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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 10, 2014

Mary John's Haiku SURRENDER
Breathing in Breath out
Surrender in Lovingness
To Christ Consciousness
[sacred geometry symbol for Christ Consciousness: Vesica Piscis
I call this watercolor paintingThe Eye of God]
from Cat's catalyst to reflect on our first 10 days of art journaling:
Art Journaling brings color and shapes/forms into my life.
It putd the spotlight/focus on things I wouldn't usually give my attention to.
It lets me look at things from different perspectives.
It's a place I like to muck about in.
It's a space where I can take risks, experiment and try new things and make mistakes
and keep trying new things.
In my art journal I can do something over and over again
or just do something once and walk away from doing it
ever again
or just for a while.
I have had some pages I like more better than others.
All of the Soul Talk and ponderings help me open windows and doors
and expand my horizons
and deepen my understandings.

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