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Monday, November 24, 2014

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 23, 2014

Pass through The Gate
Honoring The Shehkinah
I am Embodied
from Cat's Catalyst:
I gather into the circles of communities...
I listen...
I drum the world we desire into creation...

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 22, 2014

Mary John's Haiku LET IT GO, LET GO.
Let It Go, Let Go.
In the alchemical flame
Sacred Crucible
What goes in here?
Cat's Catalyst had me coloring pages 
to prepare decorated pages for me to write on.
[My husband says this art journal page
background reminds him of a Basket Starfish
who is a critter that walks on long, spindly legs
and draws up to look like a basket
when threatened by its enemies.]

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 21, 2014

Mary John's Haiku BREATH
With Breath We Begin
With Breathing We Also End
Coming Full Circle
In response to Havi's Sovereignty:
Oh Havi! Once again you have done it.
Am I in good standing
with my destiny?
with my life?
within my sovereignty?
you ask.
Let me live in the fluid realm.
Let me serve the sacred/Kedusha.
Let Shekinah shine forth from me.
I tend hearts with my tender loving care.
I sashay out from the center.
I entered into this Medicine Wheel from the West 
with my heart seed burning RED hot.
I honored Our Lady of the Living Water 
with her Healing & Intuition.
We trekked North
where I honored Our Lady of the Flowering Earth
with her Faith & Creation.
Traipsing into the East with y'all 
I honored Our Lady of the Open Sky 
with her Connection & Soaring.
Turning South I honored Our Lady of the Flaming Heart
with her Devotion & Passion.
Drenched in the elements 
& fire
I entered the center.
I honored Jeshua, the Way Show~er
& other masculine forms of the Divine.
The spirit child I create
from my lonely ego man
& my woman who must needs be 
return to my center home 
for sustenance for my soul
climbs up and down the Tree of My Life
gathering the qualities of my sovereignty from
Kether~ crown
Chokmah~ wisdom
Binah~ understanding
Chesed~ mercy
Geburah~ strength
Tiphareth~ beauty
Netzach~ victory
Hod~ splendor
Yesod~ foundation
Malkuth~ KINdom
My creator created me to live in joyous delight!
I chant in gratitude and grace.
Who could ask for more?
[This was written to my Red Madonna sisters
in Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis'
Red Madonna Matrix 2014.]

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 20, 2014

Mary John's Haiku AS I STRIP AWAY
As I Strip Away
The garments of My Past Self
From Within I glow!
Cat's Catalyst:
"Waste" into
Who are my helpers? 
Totem  animals
What's the heat that will do the alchemizing?
Tender Loving Care
The movement of energy through me
and out into the world
How will I make sure
my life isn't just filled with
a pile of rotting WASTE?
Read poetry 
Be curious
Go on Grand Adventures
Move the One Force Source 
out into the world
as love.

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 19, 2014

Mary John's Haiku HEARTS
The Red Madonna
Palpable Force of Presence
Beating in Our Hearts
from Cat's Catalyst
can help me
make myself
something sweet
with which I can nourish the world.

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 18, 2014

Mary John's Haiku I BECOME MY SONG
Blessed with Love and Light
Cradled in the Deep Matrix
I Become My Song
from Cat's Catalyst
Dong, Not Doing
Human BE~ing
In the Bowl of my Being
My Grandmother's bowl
Passed down to me
by my Mama's hands
I place local beach
sugar white sands
and taliswoman symbols
for the ways I take my stands

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 17, 2014

My Inner Buddha
Balancing My Male/Female
My Matrix Wholeness
from Cat's Catalyst
If what I image 
feeds my soul
I make it real
I am a Tree of Life
connecting the Divine
with Earth
connecting all forms of creation...

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 16, 2014

Mary John's Haiku OF
Fractals of Stardust
Descending into our Cells
Embodied Matrix
from Cat's Catalyst
Was this Sunday nurturing for me? Did I take a day of "rest"?
Steve and I went with Al and Sarah~Star, Jeff and Amy
to the Renaissance Fair where an eclectic gathering
of people dressed in costumes time traveled together.
Music, acting and a joust entertained us.
Treasures from days gone by and handcrafts were offered
in the marketplaces there.
I ate broccoli and cheese from a bread bowl
and corn from the cob.
Sparkling crystals and jewels and shimmering fabrics
in rainbow colors dazzled my eyes.
Exotic smells excited me.
A drum was brought that little hands can hold
and I was reminded of a much smaller Renaissance Fair
where Steve and I went on our first date
holding hands with four year old Josh
and the girls Valeria and Sarah~Star both 8.

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 15, 2014

Mary John's Haiku SLOW MY PACE AND BE
Slow My Pace and Be
Contemplating the Stillness
Breathing with Oneness
From Cat's Catalyst
I'd like to see 
more Loving Kindness
wide open explorations
new spaces

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 14, 2014

Tree of Life Blossoms 
centered in the Mandorla
Rooted in the All
from Cat's Catalyst
(which remains blank because I am still gathering things
to place on my timeline)

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 13, 2014

Temple of Inner Knowing
Infused with Love and with Light
Cradled in Stillness
from Cat's Catalyst
my second attempt at a timeline
with wider spaces
(This is something that is ongoing for me
as I dig up dates and decide things to 
place on my timeline.)

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 12, 2014

Mary John's Haiku
Unified Presence
Love and Light Woven Into
Matrix of Oneness
from Cat's Catalyst
my first attempt at a timeline with too little space for the 3 threads

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 11, 2014

The World is Nourished
By Us Drinking from the Well
Of Living Waters
from Cat's Catalyst
a circle of friends
THERE IS A RIVER by Edgar Cayce
Vision Quest
RM Hearth Tender
Gypsy Wagon
(bottom lefthand corner: my headache tonite)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 10, 2014

Mary John's Haiku SURRENDER
Breathing in Breath out
Surrender in Lovingness
To Christ Consciousness
[sacred geometry symbol for Christ Consciousness: Vesica Piscis
I call this watercolor paintingThe Eye of God]
from Cat's catalyst to reflect on our first 10 days of art journaling:
Art Journaling brings color and shapes/forms into my life.
It putd the spotlight/focus on things I wouldn't usually give my attention to.
It lets me look at things from different perspectives.
It's a place I like to muck about in.
It's a space where I can take risks, experiment and try new things and make mistakes
and keep trying new things.
In my art journal I can do something over and over again
or just do something once and walk away from doing it
ever again
or just for a while.
I have had some pages I like more better than others.
All of the Soul Talk and ponderings help me open windows and doors
and expand my horizons
and deepen my understandings.

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 9, 2014

Mary John's Haiku ALONENESS
Guided Aloneness
In Contemplation We Thrive
Weaving the Red Thread
from Cat's catalyst:
Randy has left his body
And we are left to wonder...
Randy's 7 year old great granddaughter
told me she and her friend
used to take him ice cream from Gene's Beans
every Wednesday/Thursday
but her mama said they couldn't do that anymore.
I told her, "Ah, but he's in a place
where he can get any flavor of ice cream
any time he wants it."
she was all smiles and happy

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 8, 2014

Mary John's Haiku IN
In Identity
the Threshold of the Doorway
Opens to Receive
From Cat's catalyst:
To do lists and days when alarm clocks wake me up can squeeze out the fun and pretty places.
Waking up naturally with kid~like adventure spirit can expand fun and joyous delight
out into ever~expanding circles into my day...

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 7, 2014

Mary John's Haiku Well
Quantum Yeshua
Living Waters of the Now
Meet me at the Well
From Cat's Catalyst:
Wakan Tanka
Divine Spark
Great Spirit
Great Mystery
Father Sky
Elan Vital
Mother Earth
Mother Nature

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 6, 2014

Mary John's Haiku Sacred Temple
My Sacred Temple
Nourished by Living Water'Washed in Peace and Love
Create a crossword of sacred/spiritual words:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 5, 2014

Mary John's Haiku

Loving Forgiveness
The Medicine of the Heart
Brings peace to the Earth
From Cat's Catalyst:
What does my soul look like?

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 4, 2014

Mary John's Haiku
(upon her Uncle, her mamma's brother, passing)

Spirit Wings Away
Journey Through The Milky Way
In Oneness Once More
From Cat's Catalyst:
The river in my backyard is my sanctuary.
Beaver says, "Be in kinship and community with others. Build dreams."
Swan says, "See beauty in all things."
Flamingo says, ""Be vibrant and social. Have fun with others."
Otter says, "Be curious and surrender to the moment."
Unicorn says, "Be romantic. Surrender to the Mysteries."
Mother Nature, Animal Totems and Nature Spirits
Brother Sun and Sister Moon
Father Sky Mother Earth
Spirit Guides and Angels
lead me on my Path With Heart.
They are my Guardians and my Guides.

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 3, 2014

Mary John's Haiku
Stillness Calls to Me
Breathing Divine Love and Light
Nourishing My Soul
My response:
From Cat's Catalyst:
Who are some of the muddy angels who cause me to think about soul?
Who was/is outrageous , but makes me happier to be a human being?
Who would never be canonized as a saint but still is someone who inspires me to let my soul shine?
2 people come immediately into my mind as muddy angels for me, Cat.
One is a National Geographic magazine picture of an old man in a tattered, dirty white robe, bent over, clutching a cane, walking on a dusty road, that I cut out and framed years ago, in the Vietnam era.
The other is my adopted baby brother, who is gay, and has used more drugs than most people see in a lifetime.
His life partner died a coupla years back~ a slow painful death of cirrhosis of the liver.
My baby brother and I swam out into the gulf to release his ashes.
We've been together for 40+ years.
There is no one in the world who knows my soul better~ not my husband/ my girlfriends~
he can make my soul shine like no other!
Thank you Cat for bringing muddy angels into my art journal.
Thank you for this precious gift you're giving to me.
Your blogs help me find my painting and writing voice.
I deeply appreciate your
care and concern
and kind thoughtfulness.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 2, 2014

Mary John's Haiku
Standing in Presence
Yeshua The Tree of Lofe
Seed within my heart
My response to Cat's blog prompts for art journaling:
Most of my days are Depth Dimension Days~ filled with taking in colors, textures, feelings, smells and tastes (the way I did today eating corn fritters and reading ORPHAN TRAIN and ending the meal I ate alone in a restaurant with a Brownie Sundae topped with whipping cream and nuts. The contrast of cold vanilla ice cream and warm specialty chocolates dancing on my tongue.) If I need a special day I'll get myself down to the river in my backyard or to the beach nearby or read WHERE WOMEN CREATE magazines or connect with other creatrixes to see what's blowing their skirt up or making their heart sing in tune with the stars. Drum. Dance. Flute. Paint. Play. Pray. Sashay. Wonder...

Sunday, November 2, 2014

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 1, 2014

Spark! Day 31

Day 31
1~ My experience making art yesterday was inspired by Maya Telford.
You can see her wonderful work sand play at www.mayatelford.com
2~ My Commit Art a Focus is noticing how the changing seasons make me see the world differently.
3~ My art today was sparked by Maya Telford's magnificent art again.
It is a celebration of the Taliswoman's Oracle Bags we created in my Coastal Creatives Circle.
My bag has crystals, trinkets, milagros, charms, gemstones, a ribbon to represent the bottom line/the ways things are connected, animal totems, etc. and can be used to take a closer look at one's life...

Spark! Day 30

Day 30
1~ My Commit Art Focus is finding ways to express my life's stories visually.
2~ The Grand Finale challenge I'm choosing TODAY is to continue art journaling with prompts from Cat Charissage and Haiku inspiration from Mary John. I'll start November 1st with them and a new empty art journal of freedom to fill up for November. Then in December I'll grab ahold of a new freedom blank journal to art in for the month of December. I'm aiming at hopefully being able to conjure up art journal pages all on my own come the new year 2024. Cat sparked the fire gifting me with the desire to art journal. Spark! fed me the fuel and I feel like of o keep it up with a little help from my friends and practice daily for the next 2 months I will be able to take my first little baby steps come January 1.

Spark! Day 29

Day 29
~Traditional Church
~Contemporary Church
~Children's Church
~ Edgar Cayce's Search for God @ Fish River
~Coastal Creatives
~Mindful Movement Yoga
~Ruff Wilson Youth Center Reading
~Love & Light Ladies
 ~Yin Yoga
~Page & Palette Bookclub
~Pulpwood Queen Bookclub
~Prayer Beads & Books
~Creative Spark Writing Circle
~Labyrinth Keepers
~Morning Meditation
~Spark! October 2014
~Art journaling
~Red Madonna Matrix 2014
1~ The beginning of my Love Rant starts like this... I am blessed to be in so many circles of love, spirituality and creativity. I feel like I have been surrounded by a bunch of explorers who have curiosity tattooed into the very cells of their being. I live in awe! and wonder! of so many things because people fling open doors and windows & say "Lookee her!"
I grow in appreciation if The Great Mystery when they open their hearts & say "Look inside here..."
2~ My Commit Art Focus is looking for art in all the little and BIG things about living life.
3~ My report back on yesterday is painting about the meditation I had where I flew on a white butterfly's back & could see the patchwork fields of farmers below  & the green growing beside a meandering river. In the sky I saw a tree floating upside down in the air with its crown closest to the earth & it's roots pointing skyward. & a castle in the clouds.

Spark! Day 28

Day 28
1~ Connected by invisible/visible strings, another piece of my big dreams that feels illuminated today is my dedication to continue art journaling forever and ever and my wish that there will always be hearts to tend to and others to sit in circle with and tell stories around the campfire.
2~ My Commit Art Focus is to always be looking for visions to make into art.
3~ My report back on yesterday is I had fun creating a fairy in a light filled hole in a tree trunk that many others see as a cave. It matters not there is a fairy and she is bringing light and magic into our world  .

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spark! Day 27

Day 27
1~ My focus is finding art I can delight in creating every day.
2~ The story that I am claiming as my Spark Experience is Sue Sellars came into my heart with Jenafer Joy's magical invitations to look at Sue's art and read Sue's words and be inspired to art journal every day for the month of October. This story has a Happy Everafter Ending because from here I just wanna go on and on... creating art journal pages...
3~ My spark actions for today are seeing the environment (light shining from a hole in a tree trunk near the roots) and waiting for the little fairy to flit in...
4~ My report back on Yesterday is that I created a Lady I absolutely, positively love and was able to create a very detailed background for her to stomp dance in the mud in.

Spark! Day 26

Day 26
1~ Considering my own "fixation" I am struck by how I am stuck in a body that just naturally dresses in bright gypsy colors and dances wildly barefooted stomp dancing in the juicy mud.
2~ My commit art focus is to live heart~first into all the empty vessels I can create to fill up with elan vital.
3~ My experience of making art yesterday was a change from my usual acrylic expression and a foray into watercolor painting of Rapunzel in her lonely tower.

Spark! Day 25

Day 25
1~ My commit art focus is to see art in stories~ the books I read, the stories people tell me, the plays I see.
2~ My experience of making art yesterday was alchemically transformative. I took butterflies and melded them with angels to create a butterfly angel.
3~ Ocular PREorientation is what my eyeballs do as I PREpare to create a painting. Today I kept my eyes open collecting colors, shapes, ideas for anything I might like to include in  my painting.

Spark! Day 24

Day 24
1~ I am remarkably good at being me. Particularly I am thinking about how I try to be a catalyst for people to feel self~empowered and good about themselves so they can stomp dance in delight on their path with heart.
2~ Seeing the beauty in butterflies and angels is my commit art focus today.
3~ My experience of making art yesterday was inspired by Kris' underpainting and transformed by me into the heart love of the masculine and the feminine and the way the Lady She has a ladder that connects earth to heaven.
4~ You can see pictures of my art journal pages on  my blogsite @

Spark! Day 23

Day 23
1~ One thing I have been seeing in a new way is landscapes and environments. I can get lost in Nature~ painting whole scenes or looking at fine tiny little details about something I see in Nature.
2~ My commit art focus is to soften up and paint something ethereal. To use Kris' pastel spiral underpainting as inspiration to create my own magical wonderland of love.
3~ My experience of making art yesterday was Mickey Mouse/cartoon~like. I wanted to create a person with bones but it came out more stick~figure~like than serious, sincere pumpkin~ this is the real thing!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spark! Day 22

Day 22
1~ I'm going to strengthen the bones of my life/art today by
celebrating 3 bones I KNOW I have in my body:
love, truth and beauty:
the bones of my foundation.
2~ My commit art focus is
to see art everywhere.
3~ My experience of making art yesterday was
I took the image of the Artist on a Spirit Oracle card
and used it to paint my own version
of a young male artist.
I stayed up all night painting.
I found great joy in painting.
I feel like I have turned a corner
and am walking down
a new path in my painting....

Spark! Day 21

Day 21
MESSAGE from the Artist card in the Spirit Oracle deck:
You hold
the infinite power
 of creation within you~
a divine artist.
Create something
beautiful today.
Feel the stars shining.
You are one with
the Universe
and Nature.
The eternal light of creation
shines through you forever.
1~ What I am composting today is
all of the ways my body, mind and spirit
are not aligned with the music of the spheres.
2~ My commit art focus is
using a tarot card titled the Artist
for inspiration.
3~ My experience making art yesterday was
literally full of shit.
As I art journaled
I sat in shit
that squirted out of me
without warning
 I dripped soupy poopy
all the way to the toilet.
Since today's post is Sue's comment:
Compost your shit
I wonder if the Powers That Be
were giving me
a real life experience
that was a prediction
of things to come!!@??

Spark! Day 20

Day 20
1~ I forgive myself for thinking
instead of feeling.
All those years I wouldn't allow myself
to feel artistic and creative.
2~ My commit art focus is wondering
what colors do I see when people meditate?
Elgia~ royal blue
Karen~ red
Janie~ lavender
3~ My experience of making art yesterday was
enhanced by studying the way Walter Anderson
made patterns.

Spark! Day 19

Day 19
1~ My commit art focus is looking for patterns
I can blend together/layer over each other.
2~ My experience of making art yesterday was
discovering how to bring the new to the old
/how to find new meaning from
my Ladies of the 4 directions.
3~ My plan for today that does involve nature
is how to lay patterns over different patterns
to create depth
and add layers of meaning
and how to use different patterns
to define different spaces.

Spark! Day 18 b

My Lady of the Open Sky
is a celestial being
in an earthy body.
She births
and ideas.
She has a posse of angels.
She owns a ladder that connects heaven to earth.
She can read tea leaves
and predict futures.
She is a teacher.
She adds the sparkle to jewels
and knows the stories for all the stars in the sky.
She's been to more than one universe
and knows galaxies
like she knows the back of her hand.
She has the healing touch.
My Lady of the Flaming Heart
takes in the energy of the One Force Source
and breathes it out as Love, Light and Laughter.
She burns up what is no longer needed
to create space for new things.
She shines.
She is radiant.
She is the Mystery personified.
She tends to the smoke that rises from flames
as prayers.
She is the keeper of what's sacred.
She guards and guides spirits.
She takes care of spirituality.
She makes sure things are done for
the Highest Good of All.
She lights the fires of passion
and gets things done.

Spark! Day 18 a

My Lady of the Living Waters
This sassy splashing mermaid represents freedom to me.
She's on a breathtaking holler screeching thrilling ride through rapids
and takes me gleefully free falling down waterfalls
screaming Wheeee!
and submerges me in her underwater domain.
She's Kwan Yin's cousin
and is chockfull of strength
so she can go to great depths in delivering her compassion
to those most in need of it.
She's drenched in emotions
and a wild spirit from the git go.
Kind of a cross between Kwan Yin
and a waitress in a rowdy bar.
She dunks me in her silliness
and wipes me clean
of all pretenses of seriousness.
My Sassy Mermaid Lady of the Living Waters
reminds me we are created to be childlike
~living in joyous delight.
She teaches me the value of living with every emotion
and gives me wild rides on her seahorse
through her KIN~dom.
She's fresh and young and daring
~always ready to step off a cliff
to get to deeper waters
and more intense understandings.
She's spirited.
Kinetic and moving.
She's always into having Grand Adventures
and likes to show me new vistas
of incredible breathtaking beauty.
She knows where there are hidden treasures
of great value.
She's truthful and honest
and boldly and brazenly in direct connection
with the Divine.
Her Living Waters wash me clean.
My Lady of the Flowering Earth
stomp dances with her barefeet on the ground.
She's a whirler and a twirler.
She's Queen Bee of all the honeyed sweetness in this world.
Her favorite sweet smellum smells are
gardenia, jasmine
roses and lilies.
She's a  good one to be with when
you want your spirits lifted.
She lives music
and is in tune with the music of the spheres.
She was there at the beginning
when the morning stars sang all together.
She connects things, ideas, people and places
and builds bridges.
She likes fruits and vegetables.
rocks and trees
and is friends with
creepy crawlers
and creatures that fly and swim.
She likes midnight and late night partying
and midday sun at the beach.
She loves waterfalls.
She has a gypsy soul
and people call her Big Mama.
She's married to Lordy.
She gives hugs and snugs.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spark! Day 18

Day 18
1~ My commit art focus is finding meaning in my paintings of the 4 directions.
2~ My experience of making art yesterday was realizing that sex and art are acts of creation with sweet babies, seeds and flowers.
3~ Today trying something new looks like wordsmithing words about my 4 directions paintings and placing them upon the matrix web.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spark! Day 17

Day 17
1~ Sex/art...something I've noticed is...both sex and art are creation stories.
2~ My commit art focus is looking each day to find some art
to create in my journal.
3~ My experience of making art yesterday was creating
a vision of my heart in my Tree of Life with
Blue in the West for Water
Red in the North for our flowering Earth
Turquoise in the East for Air
Orange in the South for Fire
The red heart in the center is for Tipareth
and there are green heart~shaped leaves
painted in their proper places in the Kabbalah
to represent the other Sephiroth
Expanding energy lines of gold spread out
and in the center of the red heart
there are golden compass arrows pointing in the 4 directions

Spark! Day 16

Day 16
1~ When I imagine being the 68th monkey I think how blessed I am
to be my heart that is the center of My Tree of Life
and all I have to learn from the elements
and precious stone stories
that surround me.
2~ My commit art focus is to find the pictures and stories
that make the magic come alive and transform the mundane
with the miracles and mysteries that bring heaven to earth,
3~ My experience of making art yesterday was gleeful
as I mixed the colorful patches of my patchwork skirt
with quotes from my recent discovery of Richard Rohr.
It is alchemy such as this
that stitches delight into the very fabric of my being.

Spark! Day 15

Day 15
1~ What is "slowing my stride" that I'm ready to get rid of
is the feeling that what I draw or paint is not as good as
what someone else draws/paints.
2~ My commit art focus is what in  my colorful clothes/the way I dress
can be painted onto my art journal pages?
3~ My experience of making art yesterday was ecstatic,
first I was inspired by Danna Clare's paintings,
then I was brave enough to take a vision of 2 different eyes from meditation
and paint them onto my art journal page.
Today I painted my art journal pages to represent the  pastel
lavender, pink, apricot, blue, yellow and green patches
on the patchwork skirt I wore today
and then I scribed Richard Rohr quotes in the patches:

~ "One great idea of the biblical revelation is that God is manifested in the ordinary,
in the actual, in the daily, in the now, in the concrete incarnation of life,
and not through purity codes and moral achievement contests,
which are seldom achieved anyway...
We do not think ourselves into new ways of living,
we live ourselves into new ways of thinking...
The most courageous thing we will ever do
is to bear humbly the mystery of our own reality."

~ "Most of us were taught that God would love us
if and when we change.
In fact, God loves you so that you can change.
What empowers change, what makes you desirous of change
is the experience of love.
It is that inherent experience of love
that becomes the engine of change."

~ "Faith does not need to push the river
because faith is able to trust that there is a river.
The river is flowing.
We are in it."

~ "In solitude, at last, we are able to let God define us
the way we are supposed to be defined~ by relationship:
the I~thou relationship,
in relation to a Presence that demands nothing of us
but presence itself.
Not performance but presence."

~ "When you get your 'Who am I?' question right,
all of your 'What should I do?' questions
tend to take care of themselves."

~ "Life is not a matter of creating a special name for ourselves,
but of uncovering the name we have always had."

~ "Faith is not for overcoming obstacles;
it is for experiencing them~
all the way through."

~"There is nothing to prove and nothing to protect.
I am who I am and it's enough."

Spark! Day 14

Day 14
1~ My "commit art" focus is looking for something in my daily life
that will reflect what I learn from Danna Claire's paintings.
It came to me during meditation this evening when I saw 2 eyes in a cave.
One in the sunlight through an oval~shaped hole in the rock wall.
One through a hole in the ceiling that revealed a night sky Cosmos.
3~ The artist that I'm going to study today is Danna Clare.

Spark! Day 13

Day 13
1~ What I am letting go is reactionary feelings where I sometimes
(even hidden from  me) feel like I hafta justify/make worthy
Living in joyous delight
2~ What am I galloping towards is being able to express myself
Visually with pictures as easily as I can express myself
with words.
3~ My "commit art" focus is lightning strikes of revelations.
4~ My no excuse promise for today is I will art journal each and
every day
~even those days
(like today)
when I hafta stretch
to do it...

Spark! Day 12

Day 12
1~ My commit art focus is landscape environments.
2~ My experience of making art yesterday was
REWARDING in that I dared to paint a vision I had inside my head &
DISAPPOINTING in that what I painted didn't very much resemble my vision.
3~ Whether a literal landscape/ the "landscape" of your life
where do you feel your eyes drawn today?
My eyes were drawn to turtles on a teeny tiny little island in a pond
(except they kept sliding into the water whenever I tried
to get a closer look at them.)

Spark! Day 11

Day 11
1~ My "commit art" focus is seeing pictures inside my head with
my mind's eye and painting them into my art journal.
2~ My experience of making art yesterday was revealing.
It showed me how to add sparkle to my stars by adding
Sakura pen glitter.
3~ The "new"  I am considering doing today is being brave enough
to transcribe/ translate/ transform a picture in my mind's eye
onto paper in my art journal using paints and pens.

Spark! Day 10

Day 10
1~ My "commit art" focus is how do I find my own voice in my
2~ My experience of making art yesterday was celebration of
journaling 9 days straight one after the other.
3~ What's showing up right now as part of the job of being me is
expressing Cosmos while following instructions and yet making
the Cosmos my own.
Option: The cosmic cowgirl name I could grab today is...
Flamingo Gypsy Mama Susan Daniel and it invites me to be more
Flamingo Gypsy
[I tried to come up with a new handle but this one wanted to stay
with me for a while.]
Flamingo because I fly with the flock
Gypsy because I get to traipse around having Grand Adventures!!

Spark! Day 9

Day 9
1~ What I am hearing from my heart is
2~ My "commit art" focus is to be heart first in creating my art into
the world.
3~ My experience of making art yesterday was a wacky compass
rose that led me to dream:
You don't hafta go anywhere
or do anything
(to acquire it)
It is inside you
Creative Spirit
/the One Force Source.

Spark! Day 8

Day 8
1~ My "commit art" is LIVING ART NOW...
2~ My experience of making art yesterday was FINDING IT
3~ What arises when I imagine "taking something away" is IT IS


Spark! Day 7

Day 7
1~ My "commit art" focus is how can I paint the sun's sparkle on the
water in the river in my backyard?
2~ My experience of making art yesterday was a revelation to me of
how much I love doodling sparkle onto my Art Journal pages with my
Sakura glitter pens.
3~ I have been experiencing TIME becomes more precious and
valuable when I carve out time to read good thought provoking books
and simply do some art journaling.