus
vs. Aquarius until we listened to enough Bob Marley & Jimmy Buffet to
calm us down & soothe our souls so we could compromise.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tarpon Springs

Here I am July 1st

just minutes before we got the phone call saying our son Joshua had
been in a wreck on his motorcycle, Several phone calls later we were
told he was dead. Who is gonna say, "I love you, Mama Bear?" This
afternoon I felt my Daddy was sending me a message from the otherside
saying "Don't worry, I've got him right here with me," but tonite I
cannot sleep. Every time I lay my head on the pillow here @ the
Hampton Inn in Wellington -memories of Josh force my head up off the
pillow. I wonder when sleep will come?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Let the sunshine from Key West

Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are

The sun is sinking lower @ Key West

Sunset from Mallory Square Key West

With a Starbucks caddy corner across the street

For Sarah-Star
Alas! No Key West Starbucks memorabilia
Notice weaver out front
They are everywhere weaving pond fronds into hats, bowls, etc

We found a Banana Republic where Al could work

the colors of key west

Steve in hammock

He didn't wanna get out
so we could move on down the road to Key West

hammock because swimming makes me so tired

Cheasapeake Beach Resort Islamorada

yes there are beaches @ Chesapeake Beach Resort


Day 3 Islamorada flowers in trees

@ Chesapeake Beach Resort