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Monday, April 12, 2010

Visits To Steve's Folks in Victoria, Texas

Whenever we go over to see Steve's family in Victoria we try to make it to see the otter in the zoo there. The second photo is Steve resting his eyes @ the zoo. The third picture is Steve standing by a tree growing inside a BBQ restaurant we stop to eat in when we're enroute to Victoria.

Carnival Cruise December 2009

Of course my favorite part was getting to see the Mayan ruins in Cozemel. Who woulda thought I'd drive a four-wheeler to get there? And then there's always the fun of drinking crazy drinks with your friends. We got to see fantabulous shows on the ship and even got to watch movie JULIE AND JULIA when we got fogged in and had to stay an extra night aboard ship.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

Never pass up a waterfall. We found waterfalls both going to and coming from our Thanksgiving visit to see our daughter Sarah-Star in Huntersville North Carolina. We have a lot to be thankful for as she is going to marry Al Wiest 10-10-10. We got to share Thanksgiving with his family. It feels so good to expand the circle of family we have to love and care about. Another thing we have to be thankful for is the fact that she has become such a wonderful cook. We hope we get invited to eat Thanksgiving dinner with them often!

My Birthday Trip To Cedar Key January 2010

Who says there isn't any romance in the world anymore? My life is full of it. My husband Steve took me to Cedar Key in Florida for my birthday. What do I love about Cedar Key? It's got that old Florida feel like I remember seeing in my childhood. It's like a piece of the past that's been untouched by time. We got to meet Steve's cousin Jim and his wife for lunch at Stumpknockers in Dunnellon one day. We stayed at the quaint Cedar Key Bed and Breakfast. We saw sunsets and sunrises that were breathtakingly beautiful, ate good seafood and visited art galleries. We even found a jeweler who made a garnet birthstone ring I got to design for my birthday present. My heart's desires have a magical way of being dreams that really do come true and I owe alot to my life partner and compadre and traveling companion.

Renee's Artwork On Beach Bazaar Building

Okay, now lean your head sideways to view the first one because I haven't figured out how to turn pictures right side up in my blog yet. Here are some pictures of the building my artist neighbor friend Renee decorated. It's called Beach Bazaar and it's shaped like a sandcastle. Renee has taken pieces of mirror and colored gemstones to decorate around the windows, doors and balconies. The mirrors flash brightly to attract customers driving by but you have to get up close to appreciate all of the jewel tone colors in the stones she has laid out in each space. It's fanciful and beautiful. She's promised to come lend her helping hands when we decorate our gypsy wagon.
Renee has also painted 14 oval canvases for my CAYCE CARDS: GYPSY-SPUN DIVINATION. They depict beach and water scenes with beachglass or seagems to show the numbers. She even has merbabies and a merking and merqueen to show the face cards.
She will always will be dear to my heart because it is her magic fingers that braid and bead my hair. Who else do you know who has painted a giant purple octopus?