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Sunday, February 27, 2011


What is the spiritual pattern
of my Divine intention?
What directive force do I choose
to guide my thoughts words and
In sacred space, with prayer
and meditation I align
my mind
and spirit
with my soul's purpose.
In The Oneness
I merge my mental and physical
ideals with the spiritual ideals of my soul.
I shine radiant,
a perfect channel,
Spirit in service to others,
uplifting the human beings
in our world family
to Higher Ground.
I feed on inspirations
from the Way Showers like
Kwan Yin
my grandmothers
my grandfathers
a good teacher
a famous person
a character in a book I read
or simple words/phrases I find
that inspire me.
Sometimes I find a catchy phrase
in a song that uplifts me
or a famous quote
or a line of poetry
or sacred words in a Holy Book
to guide me.
Always I will find it in nature
a waterfall
a sunrise/sunset
the sun's dance across the day sky
or the dance of the moon and the stars
across the night sky.
Like patches
chosen to be
in a quilt
the things I focus on
are woven into the design
of my being.
Whatever is true
whatever has beauty
whatever makes my heart sing
I choose.
I choose to weave
into the fabric of my being.
I am always choosing
what guides me
whether I am awake
and choose the stars that guide me
or give my power away
and buy someone
else's map
and simply go where
THEY tell me to go
with my eyes closed
as if I am asleep.
Waking up
I learn to choose
with good intentions.
Gathering my wits about me
I learn to surrender
who I am
to who I am becoming.
At some point
I pass over a rainbow bridge
and find myself walking my path
with heart.
In wisdom I learn
the power of discernment.
Sometimes by trial and error,
always and forever-
I am growing toward the light.
I learn to choose
what nurtures and nourishes me.
I become the responsible gatekeeper
guarding the thoughts that I allow
to come into my mind.
I open myself up to the ...'s
of infinite possibilities.
Either I find myself
in life situations
that burn away what is dross about me
until there are facets of my being
that shine like jewels
or I willingly surrender
to the sacrifice of the fire
the things I need to give up
in order to be
more Divine.
I consecrate
my thoughts
and daily acts
in the foundation
of Truth
that is Divine.
There is one Force Source
it flows through
every living thing
be it
feathered flying
creepy crawly
four legged
or two legged.
[inspired by Judy Hall's
Lapis Lazuli
helps me
find deep inner knowledge
so I can go about harmonizing
my body
and spirit.
Holding lapis
I can become an active listener
with the courage to confront truth
wherever I find it
and accept its teachings.
Where is the source
of energy within me?
What will I choose to create
with the powers of the Force Source
that flow through me?
When I feel Love
tingling in my fingers
and my toes
what next steps do I want to take?
What art do I want to create
with the power flowing through me
to the tasks I have in my hands
to do?
How can I honor my ancestors?
What is the Highest Truth I know?
How can I live that?
How can I act from serenity
with my spirit, mind and body
in balance
so that my thoughts, words and deeds
reflect the Divine
I hold in the bowl of my being?
In Edgar Cayce's work
there is a process
for finding one's ideals.
It can be as simple as
making 3 columns on a piece of paper.
In the first column
What are my spiritual ideals?
What spiritual ideals/qualities
do I want to attain?
What qualities/attributes
are missing
in my life
/in my relationships with others?
In the second column
What are my mental attitudes?
What positive mental attitudes
do I need to develop
to help build the spirit of my ideals
into my relationships
with others
and myself?
In column three
What are my physical activities?
What detailed activities
can I begin doing
in my relationships to specific individuals?
Do my Physical Activities reflect
the Mental Attitudes I am holding
in relationship to my Spiritual Ideals?
Listing multiple activities
I can do to bring my Spiritual Ideals
into the material world
is my map for discovering
what I need to be doing.
This process perfectly reflects Cayce's adage:
Spirit is the life
Mind is the builder
and the Physical is the result.
It is the application of spiritual priciples
into my daily life
that causes me
to walk my path with heart.
Or it can be as abstract
as making a circle
with the Highest Truth I know
as the bull's eye I aim for
in the center of my target
with each pie slice of the circle
-a slice of pie for the love of my life
-a slice for my family
-other slices for friends
-slices for my vocation
/the work I do to make $
to pay for my way in the world
-and for my avocation
/those labors of love and passion
I would do even if nobody paid me
because they are what makes my heart sing
my feet dance.
They keep me in tune with
the rhythms of nature
and the universe.
All pie slices are pointing to the center
the core beliefs that orchestrate my being.
Once I've practiced
doing this process for a while
it becomes easy as pie.
I know the recipe by heart
and it's an easy thing for me to create
in my life.
[inspired by Mark Thurston's
3-1: What do I observe in my life
experiences daily?
As I observe myself
what ideals do I see?
What directions am I going
in various parts of my life?
At the end of each day
when I take a few minutes
to consider my past 24 hours
what experiences stand out
in my mind?
What did I think about
or do in each experience?
What conscious/unconscious
force within myself
might have led me to have
each particular experience?
Experience 1: I got mad at Mr. Simpson
and spoke to him
in a rude and angry way.
Directive Force within me:
I had been holding
resentments toward him
for several things
he has done to me
in the past.
I was unaware how I was
holding these resentments
when the experience
happened today.
Experience 2: I was helpful
and patient with a friend
who stopped by
and was having
some personal problems.
Directive Force within me:
I had had a good meditation
earlier in the day
in which I got in touch with
wanting to be a blessing
to others.
If I can
I will journal
the experiences
I remember each day
trying to write down
what I perceive
as the Directive Forces
within me
for my most memorable
3-2: Each day in my prayer
and meditation
I take time to ask myself
this question:
What qualities make up
the highest awareness
that I would like to have
directing my life?
Each day I jot down
in my journal
or send a text message/ e-mail
to myself/ a trusted friend
the answers that come
to my mind
3-3: In what relationships
would I like to be
expressing my spiritual ideal
more effectively?
I ask myself questions
and journal my answers
for one week.
-What attitudes could I be
holding in my mind
toward this part of my life
that would tend to awaken
a sense of my spiritual ideal?
/what is my mental ideal?
-What activities could I be doing
in this part of my life
/in this relationship
that would tend to awaken
a sense of my spiritual ideal?
/what are my physical ideals?
Each day I make an effort
to express
my mental
and physical ideals
in the relationship
I have chosen.
I journal situations
in which I was able
to do this.
3-4: How can I be aware each day
of the ways in which others
can influence my decisions?
Do I have a tendency
to go along with others
to keep from having to face discord,
even though it may not be
consistent with what
I know is best?
Each day of this week
I will make a special effort
to be sensitive to
the opinions or desires of others
but then I will make
my decisions
based upon my ideals
(even if it means
I stand alone.)
I will journal situations
in which I am able
to make decisions
in this way.
3-5: What is one area of my life
for which I have set ideals?
I will write an affirmation
(preferably just one sentence)
using my own words
or words from another source
that are especially meaningful to me.
I will let my affirmation contain
a statement of the ideals
I want to manifest.
I will memorize the affirmation.
Each day in my relationship with
that person/ area of my life
I use my affirmation whenever
I feel confused/ troubled.
I say the words to myself
and feel their meaning
as a tool to re-orient
my thinking and acting.
Relationship: John
Mental Ideal: trust
Physical Ideal: encourage
and compliment him.
Like myself,
John is a spiritual being,
and I can trust him
and reflect the good in him.
3-6: I choose one of my
mental/physical ideals.
Each day I become aware
asking myself
In what instances
are others able to manifest
that ideal?
If I choose "kindness"
I would look for situations
where others are expressing
As I become aware of
a person expressing the ideal,
I affirm that this quality
is too within me
or I would not have noticed
another manifesting it.
I journal the person's name
and the situation
each time I complete
this experiment.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Am I awakening to the revelations
of the Creative Forces in me
in such a way that I realize
my mental body
my physical body
my spiritual body
are one with the Divine?
are one in love?
Is the way I do the things I do
reflective of my beliefs?
How do I walk my talk?
You can start out by holding
a piece of black obsidian.
Now this isn't some
hoo doo voodoo, it's simply
the act of holding something
to be a symbol
a talisman
a reminder
to look deeply
and see what lies underneath
the things you see happening
in your life.

[inspired by Judy Hall's
Some people will need help
digesting things they find here
that are hard to accept.
Here's where you face up to
your true Self.
You may need help
and support
to do this.
You may find it easier
to do this
with a trusted, worthy individual
/in a circle of others beings
who are growing toward the light.
Someone may need to lend their
helping hands
as you delve into past lives
festering emotions
/even the traumas of this life.
It is here you go
through a process of detoxification.
Where do you have injuries?
Where do you fell pain?
What is bleeding inside of you?
This can be an Aha! moment for you
if you look to see where the beliefs you hold
(the thoughts you hold inside your head)
form the acts of the things you do
and create the world you live in.
It is here you must BEWARE of false
Over one of the doorways
into the Temple of Delphi
it is said the words: KNOW THYSELF
are inscribed.
Sigh... I've always wanted to go
to that magical, mystical place.
Here's your opportunity to explore
what I would call your shadow self.
You get to pick up those heavy rocks
you've been toting around
in your baggage
and look underneath and
ask yourself: Why am I carrying
this belief around?
Where did it come from?
Do I want to use it to build
the temple of my being
or is it in the best interests
of creating myself and my place in the world
to cast it away?
Lighten my load
and unburden myself
from carrying it
around with me wherever I go?
Or am I inspired to reshape it into something
I want to use in designing
my being here now?
Did you get tricked
by false advertisements
to buy into this belief?
Or is the belief
one that has served you well in the past
but is no longer necessary
for your growth and development
into the Light being you are becoming?
Deep inside of you
resides your Lodestar,
guiding principles,
ideals, the blueprint of your divine being.
There is one Force Source
/Creator God
running through
each and every living thing
and operating in the spaces in between.
Your task here
is to observe yourself
and be the watcher
who discerns
any negative energies
causing disorder in your body
as blockages
and use your conscious will
to release them
so that you can ground
your soul
and spiritual forces
into your physical being.
This is truly where you get to live
'as above, so below'
and plant seeds inside of yourself
to grow Heaven on Earth.

[inspired by Mark Thurston's
2-1: What do I think of myself
at various times during the day?
Do I think of myself as being
really incapable of doing something
during the day?
Do I have a self-image of being
very knowledgeable?
Do I have a self-image of being
really foolish?
Do I feel that some of my
self-images are not consistent
/in harmony
with the highest spirit
I know?
Is this/that self-image
really helping me grow?
If not, I can imagine
a different light
in which I would have preferred
to have seen myself in a particular incident.
I can write that down
as a possible replacement
and try it out
if the opportunity arises
tomorrow or another day.

[inspired by DAILY WORD]
How can I use spiritual wisdom
to create consciousness?
SUSAN: I want to use wisdom
and compassion
as I create the world
I wish to inhabit
/the world I live in
-so I pray and meditate
to gain clarity.
Before I speak
or do anything
I carefully consider my thoughts.
Are my thoughts generous and compassionate?
2-2: I am aware that there are
no idle words.
With my speech I am creating
and having a strong effect upon
the attitudes and feelings
of my listeners.
When I feel that it is possible
to work through a particular
difficulty on my own
do I refrain from the temptation
to complain or talk about it
in a negative way to others?
Am I looking for opportunities
to use my spoken words
to uplift the consciousness
of others?
When I learned about
cause and effect
in science classes
it was way back when
I thought God was
a being/ Force Source
outside of myself.
Changing that thought
into the possibility of
that same Force Source
being in me
means I can no longer
play the blame game
naming others and things outside myself
for the situations I find myself in.
I hafta take response-ability
for the causes and effects
I bump into in my life
because I have created them.
2-3: Am I aware of my body each day?
What are my body's desires
and functions?
How can I keep an awareness
of holiness as my body fulfills
my activities?
For example, do I eat my meals
with a sense of holiness?
What other examples
can I practice
that will be meaningful to me?
2-4: Each night before I fall asleep
I can pray asking:
"In my dreams let me be
guided to experience
that which is best for my growth."
As I fall asleep I can try
to maintain this sense of seeking.
Upon awaking I can carefully
record (in words/pictures)
my dreams
and journal my feelings.
2-5: Is there a person with whom
I feel a special need to be
truthful and honest?
I write their name down
and observe my relationship with them
each day.
At the end of the day
I take a few moments
to answer this question:
"What does the highest spirit within me
want for this relationship?"
I write down my thoughts and feelings
in answer to this question.
Through my thoughts and actions
I make an effort to be true and honest
with myself regarding the things I have written down.
I allow my expressions
of truth and honesty
to that person
to be a reflection of this initial effort
to be true to myself
and the highest that I know.
Is there another person
I want to go through this process
2-6: At the end of the day
I review the things
I have done to others.
I try to step outside myself
for a moment
and imagine how other people
understood the things I did.
What would they likely
have assumed
my ideals or standards are
from having observed my actions?
I write down the ways
they might possibly have perceived me.
I work each day
to let my actions express to others,
what my ideals really are.
2-7: When I am feeling
low and troubled,
I affirm:
"This is just a part of
my larger growth process.
Since I have set
a spiritual ideal,
my pain is but
a part of my new self
being born."
I look for ways
to appreciate my down times
and I listen for God's presence
/the presence of the Divine within me
in the midst of
my low or troubled times
2-8: What are my concepts of God/the Powers That Be
and spirit?
I think God is responsive
to sincere prayer.
I think God's Spirit
is within every person.)
SUSAN: I think the Powers That Be
are sacred, holy and Divine.
I think I am filled up to the brim
and overflowing with Spirit
when I pray and/ meditate.
I choose one aspect
of my concept of God
/the Powers That Be
and write down two or three
specific ways I could work
on expressing this
in my relationships with others
over the next few days.
aspect of my concept of God
/the Powers That Be:
I think I am filled up to the brim
and overflowing with spirit when I
pray and/meditate
specific ways I can express this concept:
1- pray and meditate often
2- invite others to pray and meditate with me
3- offer to lend people books about
prayer and/meditation
4- share a poem/prayer I have written
about expressing my beliefs in Spirit
5- show my belief in Spirit/ the Divine
in the thoughts I think
the words I say
the things I do

[Judy Hall's
all sizes
sometimes tumbled
Some colors are readily available,
others are rare,
and some blue-green colors
are manufactured glass
and worldwide
Obsidian is molten lava
that cooled so quickly
it had no time to crystallize.
Obsidain is a stone without
or limitations.
As a result,
it works extremely fast
and with great power.
Its truth-enhancing
reflective qualities
are merciless
in exposing flaws
and blockages.
Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian.
Pointing out how to ameliorate
all destructive
and disempowering conditions,
Obsidian impels us to grow
and lends solid support
while we do so.
It needs careful handling
and is best used under the guidance
of a gifted therapist
as it can bring negative emotions
and unpleasant truths
rushing to the surface.
Under skilled guidance
its cathartic qualities
are exceedingly valuable.
It provides deep soul healing.
Obsidian can facilitate
in going back to past lives
to heal festering emotions
or trauma
that has carried forward
into the present.
Obsidian is a strongly
protective stone,
forming a shield against negativity.
it provides a grounding cord
from the base chakra
to the center of the earth,
absorbs negative energies
from the environment,
and strengthens in times of need.
It is helpful for
highly sensitive people.
It protects against psychic attack
and removes negative spiritual influences.
A large piece of Obsidian
can be extremely efficient
at blocking geopathic stress
or soaking up environmental pollution,
but its propensity for exploding
the truth into the open
has to be taken into account.
Many people find its powerful effects
and prefer to choose a gentler stone
for this task.
But it is extremely helpful
for therapists and counselors
as it not only facilitates
getting to the core of the problem
but also mops up energies released
as a result.
Black or Mahogany Obsidian
are the most suitable types
for this purpose.
Mahogany being the gentler.
In the same way,
placing Obsidian by the bed
or under the pillow
can draw out mental stress and tension,
and may have a calming effect,
but it can also bring up the reasons
for that stress.
These reasons then have to be
confronted before peace can return;
this resolves the problem permanently
rather that having a palliative effect.
One of the gentler forms of Obsidian,
such as an Apache Tear or Snowflake,
would be best for this.
As Obsidian is so effective
in soaking up negative energies,
it is essential to clean the stone
under running water
each time it has been used in this way.
Spiritually, Obsidian vitalizes soul purpose.
It eliminates energy blockages
and relieves tension,
integrating the psychological shadow
into the whole to bring spiritual integrity.
It anchors the spirit into the body.
This stone stimulates growth on all levels.
It urges exploration of the unknown,
opening new horizons.
Mentally, Obsidian brings clarity to the mind
and clears confusion
and conflicting beliefs.
However, it may well do this by making it
absolutely clear what lies behind
mental distress or dis-ease.
Once this has been cleared,
Obsidian expands consciousness,
entering the realm of the unknown
with confidence and ease.
Psychologically, Obsidian helps you
to know who you truly are.
It brings you face to face
with your shadow side
and teaches you how to integrate it.
This stone also helps you
to identify beahavioral patterning
that is now outdated.
Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages
and ancient traumas,
bringing a depth and clarity to emotions.
It promotes qualities of
and strength.
Obsidian's greatest gift is
insight into the cause of dis-ease.
It aids the digestion of anything
that is hard to accept
and promotes physical digestion.
It detoxifies,
dissolving blockages and tension
in the physical and subtle bodies,
including hardened arteries.
It reduces the pain of arthritis,
joint problems,
and injuries.
An elixir is beneficial for shock.
It alleviates pain
and staunches bleeding,
benefiting the circulation.
This stone warms the extremities.
It can be used to shrink an enlarged prostate.
Place as appropriate.
Use as a ball or mirror for scrying.
BLACK OBSIDIAN is a very powerful
and creative stone.
It grounds the soul
and spiritual forces
into the physical plane,
bringing them under the direction
of the conscious will
and making it possible to manifest
spiritual energies on earth.
Self-control is increased
by the use of this stone.
Black Obsidian forces
facing up to one's true self,
taking you deep
into the subconscious mind
in the process.
It brings imbalances
and shadow qualities
to the surface for release,
highlighting hidden factors.
It magnifies all negative energies
so that they can be fully experienced
and then released.
This healing effect goes back
into past lives,
and can work on the ancestral
and family line.
Black Obsidian composts the past
to make fertile energy for growth
of the soul.
It reverses previous misuse of power
and addresses power issues
on all levels,
teaching that to be empowered
is not to wield personal power
but rather to channel power
for the good of all.
Black Obsidian is protective.
It repels negativity
and disperses unloving thoughts.
It facilitates
the release of old loves
and provides support during change.
Used in shamanic ceremonies
to remove physical disorders,
Black Obsidian also has the gift
of prophesy.
Black Obsidian balls are powerful
and scrying aids
but should be used only by those
who can consciously process
what they see
and use it for the highest good of all.
Clear quartz helps to ground
and articulate what is revealed.
In healing, a Black Obsidian
placed on the navel
grounds spiritual energy
into the body.
Held briefly above the third eye
it breaks through mental barriers
and dissloves mental conditioning.
Used with care,
it can draw together scattered energy
and promote emotional release.
by Cass and Janie Jackson]
In South America,
both the Aztecs and the Mayans
regarded OBSIDIAN as sacred,
the bringer of death and life.
[NOTE: weren't the Aztecs and Mayans in
CENTRAL not South America?]
The Aztec's sacrificial knife
was made from this stone
and this knife was known as
the "Bringer of Life and Death."
The Mayans often used this crystal
to make magic mirrors
consecrated to the god Tezcatlipoca.
John Dee, the English Elizabethan seer,
is reputed to have had a similar mirror.
In what is now north-central California,
boys and girls endured
an initiation ceremony
that included being stabbed
with obsidian knives.
The crystals known as Apache tears
are actually obsidian;
the name originated with the belief
that the earth wept
whenever an Apache warrior was killed.
Obsidian can be used as a scrying stone.
Helps the user to focus on the paranormal.
by using a garnet
or obsidian crystal
for healing
sexual problems,
or irritable bowel syndrome.
and anger
also respond to this chakra.
Point the crystal
toward the base of your abdomen
and you should swiftly feel warmth
and a release of tension
throughout the area.
Obsidian is actually volcanic lava
that has cooled too quickly
for it to crystallize.
It comes mainly from Mexico
but is also found
in other volcanic areas.
Obsidian comes in a number of colors
and several types, including
snowflake obsidian,
a gray stone with flecks of white,
and rainbow obsidian,
a dark stone carrying bands
of rainbow colors.
Apache tears are small,
transparent pebbles
of dark obsidian.
Other colors available include
and gray
or silver.
The black,
and grey stones
are easy to come by,
but some of the other colors
are rare.
Note that so-called blue-green obsidian
is often man-made glass.
This crystal is thought to be
a balancing
and healing stone.
According to the Aztecs,
who used it to heal wounds,
it was the source of life.
The Mayans made "magic mirrors"
of polished obsidian,
and John Dee,
the Elizabethan astrologer royal,
was also believed to use one for scrying.
Legen has it that the name
"Apache tears"
originated in Arizona,
where a group of women of the tribe
wept at the foot of the cliff
and their tears became embedded
in the obsidian pebbles.
by Michael Gienger
and Wolfgang Maier]
Obsidian mobilizes the spirit
and helps in working through
and traumatic experiences,
which might otherwise lead
to a breakdown of energy.
Obsidian releases energy blockages
and frees the flow of life energy.
Has a strong, enlivening effect,
banishing fatique and weakness
and strengthening personal power.
Obsidian releases inhibitions
and mobilizes life energy
sexual activity.
Helpful for
and frigidity,
improves sexual performance.
Obsidian helps us to deal with
things that undermine our power
and strength of will.
Promotes self-mastery
and defense against external attacks.
Obsidian is helpful for ear
and hearing problems
following traumatic events
(for example, blast
or gunfire trauma).
Obsidian encorages jumping into
life's experiences
and coming through them unscathed,
despite a few falls.
Obsidian brings awareness
of the dark side of false power
and helps us admit our own mistakes
and misdeeds,
thus conquering them.
Obsidian helps us sense our own power
and force
without being afraid of it.
Strengthens the will,
gives energy,
and alleviates fear
and feelings of being victimized.
[Astrological Sign of Sagittarius
Obsidian is lustrous volcanic glass.
The colour range
and related names are varied.
The intrinsic properties
of the numerous forms of obsidain
include the reflection
of ones flaws
and the promotion of a clear picture
of the changes which are necessary
to eliminate the flaws.
The energies of obsidian produce
very blunt answers,
focusing ones inner vision
and, actually, stimulating a picture
or vision
of the required course of action.
Obsidian is an excellent grounding stone
and provides for a connection
from the base of the spine
to the heart of the Earth.
It is an excellent protective stone,
stabilizing internal and external energies
and gently protecting one from
that which could bring
and/or emotional harm.
It provides a shield against negativity,
transforming negative vibrations
within an environment.
Carrying/wearing obsidian
further disperses those unloving thoughts
which arise from within the self
or are directed toward ones physical form.
It is quite useful for healing,
providing both the healer and subject
with clarity
with respect to both the cause
and the amelioration of the dis-ease.
[Astrological Sign of Sagittarius]
or brown obsidian
is, additionally, used for "gazing"
and to produce
sincerity in action,
and insight into future scenes and symptoms.
This obsidian is also used
in shamanic ceremonies
to aid in the removal of the disorder
from the body;
one travels with the obsidian
to the affected area of the body
and visually brings
the affectation to the surface,
surrounding and transmuting it into white light.
Black obsidian,
inducing creativity in all endeavors,
vibrates to number 3;
grey obsidian,
inducing tact and cooperation
in all situations,
vibrates to the number 2;
and, brown obsidian,
stimulating intiative
and independent thought and action,
vibrates to number 1.
[Cassandra Eason's
TYPE: Volcanic glass
/magma with no crystalline structures
Apache tears are dark, smoky grey
PLANET: Pluto/Saturn
ELEMENT: Fire/earth
and sandalwood
blue goldstone
Apache tears are named after an incident
in Arizona.
Soldiers ambushed a group of Apaches.
Many were killed
and the rest leapt over a cliff,
rather than be taken.
The women of the tribe
wept at the base of the cliff
and their tears were embedded
in obsidian.
It is said that those who carry
Apache Tears will never know
deep sorrow.
From early times,
obsidian was carved into arrowheads,
obsidian arrows are still used
for protection
when set points facing outwards.
Myth relates that the seven arrows
of the Ancient Egyptian lion goddess Sekhmet
were sometimes made of obsidian;
she used them magically
against wrongdoers.
Highly polished obsidian
was used by the Mayans
for magic mirrors.
In Elizabethan times,
John Dee had a similar divining mirror.
Obsidian is often called
the wizard stone.
Obsidian is a personal stone
and is generally kept by one person,
not given as a gift.
The more opaque obsidian is,
the more concentrated its powers.
In the polished form
it is usually sold in,
most obsidian is opaque,
though shining.
Apache tears,
natural water-worn pebbles,
are translucent.
Let old sorrows go,
happier times are ahead
and there is a light
at the end of the tunnel.
You have a great deal of power
you can use
if you are not afraid
to change the status quo.
A natural pain reliever,
it improves circulation
and is good for the arteries
and the stomach.
An excellent anti-shock crystal
obsidian lessens the power of phobias.
It eases pain
and blockages
in the lower body,
especially the lower spine
and feet.
Apache tears lift depression
and relieve dark, stagnant energies.
All obsidian protects you
from negative vibes
and hostility
at work
or home.
It is especially good
for kind-hearted people who are innocent
of the ways of the world.
It is a traveler's stone,
especially if you travel by night.
Apache tears help in the preservation
and regeneration of indigenous spirituality,
especially Native North American.
Black obsidian dampens inner anger
and frustration at others' incompetence
or stubborness
and creates the impetus for change.
Use obsidian spheres
as stress absorbers
at home
and work.
Obsidian helps things to run more smoothly.
apache tears lift the crippling inertia
that comes from grief after loss.
The Apache tear consoles a traumatized
or grieving child.
Hold it up to sunlight
so the s/he can see
the light is still present
It likewise alleviates
terrors of the dark.
Black obsidian desensitizes a pet
that overreacts to noise
and traffic.
PSYCHIC ASSOCIATIONS: It is a stone of prophecy
and amplifies magical powers.
Use obsidian arrows for psychic self-defense,
usually four, five, or seven.
Face them inwards round you
or a central obsidian crystal
to draw power.
It is also excellent for LABYRINTH WORK
and for rituals of the BLACK MADONNA,
ISIS and her infant son
HORUS , the sky God.
Apache tears are good for vision quests
or spiritual pilgrimages,
or outer.
Recharge obsidian under any light source.
[Jane Hightower's
Smoky Quartz,
ANIMAL: Badger
CAUTION: Do not wear this over the heart
unless you need a short-term shield.
Extended wear,
such as a drop necklace
that lies right over the heart,
can shut down the ability to love.
However, it can be wonderful protection
when needed.
Always exercise good judgment
and wisdom
when you feel the need
to protect yourself.
Is there real danger
or are you being given
the opportunity
to overcome your own unfounded fears?
Trust your own inner knowing.
Do not exchange
or share your personal Obsidian
CHARGE: Look in the mirror
of my depths
for your power
and then embrace it.
COLOR: Black
COMPOSITION: Volcanic glass.
igneous rock.
70% silicon
and Granite
and Rhyoliteplus
plus a variety of impurities-
70- 75% SiO2,
plus MgO,
Most associated with Rome
as it was named after a Roman
Deity: Pele
ENERGY: Solid,
protecting energy.
Connects our Central Channel
(Hara Line)
Earth's Core
FOLK NAME: Practicality Stone
Gender: Male
Hardness: 5- 5.5
Immune System,
liver detoxification
inner growth,
unloving thoughts
appreciation of the mysteries
deep magical dreams
Helps us access our deepest selves
and form healthy egos.
Stone age peoples,
Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans,
Native Americans,
Easter Island folk
all used chipped Obsidian as
and points.
Ancients favored carved amulets
out of Obsidian
and used pieces to decorate
and as the eyes in statues
on Easter Island.
It was also polished as mirrors.
Ancient Aztecs used Obsidian mirrors
for divination.
Queen Elizabeth I employed
a magician alchemist, Dr. Dee,
who used Obsidian for scrying.
The Roman, Obsius, reportedly
discovered the stone-
although I doubt he gave it
to the Aztecs-
and it is named for him.
Use for protection against
energy vampires.
Place Obsidian arrowheads
around a white candle
pointing out toward the four directions
to protect an area.
Use balls for scrying.
PLANT: Maple
Mastery of both
and spiritual planes,
USA- Wyoming
4 of Pentacles
The Hierophant
[Judy Hall's
digestion of anything that is
hard to accept
hardened arteries
joint pain
enlarges prostate
warming the extremities
The Aztecs fashioned flat sheets of Obsidian
into scrying mirrors
and ancient peoples created arrowheads
and axes
with magical properties.
Having no crystalline structure,
Obsidian has no boundaries
or limitations,
working extremely fast with great power.
Obsidian's greatest gift is insight
into the causes of disease.
Mercilessly exposing flaws,
and disempowering conditions
nothing can be hidden.
Impelling growth,
it lends solid support
but needs careful handling
and is best used
under the guidance of
a qualified therapist.
Providing deep soul healing
Obsidian goes back to past lives
to heal festering emotions
or trauma
carried forward into the present,
bringing depth
and clarity
to emotions.
A strongly protective stone,
Obsidian forms a shield
against negativity,
providing a grounding cord
from the base chakra
to the center of the earth.
It absorbs negative energies
from the environment
and blocks psychic attack
and negative spiritual influences.
Obsidian brings clarity to the mind
and clears confusion
and constricting beliefs
but makes it absolutely clear
what lies behind mental distress
or disease.
An Obsidian ball is excellent
for scrying
and divination
but requires tact in expressing
what is seen.
NOTE: If Obsidian works
too powerfully,
remove immediately
and use Selenite
and Rose Quartz
to regain equilibrium.

Kelli made us a Josh Doll

Steve doll with Kokopeli flute players Josh with didjeridoo & Susan with flamingos

Kelli made us a beautiful Josh doll
in memory of our son Joshua Scott Daniel-Walters
who walked the Milky Way
to the Great Beyond
on July 1, 2010.
to see her other beautiful work!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Relaxing on our porch.

The view from our Savannah Hotel restaurant.

One of those balconies on the right was ours. We had a third floor room.

This is where we swam.

Me in my sandbox. Isn't the world a grand place to play in?

The gate we went through to get to our beach.

The time we spent on Barbados was the perfect blend of going and doing

and sitting in the sun or swimming and relaxing.

I read 7 books while we were there.

It felt wonderful to eat and sleep whenever the spirit moved us.

One of the first trips we made was in a jeep.

Every parish had an Anglican Church.

It was way far down to the water. The view was breathtaking!




This is the place where we saw blowholes.

Look at the blue sky and the blue water.

Palm trees and breeze off the Atlantic.

I sat and meditated here.

The water would flow in and out, sometimes forcing itself through the holes and shooting skyward- it could take your breath away!

Watching the water shoot upward reminded me of watching fireworks- sometimes you'd just hafta gasp: ooh! ah!

Everywhere you looked it reminded you to live in gratitude for living on such a beautiful planet where Creator made such colorful, beautiful scenes and I'd feel blessed.

You could walk out above these holes in the rocks and be surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic.

There were pools in the water that would fill up as the waves came in and empty between waves.

Everywhere you went you could see beaches. The island is only about 14 miles wide and 21 miles long.

This is a really and truly working windmill.

Another parish- another church.

The island's artistic version of Stonehenge.

This is a place where they used to hold Woodstock-like musical festivals.

The terrain here reminds people of Scotland or Wales.

Mudslides keep them from holding concerts here nowadays.

A flower we found on the ground in Steve's hands.

This is getting near the Soupbowl where people come from around the world to surf.

The island is made of coral.

These mushroom shaped rocks form when the water washes parts away making the stem looking part of the mushroom.

The mushroom rocks are on Bathsheba Beach.

There were vendors selling native crafts in the green grassy park here.

I bought a coconut and the guy whacked the top off with a machete.

I drank coconut milk right outta the shell looking at the scenery.

These are called candle flowers.

The jeep ride took us through the rain forest.

Tree roots would grow from up on the trunks and go down into the ground.

Being in a rain forest is a sacred experience.

This was the oldest sugar plantation house that we saw on Barbados.

There was Bob Marley music wafting up from trucks with loudspeakers drivin below in celebration of a parish election.

Our jeep driver guide wishes he could retire and build one of those infinity pools here.

A church so we must be in yet another parish.

We ate lunch on the patio of a plantation home here.

Old fashioned way of purifying water.
We had one of these on display at our hotel.
Water was poured into the coral bowl at the top.
It would drip down into the middle coral bowl
and then down into the bottom bowl
thus providing mineral enriched water for drinking.

On another day we made another trip to some beautiful gardens.

Steve and I wandered the trails in the garden.

Some trees grew beautiful white flowers.

Then we went to see the green monkeys.

These [sideways] signs tell about medicinal plants used by the slaves for natural cures.

Then we strolled through a nature park where we saw-



There were deer, iquanas, snakes and you walked through this arbor to get to see birds of all colors.

This is the view from the catamaran we took to go snorkeling.

We had lunch catered to us aboard ship.

We went snorkeling and swimming in turquoise waters.

From the beach in our backyard @ the hotel we watched sunsets.

Our daughter Sarah-Star's birthday is May 21st.
They had posters like this posted all around the island.

We sat on the beach and swam alot
but we were always up for an adventure to explore and discover something new.

At the end of daylight there was always nother sunset.

At beakfast the birds would fly onto the tables to eat crumbs or sip milk from the cream pitchers.

These pictures were taken by our new friend who made me a hand painted dress.

Her shop was lovely- a feast of color and creativity for the eyes.

Just as soon as I find her business card I'll post info so you can go see her on Princess Alice Highway between Brigetown and Pelican Village.

From the beach bar at the Savannah Hotel you can see the gate that leads to the beach.

You can even swim up to the bar.

On the beach Steve could read while sailboats sailed by.

I could do my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world- read while soaking up the warmth of the sun's rays.

There were palm trees...

And sunsets at the end of each day...

Coconuts on the beach...

Beach fauna...

Each day had it's own particular sunset...

We went to the Gap and ate at Harlequins and then went again another evening to eat @ Pisces where the tables overlooked the water.

We were there for Bob Marley's birthday celebration. Even tho Steve couldn't stay up all nite & we had to head for the hotel @ 2 a.m.

We liked the restaurant Brown Sugar with its waterfall and greenery giving such good ambience for the delicious food. Our favorite food was flying fish and my favorite desert was a rice and corn pudding I ate twice @ the Neru Restaurant @ our Savannah Hotel. Yes! I ate lobster @ Brown Sugar for my birthday January 30th and we ate here again on Sunday nite before we flew out Monday.

We were happy campers with full tummies, hearts warmed with the gracious hospitality of the people we met, bodies tanned by the delightful sun and spirits lifted for having shared yet another Grand Adventure in one of nature's beautiful places.
How are things with you & yours in y'all's little corner of the world?
Please comment below and share your thoughts and feelings.