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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Journal October 28 2009 Wednesday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- G'Dad awoke this morning
in a childlike good mood
talking babytalk
2- i came home, took a shower
it's morning meditation
for me
then sleep
3- i didn't go back to see G'Dad
but did go to zoo with Steve
4- dragged him to quilting shop
Quilter's Patch
205 North Star Drive
Victoria, TX
(361) 578-0380
and had him leave me
@ Hancock Fabrics
while he went to grocery store
where he ran into his old friend Don Breech
whose art we saw hung @ the hospital
6- Steve and Mamacita went to visit G'Dad
for evening visit after Mamacita's nap
7- i stayed home and listened to
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Session 3 of Mother Night
Allying With The Imaculate Heart
For Guidance And Recovery
8- i think i'll enter these
past 5 journal entries
into my blogspot
and then
9- go over to spend the nite
with G'Dad
10- doc is coming to meet with us
at the crack of dawn
tomorrow morning

Journal October 27 2009 Tuesday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- i went to the hospital
mid-day because
Steve needed me there
2- G'Dad asked me to stay
the nite
3- I went to the Dragon Palace
and ate Chinese food
4- then G'Dad slept soundly
all through the nite
while i read some in
Philippa Gregory's THE FAVORED CHILD
G'Dad even smiled and laughed
in his sleep a bit toward morning

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Journal October 26 2009 Monday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- i awoke
and finished reading
Christine Page's

2- i played some music
on my coyote oldman flute
today: I will bring the spirit of Freedom
to my: living in grace and gratitude
4- feelings: open my heart
to the blessings of this day
let the husks of everything
that is not necessary
fall away from me
let me plant seeds
of poems and prayers and promises
in the row that is before me
this day
5- G'Dad had a fair day today
6- i started reading Rachel Pollack's

7- that got me off to writing
a card about 0 Meditation
which led me to
8- Cat Stevens' song
I left my happy home
to see what I could find out
9- which got me to a youtube
about his transition
to Yusuf Islam
10- which gets me to this point
where i realize so much of my world
is interconnected
11- i read this and it talks about that
and i've already read that
12- Rachel Pollack says:
we do readings
to demonstrate to ourselves
that the universe
is not just broken pieces.
Things connect.
(NOTE: I read that
after I wrote #11.)

Journal October 25 2009 Sunday

Gratitude and Ponderings
Today I will bring the Spirit of Learning
From Everything to my: day's doings
and being in awe-mazement
2- Feelings: as i gaze in wonder
at the world surrounding me
i feel chockful of
abundant blessings
filling me up to the brim and
overflowing in the bowl of my being
3- sandy remembrance of the beach
and the big water of the gulf
cling to me
as i wander
this strange land of big sky
looking for the glimmer
of shards of truth
to gather in my gladbag of
4- heartfelt joy
how can i exude it?
5- we took Mamacita
out to eat @ Red Lobster
Mike and Steve talked
Mamacita and I were silent
6- i took fish from Red Lobster
to G'Dad in the hospital
he napped and woke up to eat it
for dinner
7- he had a fair day
refusing to walk in the morning
but walking with the physical therapist
all the way to the far end of the hall
in the afternoon

Journal October 24 2009 Saturday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- I am grateful
that Steve and I can be here to
lend our helping hands
to Mike and Gloria
in the tending and
taking care of Mamacita
and Grand-Dad
2- i talked with
Ellen Selover
3- and Toni Romano
trying to get Darren Weissman's
book name
4- posted my blog up to date
5- and explored
to dream of how i want my blog
to be more experiential
6- went to see WHERE THE WILD
found my kind of tea @ the movie theater
-can you believe that?
7- visited GrandDad for a bit
and sat @ table with Mike and
Steve discussing possibilities
for what to do after social worker
nurses and doc have
evaluation session on Tuesday
8- talked with Carol Hicks in Virginia Beach
and Ellen Selover who suggested I read
and Toni Romano in Chicago
where she is helping daughter
who had a hysterectomy
and Nancy Thomas in Canada
8- read in my Farmgirl magazine
and explored their website
got off into Stampington website
9- now hafta write my intentions
for the coming week
in my Jennifer Louden's
10- then I'll read a bit
Christine Page's 2012
and Philippa Gregory's THE FAVORED CHILD
and go to sleep

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Journal October 23 2009 Friday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- i went to have a massage
@ Mane Productions
110 Lantana
Victoria TX
(361) 573-1303
Kay Conley
introduced me to
2- G'dad's bowels are impacted
and we had a miserable afternoon
with stool softeners
and groaning from pain
3- i searched hi and lo
for bottled tea i drink
no luck finding any
4- i walked around Dillards
and found not one thing
i want or need to buy
it's a yucky season
according to my tastes
5- after Steve and Mamacita
came home from their
evening sit @ the hospital
Steve and i went out to eat
@ Johnny Carino's
good 12 layer lasagna
brought a hunk of it home
as leftovers
steve brought home
over half of his chicken whatever
i ate yummy delicious bread pudding
and delighted in refills of
italian raspberry cream sodas
6- my massage felt so good
had no idea how tense i was
in my shoulders
nor how weak my right side is
7- blissfully went to sleep tired

Journal October 22 2009 Thursday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- i made an appointment
for a massage tomorrow
@ noon:30
2- i live in a world that
has VICTORIA magazine
places of beauty
3- i live in a world full of books
that nurture and nourish
one on the spiritual path
4- i follow my path with heart
5- i talked with Rachel in the morning
Susan Norrie and Rose in the evening

Journal October 21 2009 Wednesday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- came home @ 6 a.m.
2- Doc gave Mamacita a shot
to relieve her knee pain
3- she & Steve are feeding G'Dad lunch
he got up and got a shower this a.m.
4- talked with Gloria
5- read chapter 4 in

by Jack Canfield
and DD Watkins
6- I want to live in a state of
and gratitude
7- only sat with G'Dad
between 3:00 and 6 p.m.
8- listened to Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Session 2 of MOTHER NIGHT
Throwing Off Over-Accultration:
Reclaiming Gifts And Eccentricities
From The Shadow
9- what are my unique gifts
that are my offering
to the world?
10- talked with Sarah-Star in NY City
11- read in Christine Page's

12- put 87 stitches in a row of knitting
one for each year of G'Dad's life
(since i lost all i had knitted
when i placed knitting in the bottom of my purse)

Journal October 20 2009 Tuesday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- I stayed all nite Mon. nite
and all day today
@ the hospital with G'Dad
2- Steve, Mayo, Mike and Mamacita
went to the lawyer
3- Steve took Mamacita
to get her allergy shot
4- Steve, Mamacita and I
went out to eat Mexican Food
for lunch
5- they moved G'Dad from
6th floor down to 5th
for a week's try @ assisted living
to see if he'll be able
to come home
with Home Health Care
/have to go to a nursing home
6- Steve, Mike and Mamacita
met with Dr. Grummon
7- Mamacita has to go
back to see Dr, Grummon
in the morning
re: her knee pain
8-I've almost finished reading
9- I stayed with G'Dad
til 6 a.m.
but did little good
I didn't even catch him
peeing in a drink cup
instead of the urinal

Journal October 19 2009 Monday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- I sat thru the nite with G'Dad
until Debbie and Mayo came
to relieve me
2- came home to Mamacita's
3- went to investigate
nursing homes
home health care
4- stopped by hospital
came home to read and rest
5- read Niki de Saint Phalle
6- started reading
by Jack Canfield and DD Watkins

Journal October 18 2009 Sunday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- GrandDad awoke
and refused to take meds
or eat breakfast
2- I sat with him until Steve
and Mamacita arrived
around 10:30
3- came home and slept
4- read and rested
til time to go to hospital
5- got GrandDad to drink
some Ensure
6- he took his meds
and slept through the night
less fitfully than nite before

Journal October 17 2009 Saturday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- when Dad woke up
he drank coffee
he shared stories
about when he and Mamacita met
his college roommate
and when his parents met
Mike came
and Dad ate breakfast
scrambled eggs
biscuit with grape jelly
took pills with orange juice
2- i waited til 8:30
still no doctor
so Mike stayed to talk with doc
and i came home
3- i am thankful for
Dwight and Sophia
loving parents
of 3 sons
gathered here
4- Hastings for books
grocery store
stay the nite @ hospital
with GrandDad
in the middle of the night
we had a talk about his options
getting nurse care @ home
/going into a nursing home

Friday, October 23, 2009

Journal October 15 2009 Thursday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- repacked and we're off toward Texas
this morning
2- we'll play good fairy to teachers
@ my school
anonymously gifting each classroom teacher
with $100 this day
3- we'll stop and take a stockpile
of diapers for mama
on our way west
4- last nite while packing i found
the missing squares to be made
for my gypsy wagon's crazy quilt
5- now if i could just find
the missing book that instructs me
in making the great american aran afghan
6- we stopped @ Stitch Niche
4406 Leisure Time Drive
Diamondhead, MS 39525
(228) 255-3100
on our way
to spend the nite
@ Drury Inn in Lafayette
enroute to Victoria TX
7- last nite as i gathered with
my heart tribe to listen
to Clarissa Pinkola Estes
tell Mother Night stories
I could feel strength
build up in me
courage to speak my truth
faith to believe
i always
have Divine help
for tasks @ hand

Journal October 16 Friday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- I awake to sky
more gray with rain
than blue with sunshine possibilities
2- I meditate and feel myself
awaken in other ways
today I will bring the spirit of
surrender to my: beliefs in the
god-good in everyone
feelings: my mission is simply
to seek out the good
that lies in the heart
of any adversity
i surrender to the powers that be
let me be the vessel that carries
the holy water of spirit
to quench the thirst
of those who thirst after
meaning in life
help me to empower others
so that we're all ready to
get in the boat
that sails us home
to bon secour/safe harbor
heaven right here on earth
5- sarah-star called with excitement
about possible wedding venues
she showed me chetola.com
and i showed her carrigan farm
6- we ate breakfast
@ the cracker barrel
next to Drury Inn in Lafayette
shared double fudge cocacola chocolate cake
with ice cream for dessert
7- stopped and ate BBQ sandwiches
@ Heinze (sp?) in Wharton TX
between Houston and Victoria
8- got to the hospital
and GrandDad was sleeping
in a fetal position
didn't eat or drink
much this day
Mike came
Debbie and Mayo arrived
9- when i got to the house
eveeryone was pretty torn up
and in an uproar
about my plans to stay
@ the hospital
10- got Mamacita settled in for the nite
and went to sit with G'Dad
thru the nite
I even slept in reclinig chair
listening with ears like mothers use
when listening for babies during the nite
11- G'Dad slept soundly
through the nite

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Journal October 14 2009 Wednesday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- we awoke to the big picture
window displaying rain storms
passing by on back bay in Biloxi
2- we roamed the fun shops
on Washington Avenue
in Ocean Springs
3- and ate lunch @
Martha's Tea Room
2113 Government Street
Ocean Springs, MS 39564-3954
(228) 872-2554
my husband Steve
says thet have the BEST
Reuben sandwich
he has EVER eaten
I thought their homemade bread
and squash pie were divine
4- then we trekked home
via the doctor to make sure
Steve's heart is okay
and his sinus/allergy stuff
is not contagious
5- we've repacked our suitcases
and are headed out toward
Victoria, TX tomorrow
where Steve's dad is in the hospital
with dehydration
6- i read in its entirety
Leif Anderson's
this day

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Journal October 13 2009 Tuesday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- i awoke @ 7:30 when the phone rang
the window gray with fog
and zero visibility
-we went to George Ohr temporary
museum while they are rebuilding
Frank Gehry rendition of museum
that was smushed by a casino
gambling barge
in a hurricane
-we went to visit the Walter Anderson
they had an exhibit of new artists'
creations inspired by Walter Anderson's
we feasted on the walls of his little house
and the community center
-i got not one but two pairs of
golden scissors (seahorse
and pansy) at the embroidery shop
next to the quilting shop i went to yesterday
1001 Bowen Av.
Ocean Springs, MS 39564-4703
(228) 875-9664

Journal October 12 2009 Monday

Gratitude And Ponderings
- i thought to eat @ the
Cracker Barrel by Malbis
rather than waiting til we got to Mississippi
so Steve's hunger wouldn't
be added to his pre-trip
- there was some pre-trip
we don't wanna
on both our parts
-as we drove over the
marshes with their snakelike
paths a canoe/kayak could
navigate, the browns of autumn
were predominant, even tho the
temps outside are still warm
enough to make you sweat
but there is something mystical
and magical about seeing them
like the hands of the one
who designed nature belong
to one who knows far more
than we do
looking from the bridge above
i can see there are alot of
dead ends that you wouldn't
be able to see if you were down
there on the water
trying to navigate them
being up on the bridge
i realize if there
were a god/powers that be
s/he would be able to see
the big picture
better than we can
when we are down below
-it was good to see alot
of the marine biology people
we see at meetings like this
people dedicated to conservation
and good stewardship
people with hearts of gold
-i gambled $10
won $11.88 gambled 30 cents of that
so I came out $1.58 ahead
-met some really neat people as i was
knitting when i went out to smoke
at the casino
may have even found some new knitters
an old Mississippi woman
confined to a wheelchair
who felt sparked to learn knitting
since she's dependent on others to drive her
places and is confined to home more now
and a young girl who drove
an expensive flashy red car
and may be interested in joining
Fairhope Library's Friday Noon Knitters
-we stopped in Ocean Springs
on the way in
and i met some fascinating, interesting
people at the quilt shop there
1001 Bowen Av.
(228) 818-9560
-i went to sleep after reading some more
in Phylos The Thibetan's
while looking at the beautiful lights of
nite from back bay out to the edge of
the big water of Mississippi sound

Monday, October 12, 2009

Journal October 11 2009 Sunday

1- my version
of SARK's
fast list of reasons i
don't feel like writing
-i feel too tired
-i fell low pot
-i feel unplugged/disconnected
-i have no vision
of what to write about
-no one will read it
-i don't have an original thought
in my head
and i haven't read
any spectacular thoughts today
-everybody around me
feels down and out
-i've only heard sad stories
/stories based on fear lately
-where's love and truth and hope
and beauty?
-i feel lost in the woods
with no breadcrumbs
to follow

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Journal October 10 2009 Saturday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- i worked all nite til 7 this morning
then slept til 11:30
2- Gloria went with Steve and me
to the Shrimp Festival
in Gulf Shores
3- we heard Sugarcane Jane sing
and bought their latest CD
[www.sugarcanejane.com ]
"I'm gonna soak up the sun
I'm gonna tell everyone
to lighten up
I'm gonna tell 'em
I've got no one to blame
But every time I'm feeling lame
I'm looking up ^
4- we saw our friend Mark Anderson
who makes frames
from hurricane weathered wood
that comes all the way to us
from New Orleans
5- steve bought me a ring
with circles of silver
and 3 balls of
and turquoise
and a handmade necklace
of many colors
all handmade
by Alisha
650 Island Way #604
Clearwater, FL 33767-1959
(727) 443-2727
6- i bought a pink shirt
i can wear with my
turquoise skirts
7- steve bought a colorful gekko
we can hang on the side
of our audubon place south
house @ Fish River
8- are you ready for the woo-woo
last nite after i got home
from buying 2 SARK books
i opened my e-mail
to find Owl's Wings' newsletter
guess who she quotes!? -SARK:
"Much of what stops us
is the ordinary.
We think of our creative dreams
and imagine what needs to happen
before it can become true and
real, and we sigh and stop
ourselves . . . Remember,
Procrastinators are fabulous
rehearsers. They mentally rehearse
endlessly without physically
You could ask a procrastinator
[translation: blocked creative]
to paint the bedroom,
and she might lie on the couch
mentally preparing to paint,
rehearsing what kind of brushes
she will use, and what color
paint to buy. When you ask her
when she'll be starting, she might
say, 'I'll do it later, but I'm
too tired now.' And she never
actually made any physical
-i am art journaling
these 5 affirmations
from Owl's Wings' list:
1) creativity is a blessing
i accept
2) my creativity blesses others
3) i now treat myself and
my creativity more
4) i now act affirmatively
5) i now accept
God/dess's help
unfolding in my life
[illustrate with opening fan]
9- Before i go do that
are ya'll ready for the even
more woo-woo stuff?
today's DAILY WORD
ended with the words:
i noted it in my
today I will bring the spirit
of softness to my: intention
to open myself for gentle
nudges of Spirit
feelings: i use situations as
opportunities to draw
from my inner resources
i listen for the yes, yes
or the no, no and let
spirit guide me
for the Highest Good of all
10- THEY said there was over
50% chance of rain today
in reality nary a drop
fell on the Shrimp Festival
we sat in the warm sun
listening to music
we strolled around, sniffing
increibly delicious smells
and feasting our eyes
on a kaleidoscope
of bright, happy colors
on the people
and in the tents selling wares
11- i even got to hug
one of my former
kindergarten students
all grown up
now working in the back
@ Lamberts -Home of
the Throwed Rolls
12- i art journaled the 1st
affirmation in my art journal
with picture of me
full of sand, charms
to a friend

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Journal October 9 2009 Friday

Gratitude And Ponderings
I am grateful for love given
and love received
for the rich experiences
of this life's journey
today I will bring the spirit
of surrender to my:
being in spirit
I surrender
to life
with all its beauty
and joys
3- i went to knitting
@ Fairhope Library
Friday Noon Knitters
4- ate peasant's lunch
@ Andree's
with chili soup
5- got Steve
and went to visit Mama
finished reading one of
Carolyn Haines'
BONES books to Mama
6- went to Barnes and Noble
got 2 Michael Franti CDs
2 Sark books:

Zecharia Sitchin's
& re-ordered
Book III
because it got wet
when the air conditioner in the jeep
leaked on it
7- got home to discover
my first issue of
-I love it
knitting and quilting
8- today Barack Obama
was awarded
the Pulitzer Prize for Peace
9- [from Al and Susan Minor
www.lamasings.org ]
Lama Sing says:
-Bring the Father's grace
into all areas of your being.
-Offer grace and love
to those you meet
in your journey through life
whether you can do this directly
or in your prayers and thoughts
or your communication with God.
-This awakening light
-Harbor the joy of knowing
that the opportunity
before you
is one of wondrous nature.
-What is coming
is a great gift
-the spirit and presence
of your Brother, the Christ.
-That which is of purity
of hope
of love
and of peace
10- [a few notes from SARK]
-I lived a rich
highly examined life.
-Writing is like giving
a giant letter
to the world.
-Through my writing, I learn
more about who I am
and how I think
-I wouldn't enjoy life nearly
as much, without reading,
and storytelling.
-We write and share our stories . . .
because it changes us from
the inside out.
11-I registered to take 6 online classes
with Clarissa Pinkola Estes
12- I created a CAYCE CARDS
brochure @
I get 24 free brochures
and then can order some for $
if need be

Friday, October 9, 2009

Journal October 8 2009 Thursday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- [from Stella Bennett's
Magician card]
4 suits
-all of the tools he needs
for success
from all 4 directions
-degree of his success
depends on his choice
of the use of these powers
-Shaman has the ability
to call down the Spirits
and provide for
the needs of the people
-the power of will
and faith
will bring
the desired results
today I will bring the spirit of
Expectancy to my:
day's journeys and adventures
feelings: are the things i do
a witness to the love
and grace
poems and prayers and promises
and things that i believe in?
-do i weave the magic of my mission
(to love God/the powers that be
and to serve others
with joyous delight)
into the tasks @ habd
each day?
Blessing for tis day:
It has been said
That each of us has deep within
The knowledge
of all things,
And when we are ready to remember
Then the knowledge is there to be known.
This is the season of readying,
Of challenging old beliefs
That bind us to the past
The millenium
Calls to me
To live the wisdom
Deep within me.
Divine energy flows
in and through
God's creations,
I see this energy in
the exhuberance of a child,
in the beauty of a flower blossom
and in the vibrant display
of autumn's colors.
4- i prepared food in the kithen
and the roof didn't cave in
on my head
lima bean sald
Gnat's Landing cole slaw
raspberries with shortcake and cream
5- my friend Ann
came over to visit
6- i delighted in showing her
and Gloria
the walk to the river

Journal October 7 2009 Wednesday

Gratitude And Ponderings
I choose to be blessed
and to be a blessing
2- I look for the good
and trust the Powers That Be
for right results
3- Freedom/freeing feeling
renewing way of life
4- By letting go of outer concerns
and focusing on my inner sate
of being, I remember there
is a higher power @ work,
and there is nothing to fear
5- I explored wedding venues
near Huntersville, NC
where our daughter Sarah-Star lives
6- I talked with old friend
Tom Hildebrand
about Edgar Cayce
Joel Goldsmith
Course in Miracles
and dreams
he's been having lately
7- went to see Leslie and Donna
with Janie
and Monica
8- read some in Christine Page's

9- quote from that book:
the One Mind (masculine)
and the One Thing (feminine)
express their love
by breathing life into each other,
thereby creating vesica pisis,
out of which is born the ego,
the creative light of manifestation.
This vesica pisis,
a sacred geomwtric shape,
provides a doorway into
new states of awareness
because the ego,
a divine child
born through the power of love,
is destined to change
the consciousness
of its parents,
for it contains
both aspects of its parents:
masculine spirit
and feminine soul.
The former
maintains flow and direction
while the latter
offers all the energized ingredients
to allow the goal to be realized.
10- i e-mailed friends
11- I filled out a questionaire
to find out my Dosha
/Ayurvedic Constitution
is Kapha

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Journal October 6 2009 Tuesday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- i have a dear, sweet, kind,
thoughtful, romantic, loving
soon-to-be-son-in-law Al
who loves our daughter
very truly much
2- i have a friend like
Susan Norrie
i can have lunch with
tomorrow (postponed
she hasta take her mom
to see doc)
3- i can go see Donna & Leslie
with Janie
Monica & Elgia
4-i have a friend Kathy Castle
i can worry about
when she looks gray
5- i have a friend Bonnie
whose dance card is so
filled up with doctor stuff
she can't come see me
and have a visit this week
6- i have a friend Ann
who is a bead lady,
knitter, creator of felted purses,
who is coming to visit with me
see our crazy house and
have lunch with me Thursday
7- i have sunshine
at the river
-a chance to finish reading
Luciano Passuelio's
mindmap stuff
-catch up on World Gratitude
-finish writing note for
CAYCE CARDS chapters
-and maybe read a bit in
Christina Page's

8- i swam in the river today
a little chilly
and i don't need
the seeds floating
off the plants
in their puffs of floaty clouds
to tell me
what passes
for what we call winter
way down here
in south alabama
will come
and it will be too cold
to go swimming in the water
but today
the sun is shining waarm
on our floating platform
in the river
and i can take great joy
in its dazzling rays
and the songs
of ever so many birds
as they pause
in their flights
to the places they fly to
when it gets cold
9- It might be more feminine
to have a time bowl/basket
/bowl/basket of time
rather than time boxes
10- Am I trying to
build momentum
/show results
/make progress on a problem?
11- how can I learn
how to stay
completely focused?
how to treat time
as a limited resource?
& how to tune my results?
12- [*ask Debbie Happy Cohen]
is time a limited resource?
13- do i want to treat it
this way?
14- what are my time bandits?
what do i spend too much time
15- [notes from DVD
with Dr. Leonard Sharashkin]
-Don't fight the old.
Build the new.
-If you read just one book in your life,
-sacred ringing cedar tress
emit audible vibration
have influence
not just on human health
but on human destiny
-1996- 2,000 copies
of the first book
were self-published
-Russian words -ancient language
language of the heart
each word is filled with
emotion and feeling
words have metaphysical
-English -language of the mind
how do you translate imagery
and emotions and feelings
you get from reading Russian?
-eternal mind = human being
both man and woman
Man- with capital M
highlighted words of Jesus
in Bible
-everything that was ever needed
for this project was provided
out of the blue
-Nexus Magazine
-touches on something so deep
in our being
it crosses cultural differences
-Russia = seeding the light
-Edgar Cayce (Reading 3976-10)
Out of Russia
will come a new hope
of the world
-singing/ringing trees
energy waves
-Edgar Cayce (reading 410-1)
people who have ability to hear
words of the trees
-Native American
people who went to the wilderness
to a woman
who received her power from the sea
to interpret message
God had made earth for
(Dr. Kathleen M. Sands
American Quarterly, Vol. 35)
book = beech
wooden books with rules
carve on them
before that time
-remembrance when knowledge
was gotten directly from nature
from trees
from earth
-kingdom = family homestead
king = head of kin
dom = home, as in domestic
-God = year
yearly cycle
God is to be seen and experienced
through the seasons
the natural cycles
of Nature
-kingdom of God
family homestead inscribed
in the natural cycle
/permaculture farm
living with your family
on land
in community
mother's message
cycle of death and birth in nature
cycle of life
-Russian -garden (darcha) = to give
woman giving apples says:
this is for your family
this is not about $
reverence for earth
what's given for free to us
shouldn't be sold for $
-English -farm = to take
-two ways of looking at the world
-in Russian joy = to give off light
your joy is the light that you shine
-water = freedom-giver
-Man = eternal mind
-Anastasia - resurrection
in sanskrit = incorruptible
Persephone = goddess of spring
spring equinox
-communing with nature
-Russian princes brought Food and Authority
control food > control people's lives
food is source of power and authority
in 100 years they destroyed resources
-30,000 years ago central Russia was settled
people lived in harmony with surroundings
with abundance
subsistence needs (fire, wood, shelter)
but princes wanted golden plates,
churches with golden domes,
their demands required use of more resources
cut down trees
resources got exhausted
nature can provide for subsistence
but vanity needs are limitless
-grain- high-caloried, easy to store,
easy to transport
used to feed armies
exploitation of people/humans
exploitation of nature
-Dr. Margaret Paxon
imperial court
extremelt harsh expoitation
-people deprived of their personal space
-churches being built with gold
>people running away to Siberia
-Albert Schweitzer
blueprint for colinization of Africa
for just a little work
> nature supplies natives every need
the negro is a free man
the state has to impose involuntary needs
desire for may wares
desire for enjoyment
create in him as many needs as possible
colonization- template
for subverting the traditional
the self-sufficient
-taxes and trade
destroy family ties
and communities
confiscate land for princes and churches
-before Christainity
everybody lived on land
it could not be owned
-Prince Svyatosalv:
Christain faith is monstrosity.
pre-Christian Russian tradition
different mind-set
Rod vs. Christianity
source of all life/ killing of a tree
kin/ contempt for Mother
phallus/ contempt for virility
birth/ fertility as shameful
strength/ weakness
(fighting forcefully for family and land)/ (meakness towards authority)
life and joy/ death and mourning
children of Rod/ slaves of god
freedom/ authority
direct link to Rod/ intermediaries
Life of Rod/ fear of death
-Saint Prince Vladimir
killed brother to gain power
raped daughter in front of soldiers
after she bore him 6 children
he sent her to monastary
so he could marry a Byzantine princess
-kin -all generations past and future
fault- yourself in past
future -it will be yourself as well
perpetuation of life- sacred in old Russia
-yearly celebrations in nature not church buildings
music and dancing
celebration of life force in a very direct way
-religion took sacred sites
and built churches there
-gold penus churches
-Russian Orthodox Church
Praising the Rightness
taken from pagan tradition
understanding universal law
that governs everything
and praising this law
for everything beautiful
that it gives
-Eternal life
in nature
life in nature
death, rebirth
seasons in nature
-people in nature
can see their death
as part of life
-to Christianize you have to instill
fear of death
-they used pagan symbols on churches
-Anastasia = pagan beliefs
-Saints- old pagan gods
-solar element/repeating cross = wheel of God force
-Russian Orthadox Inquisition
massive killing of wisemen
who advised communities on agriculture
and how to understand nature
fled to Siberia
1000 years = 40 generations
substance of understanding
of the meaning of life
passed on by means of example
wisemen, nature
anastasia = this cycle of rebirth
fire = the sun
circle dances = movement of earth
around the sun
pagan symbols of fertilty
in wood carvings on houses today
sun = enlightenment
very physical
walk out every morning
to greet the sun
solar element
solar signs on traditional clothes
people still live in log cabins
have their own gardens
grow their own food
-expoitation of nature and Man
-propaganda posters
it stayed the same
nothing really changes
a man could be put on trial
and executed for not surrendering grain
if you give grain
you preserve
your freedom
and your life
-aspiration to have your land back
how come we're spozed
to pay for our own land?
it was ours already
in last 1000 years
Russians have had to buy their ancestral land
in 1988 they had a grand celebration
of 1000 years of baptism in Russia
complete victory of Christian faith
over paganism
1996 Antastasia was published
eco-villages were formed
headlines read:
The Bewitching Lure Of Homegrown Cults
about the Anastasia movement
Anastasia brings spring in her footsteps
some words from a song:
Light is flowing, gently flowing
Illuminating our faces
Returning back to pristine sources
the music of the soul
Dark troubles shall not return
since Light quite simply equals love
life of freedom, lif in Light
Discover Spring's great world and peace
The Light is flowing, gently flowing

Monday, October 5, 2009

Journal October 5 2009 Monday

Gratitude And Ponderings
1- i stayed up all nite
and slept til almost noon
i like it! i love it!
i want some more of it
2- we could not go to Victoria
Texas to visit Steve's folks
because Grand Dad is having
8 teeth pulled
3- i was up and out the door
to knitting class with Maxine
stopping for groceries
to make lima bean salad
and cole slaw like they
make @ Gnat's Landing
on St. Simon's Island
and to have fixins to
make pimento chees
/ham sandwiches
for when Ann and Bonnie
come visit Thursday
(only Bonnie can't come now)
then on to visit Mama
she was a whiney-babe
picked up Nachos
went to Love and Light
Ladies @ Janie's
4- Here's some notes i took
when i listened to
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
in the jeep today
-in every creation
/in everything manifest
there is vibrancy
then decline
followed by restoration

-to understand it
as deeply as possible
and be changed by it
-creative life
is a spiritual practice
not at a distance
but to live right in the soup
right in the pot of oil
right in the dark woods
right in the realm of
Demeter who is Light
Persephone who is Descent
Hades who is Death
Balbo who is the quickening of new life
even Zeus must submit
to the Grand Round
all of these players
are aspects of my psyche
all of them drive
the creative life
down into the dark
lift it back up
in tandem
lift it back up
into the light
and into rebirth again
-it is a spiritual practce
to live the creative center
right in our everyday lives
5- what joy
i've found
in this day!

Journal October 4 2009 Sunday

Gratitudes And Ponderings
1- [from World Gratitude]
How can I create a portal
for my Love and Gratitude
to flow through me
intentionally sending
gentle waves to warm
and connect
on every level?
in every way?
2- we are all One
and where the whole
of this universe
of vibratory
3-[Jennifer Louden's LIFE ORGANIZER]
my intention for this week is:
to experience
and JOY!
4- I am trying to remember
my heavens dance
in circles and spirals
from the smallest atoms
to the grandest galaxies
today I will bring
the spirit of Freedom
to my: respect
for the sacredness of life
[influenced by Daily Word and Upper Room]
There is only one power
in my life and in the universe
-God the good.
Help me to see God-good
active in my life.
Let my time in the garden of Life
this day
be my prayer.
Help me to be quiet
so I can
listen to you Great Spirit.
I open my heart
to be filled with
6-Let everything I think
and say
and do
be for the Highest Good of all.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Journal October 3 2009 Saturday

Gratitude And Ponderings And Wanderings
1- It is simply the beginning
of a new journey
a new day
2- i am thankful for the water
-that makes my hot tea
that i drink from my bedside
-that is in the bottled tea
that i drink when i'm in my jeep
3- i am thankful
that i have a bed
in a wonder-full home
full of curiosities and art
4- i am thankful
for my jeep
that takes me
to buy a wedding present
at Tom Jones pottery
and to Andre's
(251) 928-8863
to pick up a tray
for Steve's cast party tomorrow
South Baldwin Community Theatre
5- I seek stillness and peace
to create room
/space to grow
6- I release
and I let go
(song written by
Rickie Byers
& Michael Beckwith
http://www.agapelive.com/ )
7- I am dreaming myself
in a new
and more powerful way
8- [inspired by Archangel Michael
through Celia Fenn
www.starchildglobal.com/starchild/2006.html ]
5th Dimensional Earth
-all creations and manifestations
become partnerships
between me and my Higher Aspects
or Spirit
-Manifestations happen
@ the best possible moment
for the highest good of all
-i am learning to submit
to the highest good
(patience and acceptance)
(gratitude and commitment)
-in retirement
I am exploring
the commitment
Steve and I
have made
to our relationship
-Time to "be"
and enjoy.
-time and space
are illusions
that hide the essential truth
that all is in perfection
and all is of the Source energy
-The time I take to just "be"
with my creations
is the time I spend
in the eternal love of Source
and I learn to see beyond
the illusions
into the "reality" of deep and wonderful
Unconditional Love
and it is only when I express
Gratitude and Joy
for the perfection of my creation
that I am ready to create again
-My Higher Self has me
working to reach that moment
of total acceptance
and gratitude
that will allow me
to move on into new ways
of experiencing
the adventures
of the material plane
-if I am deeply unhappy
with my creations
then I will need to see
where I have created
from ideas and desires
that no longer align
with who I am
-I forgive myself and then
express gratitude
for that point of learning
and what it gave me-
and then I will be ready
to align perceptions
that are more aligned
with how I sense
myself to be
-I allow myself to begin
dreaming myself
in a new and more powerful way
-connecting with the gentle
water energies
will connect me
with the grace
of the Divine Mother
9- I've stubled and bumbled
my way to many glorious
discoveries this day
what joy!
10- in reading Day 7
of World Gratitude
i discovered Celia Fenn
11- and from her site
i got into lots
of other places
12- and even found
2 old friends
Armand and Angelina
from the Spirit Of Life Expo
in nearby Pensacola
providiing music
for Celia Fenn's
Heart Weaving
Archangel Michael's Sacred Heart
13- I have been living under
a rock.
I jut discovered
Michael Franti
and listened to his:
Say Hey, I Love You
Hey World, Don't Give Up
I Know I'm Not Alone
East To West
Light Up Ya Lighter
Hey Now Now
Sweet Little Lies
What I've Seen
14- Somewhere I got into
the art of Susan Madsen
15- and i signed up for
Sacred Spaces newsletter
by Jhadten Jewell
16- and in my New Earth
Publications newsletter
I found Carola Eastwood's
Planetary Cycles For October 2009
17- and I listened to
Kay Cordell Whitaker's
live conference
from last Sunday
(you can register
she's going to throw the bones
at 3:00 my time
Sunday October 4, 2009)
here are some of the notes
I jotted down
from the Q & A part:
think of a picture
of the world
you'd like to live in
feel the picture
all around you
believe it
think it
feel it
dream the new future
dream up beautiful pictures
healthy pictures
happy pictures
18- and i got my homework
from Debbie Happy Cohen
for Lesson Three of her
Reach For The Stars
3-month e-course
19- and I e-mailed Adley
and called my friends
Rose and Jan
because GUESS WHAT!!!!!
Today our daughter Sarah-Star
her boyfriend Al
and his son Addison
were having family pictures
made by a photographer.
The photographer told her
to turn around until he
told her to turn back around
so her hair would be flowing
back in the picture.
When he told her to turn around
Al was on bended knee
with flowers asking her
to marry him.
He gave her my grandmother's
ring and in 2 weeks we'll have
professional photos of his
romantic proposal.
Ain't love and life grand?