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Monday, September 12, 2011


In Egyptian mythology the phoenix
was a beautiful lone bird
which lived in the Arabian desert
for 500 or 600 years
and then consumed itself in fire,
rising renewed from the ashes
to start another long life.
It is a symbol of immortality.
The barefoot Dr. Darren Weissman
of Infinite Love and Gratitude fame
and creator of the Lifeline writes
of symptoms as gifts
in strange wrapping paper.
Symptoms let you know that
it is time to let go,
get back on your path,
and shine your true colors
as you are Divinely designed.
Now, as with any gift,
embrace the symptom
and stress of your body and life
with love and gratitude
knowing that a part of you
is speaking as a means for you
to own your power.
[Inspired by Edgar Cayce's
How can I change materiality
to glorified spirituality
with divine love?
What can I do to weave Heaven
into Earth?
Am I in direct relationship
with the Creator?
Do I explore the possibilities
of bringing spiritual harmony
into physical vibration?
Do I demonstrate the oneness
of all force
through my service to others?
Have I let my sufferings become
lessons of wisdom?
Am I a clear channel
through which spiritual energy flows?
Am I making myself a fit channel
for passing the truth to others?
Do I realize I have created
situations that seem like trouble or problems
because I have not yet learned
to give complete expression
to my soul faculties?
If the real meaning of the crown
is the joy of completing a work
what jewels am I putting into
of my life's crown today
with the thoughts I think
the words I say
the tasks I find to do?
Do I open windows and doors
to the Divine for others
by weaving the spiritual
into my mental
and material /physical activities?
[Inspired by Mark Thurston's
X-1: 1) Where do I feel trapped?
/What's a situation in my life
that makes me filled trapped?
2) What is the illusion/misconception
that has led me to this situation?
What karmic patterns in my
subconscious mind have brought
this situation to me?
(I look for signs
in my conscious insights
my intuitions
my dreams
or my meditation guidance.)
3) What is the reality that lies behind
this illusion or this difficult situation?
/What is the purposefulness
of my soul?
/How can I better accept this
situation in my life?
Having no friends
Having close friends
means that I will be burdened
by responsibilities to them
and it's better to be without them
I am learning how much I really do want
to have people that I care about
and who care about me
I will not blame others
for not having declared
their friendship for me,
but will work actively
to be a FRIEND to others
X-2: What is a troublesome situation
in my life?
How would the Masters
deal with this situation?
How can I act out in materiality
my Divine acceptance
of this situation?
Can I try to live and act
in the Divine way
towards this situation
for at least a week?
Who can I find to share this experiment with?
&/Am I willing to journal
my experiences?
X-3: Who is someone I share
a common ideal
or a common spiritual perspective of life with
and yet occasionally experience a difficulty
in our relationship?
1) How can I work on accepting
what I perceive as their shortcomings?
2) How can I truly meet that person
as a soul?
Irene Claremont de Castillejo
writes of meetings of an inner,
mystical nature
which can happen between two people
when they invite the presence of a third force:
Love/the Holy Spirit/the Self/the Other.
Having deeper experiences like this
leads us far beyond the common place
interactions we usually have in life
and becomes the crown
of what our human relationships can be.
X-4: We are more than we usually think we are.
We have a storehouse of strength and wisdom within
that is our birthright, and usually we deny it.
The demand of the Divine
is that we be who we really are.
Through suffering our inner resources
are mobilized
and we begin to wake up to our true nature.
What's one area of my life
that I am suffering in
Am I willing to write down
the inner resources
that MIGHT be available to me
as aids in overcoming
this condition?
Can I take time each day to consider
the possibility that I am suffering
so that I will become
Divinely aware
that these qualities
ARE within me?
Will I affirm each day
in prayer and meditation
that the needed inner resources
are becoming available to me?
X-5: What challenges do I face daily
that have been given
for my individual growth in consciousness?
What individual responsibilities
do I have to meet
based upon things I have built
in the past?
The illusions and misconceptions
that I have built
are very similar to those created
by others.
As I attune myself
and withdraw from my involvement
with these false notions of reality,
all of humankind is helped.
All humanity can be lifted in consciousness
through the growth of one.
Our attitudes and feelings
can quickly be altered
by the state of consciousness of another.
Resources of energy and strength
are available when the purpose
of some undertaking is to benefit others.
When we reach a point of frustration
with some problem,
such a move in perspective
can lead to a new sense of dignity
and purposefulness.
We can see ourselves as an integral
part of the whole.
Our lives are seen
for the special part
that they play
in the Divine plan
for humankind.
How can I meet
each one of my challenges
as if my work
is symbolic of all humanity's
attempt to deal with
this SPECIFIC type of difficulty?
Am I willing to record my experiences
of working with this attitude in mind?
X-6: I choose and write down
an area of my life
that I feel burdened in.
I list the ways I have to work
to feel this way
-the attitudes I have to work on holding
-the behaviors I have to do
to keep this feeling.
Then I select one item from my list
and write a more constructive
replacement attitude/behavior.
I work each day at least for a week
on expressing that replacement
in my life.
frequent arguments with Richard
-make an effort to recall past incidences
where I thought he was selfish
-make an effort to feel resentful
-make an effort to speak unkindly
of him to others
begin to speak in a more positive way of him
to others
X-7: How can I meet confrontations
with an attitude of humility?
Am I willing not to defend myself
with retorts
/argumentative statements
even if I feel I am right?
Am I committed to keeping
a record of situations in which
I am able to meet confrontations
in this way?
X-8: In meeting life's troubles,
problems and difficulties with joy
because in opening these gifts
and using them as opportunities
to weave the Divine into my Earthwalk
I truly have the crown of life.
I wear it as a symbol
of my attunement with
the oneness of the Divine.
I wear a crown emblematic
of my mastery of myself.
Not only do I express joy to others
How do I look for joy in living?
How do I express joy
in dealing with others?
How do I live with an attitude of enjoyment
of being alive in this place
in this special time
in humanity's spiritual evolution?
[Inspired by Melody's LOVE IS IN THE EARTH]
The message of the carnelian is that
since one IS love
there is nothing to do
but to offer the love
-each offering of love
bringing an exponential increase
in the quantity of love returned.
When directed, it provides for
a clearing action
while directing any negative energy
which is within the area
toward the light of transmutation.
It is useful to work on these chakras
-and can help to increase
first -physical energy
second -personal power
third -creativity
fourth -compassion
CHAKRAS -increase
[inspired by Judy Hall's
A stabilizing stone with high energy,
Carnelian anchors one into the present reality
and is excellent for restoring vitality.
Imparting acceptance of the cycle of life,
Carnelian assists positive life choices.
It helps remove extraneous thoughts
when meditating.
A stone of abundance
it motivates for success.
[Inspired by Cassandra Eason's
Associated with the solar plexus chakra
this crystal energizes your system
and fills you with confidence and courage.
Carnelian removes doubt and despair
and reminds you of your unique strengths.
This may be a good time for
independent action,
whether emotionally or at work.
Do not undervalue yourself
or accept second-best treatment.
Now is the time to work out
what would make you happy
and how this can be achieved.
Carnelian is above all
a crystal of personal happiness
and fulfillment;
if you believe in your unique talents
and follow your personal goals
rather than those set by others,
you can achieve anything.
by Michael Gienger and Wolfgang Maier]
Carnelian generally improves
the absorption of vitamins
and minerals
in the small intestine,
and this imparts vitality
and liveliness.
Psychically it offers the courage
to open to new experiences
and challenges.
Carnelian makes us attentive
and realistic.
Helps avoid clouding perceptions
with opinions
and memories
so we are able to
see what simply is.
Carnelian brings openness
to the feelings of others
without the danger
of being influenced by them.
Carnelian strengthens a sense of community
as well as personal viewpoint.
Carnelian improves digestion
and helps enjoyment of foods
to which the small intestine
usually reacts strongly.
Brings stability
[inspired by Laura Tuan's CRYSTALS
Meditating on carnelian
helps in gaining stability and reliability.
This stone can help find support
and a shoulder to lean on
in times of difficulty.
Meditation also helps in
stabilizing emotions
and putting us into contact
with memories of previous lives.
Carnelian fortifies
and self-confidence
especially in one's own capacities
and opinions.
It proves useful when facing rivalry,
an obstacle
a challenge
/when we want to reach
our objectives directly.
Even when everything
seems to go wrong
believe in yourself
and ignore the judgment of others
to reach your goal.
[inspired by Judy Hall's
Carnelian grounds
and anchors you
in the present reality.
A stabilizing stone with high energy,
it is excellent for restoring vitality
and motivation
and for stimulating creativity.
It is useful for dramatic pursuits.
Carnelian has the ability
to cleanse other stones.
Carnelian imparts an acceptance
of the cycle of life
and removes fear of death.
In ancient times it was used
to protect the dead
on their journey to the afterlife.
It gives courage
promotes positive life choices
dispels apathy
and motivates for success
in business and other matters.
Carnelian is useful for
overcoming abuse of any kind.
This stone helps you to trust yourself
and your perceptions.
It gets to the bottom of
what makes you tick
overcomes negative conditioning
and encourages steadfastness.
Carnelian improves analytical abilities
and clarifies perception.
It removes extraneous thoughts in meditation
and tunes daydreamers into everyday reality.
It sharpens concentration
and dispels envy
and resentment
/other people's.
It calms anger
and banishes negativity,
replacing it with a love of life.
Carnelian is full of life force
and vitality.
It stimulates the metabolism.
Carnelian activates the base chakra
influences the female reproductive organs
and increases fertility.
This stone overcomes frigidity and impotence,
heals lower back problems,
and depression,
especially in those of advanced years.
It regulates bodily fluids
and the kidneys,
accelerates healing in bones & ligaments
and stanches blood.
Carnelian improves the absorption of
vitamins and minerals
and ensures a good supply of blood
to organs and tissues.
Use as a pendant
/belt buckle
/place in contact with the skin
as appropriate.
Carnelian near the front door
invokes protection
and invites abundance into the house.


How are my thoughts
my words
my activities
and my general outlook on life
motivated by my concept of the Divine?
Do I keep the presence of the Divine
as a thing apart?
Do I lose sight of the fact
that to abide in the presence of the Divine
can be the experience,
the knowledge
and the understanding
of all who seek to do the bidding
of the Divine?
How can I realize
and come to know
and understand
that I am a child of the Divine?
The Divine is Spirit,
standing back of everything in creation.
The Divine is One.
We cannot separate Creator
from Creator's creation.
I can try to do so,
but when I do
I become mystified
and confused.
When I separate myself
or think myself apart from
my Maker,
I feel like a ship
without a rudder.
The oneness is ever existent,
but it is only through
my realization
and my acknowledgement
of Divine's existence
that the change is worked in me,
and life takes on a new aspect.
All the guidance
and whatever goes
to make life worth living
is within me.
Each spirit,
each manifestation
moves toward
the knowledge
the understanding
and the conception
of that One
-the All One.
*Am I willing to listen
to the still small voice within
and know the Divine
is within me
so that I may come
to the realization
that I am one
with the Divine?
It is within my human soul,
the simplest unit of the Divine
that I will find the Divine abiding.
Sensing the presence of the Divine
within and without,
I become quiet,
throwing off anxiety,
I am conscious
of a renewing power.
The spirit of the Divine
speaks through my soul
utilizing the soul forces.
*Am I willing
to study and meditate
until I realize
what attitude I hold
concerning the presence
of the Divine?
I take the Divine's word
and accept the free gift of
and mercy.
I do not obscure
the knowledge of the Divine presence
by considering it as a thing apart.
I do not quench the spirit within.
As the Divine spirit
bears witness with my spirit,
not only will I understand
myself better,
but there will come
a fuller understanding of
my neighbor,
my friend
or my enemy.
As I go fearlessly
on into whatever work is before me,
I trust in Divine care,
knowing that Divine presence
will overshadow me.
The Light will shine ahead
and show the way.
The Divine will keep
my stumbling feet from faltering
and will allow no harm
to overtake me.
*How may I live each moment
aware of Divine presence
and let my work
testify for me?
As I magnify myself less and less
and seek more hope and reliance
in the will of the Divine
I will become
more and more aware
of the Divine's abiding presence.
All who would know the Divine
must believe that the DivIne is,
and that the Divine is a rewarder
of those who diligently seek the Divine.
How often have I read
"the Lord is my Shepherd"
and doubted the truth of it
as applying to me.
By submitting my will to divine guidance
I come step by step into the realization
that the Divine will withhold
no good thing
from those who seek the Divine
who seek to do Divine will.
*How can I prepare myself?
1) Do I observe
the laws of righteous judgment
and clean living?
2) Do I keep special hours for
meditation and prayer
so that I may be strengthened
during times of severe temptation
and trials?
3) Do I realize
that the Divine is ever with me,
whether I am in sorrow or joy
because my mind is the builder?
4) Do I practice such standards of conduct
that others may know that
what I profess with my lips
to believe
is in keeping with
what I hold as my ideal?
Am I a loving example
of what I profess to be true?
[Note: The realization that I am
ever in Divine presence
is not always easy
when I allow the cares of the world
to creep in and draw me away
in body and mind.
As we are in various states of growth,
so we are in different states of
What might be absolutely necessary
for the preparation of self for me,
for another might be secondary.]
As I abide in Divine presence,
even though there may come
trials of every kind
and tears may flow
from the breaking up
of the carnal forces within,
my spirit is made glad.
Let me remember that
and spiritually
I am continually reflecting
my understanding of Divine presence.
*Can I study to show myself
approved unto the Divine day by day
for in doing so the light of the Divine
presence shows forth
in my precepts
in my examples
in my words
and in my works?
When I look upon my fellow humans,
I find their activities,
in whatever sphere they may be,
are expressions of the attitudes
they have builded regarding the Divine.
Their life reflects what they worship.
Their actions show the spirit which is
within them.
In the physical body,
good health is a reflection
of my observance of physical laws.
Even the small details
involving the care of my body
are important,
for they are either
in accord with laws that bring
a finer type of expression
or they lead to inharmony.
My physical surroundings
the type of companions I seek
and every one of my physical actions
expresses to others
my concept of how near
the Divine
and love
are to me.
The activities of my mind
reflect the strength of my mental body.
The question of controlling
my actions physically
is in part answered
by the rules of my family upbringing
and the laws and customs
of my community
and country.
The problems I have
controlling my thoughts
which may truly be
just as harmful
and out of tune with the infinite
are personal matters
I must meet as an individual
and others must meet individually themselves.
My thought vibrations go out
my words are spoken
my deeds are done
and they all carry to others my influences
and impressions
of my understanding
of the Divine.
*How spiritual is my life?
-How often do I seek
through meditation and prayer
contact with my creator?
-Do my attitude
and my philosophy of life
center about a spiritual ideal?
Others look for these signs
and are influenced by them.
I believe
but do I express my belief in my
and attitudes?
The consciousness that the Divine
walks and talks with me
and that the Divine's promises
are ever present
brings abiding peace.
This makes for joy in service
even though it requires that there be
greater and greater sacrifices
of carnal forces
within my experiences.
Joy does not come through service
that benefits self.
One that serves through kind
gives of oneself
even as the Divine
/the Powers That Be
/the Masters.
With the realization of being in
Divine presence
comes that peace
which casts out all fear and loneliness.
There comes a feeling
of being a part of
the scheme of things.
This is recognizing
the Divine in me
as well as without.
With this realization the way is easier.
I will have more consideration for others.
Condemnation will be cast aside
and I will have a desire to bless.
The protection of the Holy Spirit
is the Divine's promise
if I am faithful.
As I use what I know,
not waiting for physical results
before going to the next step,
I will find-
when I least expect it-
that which I desire
has been granted.
As a child in faith
and understanding
I have to be delight
and disciplined
until I
through love
and faith
come to understand the divine law.
The kingdom is mine
only when I learn
through patience
to possess my soul
My awareness of the great need
of Divine presence
will make me more conscious of it.
In the Divine/ the Powers That Be,
I do, indeed,
and move
and have my being.
Each thought
and act
is an opportunity
to advertise
Divine presence.
Let me be
an advertisement
for the Divine.
Let the Spirit within /the Presence within
do the work
through me
so that I might deliver a message
of helpfulness
and power
that is Divinely inspired.
It is only when I forget the Divine
/the Powers That Be
that troubles overtake me.
If I today
at this time of testing
would place my hope of deliverance
in the hands of the Divine
instead of humankind,
I could not fail
to come out more than conqueror.
There is within me
a knowledge that the Divine presence
abides within me always
as part of me,
not apart from me.
Through the toil of the day
through the quiet hours of the night,
the Divine is always near.
When burdens of the material life
are heavy,
if i stop and listen,
the Divine assures me
that S/He is with me.
The Maker
who wrought the beauties of nature
amd set the laws which govern
the harmonious symphony of the universe
could not have left a part of Divine creation
without guidance
or without a sustaining force.
Jesus, Buddha and other Masters
have shown us the way.
There are Universal Forces
/Powers That Be
ever ready to aid and strengthen
those who seek to travel this way.
Let the Spirit of Truth that is within
separate the chaff from the wheat
that I may enter into
the full knowledge of Divine presence
and shut out those things
that would hinder
or cause doubt
or in any way make me afraid.
(paraphrased Cayce reading 232-32)
Let this be my prayer:
Our Father, who art in heaven,
may thy kingdom come
in Earth
through Thy presence in me,
that the light of Thy word
may shine onto those I meet day by day.
May Thy presence in my brother
be such that I may glorify Thee.
May I so conduct my own life
that others may know Thy presence
abides with me
and thus glorify Thee.
(Cayce reading 262-30)
Come! Let our hearts be lifted
in praise and adoration
of the wondrous love
that the Father sheds upon
the children of me.
Come! Let us all be glad
in the opportunities
that are given
to serve in His name
day by day.
Come! Let us be joyful
in the truth that
"In as much as ye did it
unto the least of my little ones,
ye did it unto me."
Let the love of the Son be magnified
in our lives that others may know
the joyousness of service brings
peace and harmony to our hearts
as we serve.
Come! Give thanks unto Him,
for we would make our own lives
and our own bodies a dweliing place
of the love that the Father
would manifest into His children.
Come! Give place to His Holy Name
that there may come joyousness
in the hearts of all at the coming
of the Christ into the lives and
the experiences of many.
(Cayce reading 281-14)
[inspired by
A Search For God
by Mark Thurston]
9-1: Do I move in my daily meditations
from THINKING the affirmation
to FEELING the affirmation
to BEING one with it?
9-2: What new project for good
can I start?
Do I affirm each day
my desire that the Divine
express It's presence
and It's will
through me
in this effort?
Do I do the best I can
but turn over to the Divine
all my concerns about the results?
9-3: Do I make an effort each day
to listen
and feel the presence
of the Divine/God
(within and without)
in the ordinary
and the common place
of my life?
9-4: Whenever I find myself
talking about another person
do I speak as if the Divine
and the soul of that person
were present
in the place
at the moment?
9-5: Am I willing to share
my awareness if the Divine
working in the earth,
especially with those
who don't have this perspective?
Do I express my feelings to others?
Do I speak of my own experience,
as opposed to lecturing them
about what they ought to believe?
Do I understand that
brief statements
are usually best?
Am I not attached to some expectation
about how they should respond
to my words?
Am I simply open and honest
about my beliefs?
Can I trust that a seed is planted
by what I do?
~ ~ ~
Am I willing to journal
1- situations in which I do this?
2- situations in which,
looking back,
I realize they would have been
good opportunities
for this kind of sharing?
9-6: Do I take a few moments
each day to experience
this reverie
(or one similar to it)?
I may want to have
a special time to do this
/use a few minutes before
/after my meditation.
I allow it to awaken within me
the awareness of truly being
a part pf the scheme of things
and I try to hold that awareness
in my daily activities.
~ ~ ~
I imagine myself out-of-doors
in a huge expanse of land.
There is much activity going on
It is as if all humankind
has gathered together
to build one great cathedral
where all can come to worship
and know the Divine/ God
Each individual is to cut
and place one stone
in this great effort.
There is no race to see
who can do the most work
because each person
is to contribute
only her/his one stone.
I walk to a giant quarry
with my tools in my hands
and mark off the stone
that I will cut.
With the greatest care
and precision
I cut my stone.
It's sides are polished smooth.
It symbolized the wholeness
and live within my soul.
With feelings of anticipation
and joy,
I pick up my stone.
I have super-human strength
and carrying it is not difficult.
I begin my walk toward
the building site.
All around me are others
carrying their stones.
Tremendous feelings of family,
sisterhood and brotherhood
fill my heart and mind.
All of the people are walking together
with cooperation and joy.
All sense the beauty of
what we are creating together.
I arrive at the building site
and I find the exact spot
where my stone is needed.
With great care I put it in place.
Then I sit down and have
a brief period of prayer.
I pray that Divine will
shall direct this common effort
of all humankind.
And I pray that all will come
to the full awareness of Divine presence.
(adapted from Mark Thurston's
1976 Reverie)
~ ~ ~
Orange calcite
is a highly energizing
and cleansing stone.
Balancing the emotions
it removes fear
and overcomes depression,
dissolving problems
and maximizing potential.
This stone removes karmic hooks
and memories of old abuse
held in the sacral chakra,
facilitating healing on all levels.
It assists in integrating
new insights and creativity
into everyday life.
[Laura Tuan's CRYSTALS:
TYPE OF ENERGY: revitalizing
the element of fire
the signs of
Tiny calcite crystals are found
in the pineal gland, which is
responsible for sleep
and waking rhythms
and tradition says
is the location of paranormal faculties.
Calcite acts on the levels
of the 2nd
and 3rd chakras
helping all the organs
with it's gentle energy.
The chakras make the stone
especially useful for convalescence,
because it improves both physical
and psychic regeneration.
It helps assimilate things,
particularly food,
but also new experiences,
According to tradition,
calcite can be placed in batheater
with salts to contribute to the detoxification
and fortification of the organism.
According to the color, it may have
additional effects.
Orange calcite helps to control sweating
the metabolism
and excess weight.
Meditating on calcite helps to dissolve fears
and mental blocks.
It also helps stop us from committing
the same errors as in the past
and to organize confused thoughts.
This meditation can be of great comfort
when we are forced to face new situations
that we do not feel quite ready for.
life force
AFFINITIES: Calcite is a friend pf
and sincere people.
They have great charisma
and succeed in managing persons
and situations
with innate authority,
a bright mind
and an honest heart.
They are individuals who know how
to get noticed.
They never hesitate to make
barbed criticism
/merciless judgments
convinced that the truth
as painful as it may be
is the best medicine.
IN LOVE: Calcite is suited to sincere
and long-lasting relationships
to declarations
and important moments
like an anniversary
FOR SUCCESS: Calcite helps success
in nearly all directions.
It is particularly suited to the best moments,
when all is going well
at work
with engagements
with your career
and when we wish to prolong
the positive moment
and enjoy the fruits we reap.
MESSAGE: You must always seek the truth,
but remember that there is never
only one absolute truth.
It is worthwhile to manifest tolerance
towards those with honest opinions,
even if they are different from yours.
The right advice will allow you to find
the best solution for everyone.
Orange calcite is a highly energizing
and cleansing stone, especially for
the lower chakras.
Orange calcite balances the emotions,
removes fear
and overcomes depression.
It dissolves problems
and maximizes potential.
This stone heals the reproductive system
and intestinal disorders
such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
and removes mucus from the system.
[Cassandra Eason's HEALING CRYSTALS]
Orange calcite is said to have been cast
from the chariot of the Baltic sun goddess,
Saule, as she drove her chariot
across the skies
and began her long journey
to overcome the powers of darkness
on the winter solstice.
(21 December in the northern hemisphere)
Attitudes are softening
and others may be warming
to suggestions you made
that were rejected earlier.
So it is now well worth resubmitting
/suggesting ideas
dear to your heart.
Orange calcite is very gentle
for gallstones
and any liver
/spleen problems
and is the best crystal
for helping relieve
a gallbladder attack.
It is helpful
for any sexual disfunction
and for healing
the psychological scars
of any sexual attack
Calcite helps to balance
women's hormones
and eases aching muscles.
Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere
at home by having dishes of orange calcite
in areas where people sit.
It also makes mealtimes
and dinner parties congenial and friendly
without destroying lively debates.
At work, use orange calcite
to break the ice with newcomers
and create a relaxed atmosphere.
Orange calcite makes children feel safer,
Use it to help pet hens, ducks /rabbits
become more domesticated
and responsive to their owners.
Use orange calcite for very gentle love magic,
especially for kindling a sexual relationship
that begins later in life.
Orange calcite is good for relaxing people
who have asked for a divinatory reading.
If you are giving readings to others
for the first time, orange calcite will allow
your intuitive insights to flow.
Orange calcite can help you pray
if you are angry /frightened.
Tho calcite is brittle
you can recharge it in your bath
by candlelight.
It is relatively cheap to replace
and when it crumbles
you know it is time to bury it,
with a little prayer of thanks.
[Jane Hightower's STONE EMPOWERMENT]
CHAKRA: Sacral
CHARGE: Realizing that sex is a God-given gift
helps you remember that sex with you is
yours to give and yours alone
COLOR: Orange
ENERGY: Projective, highly energizing, cleansing
FOLK NAME: Proliferation Stone
reproductive system
ALLEVITES /PREVENTS: irritable bowel syndrome
MAGICAL USE: Protection and energy
POWERS: Prevents sexual abuse
Removes cords and memories of old abuse
Aids on karma having to do with sexual a use issues