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Monday, June 28, 2010

Let the sunshine from Key West

Hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are

The sun is sinking lower @ Key West

Sunset from Mallory Square Key West

With a Starbucks caddy corner across the street

For Sarah-Star
Alas! No Key West Starbucks memorabilia
Notice weaver out front
They are everywhere weaving pond fronds into hats, bowls, etc

We found a Banana Republic where Al could work

the colors of key west

Steve in hammock

He didn't wanna get out
so we could move on down the road to Key West

hammock because swimming makes me so tired

Cheasapeake Beach Resort Islamorada

yes there are beaches @ Chesapeake Beach Resort


Day 3 Islamorada flowers in trees

@ Chesapeake Beach Resort

Day 2 photo 2 Islamorada

Sunset @ Loralei's
Food, drinks & live music

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 1 photo 4

Just how far could Alice fall down into this sinkhole?

Day 1 photo 3

In the hot humid summer heat
(I like it
I love it
I want some more of it)
the water dripped
instead of cascading down into the sinkhole ...

Day 1

We went to Falling Waters

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Search For God @ Fish River Affirmation in 3 versions

[Southern Version]

We git it!
We are takin' resonsibility fer our problems- rite cheer, rite now.
We kin no longer play the blame game.
We figured it out- whenever we point a finger at somebody else
-there are 3 fingers pointin' back at us.
We are allowin' the truth that we are all One
to take ahold in us every whichaway-
in our bodies,
in our thoughts
& in our soul & insides.
We are all One
causes us to draw a circle
wid everybody in it.
Every dadburned/dangblanged person in it!
Even ourselves
and others.
(Especially those we feel are steppin' on our toes
& causin' us to sense the need to grow.)
We hold the vision of ever'one becomin' enlightened.
(Some of them are just takin'
a diff'rent road from us to git thar.)
We know that the Divine Plan is in order.
We are no longer under the power of dem weasels
-those wily advertsin' tricksters
who are tryin' to hide the truth frum us
& manipulate us into seein' & bein'
in the world thar way.
The Divine Plan ain't broke-
we kin simply look at a tree or a flower or a baby
& know it's still workin' its magic
ever'where we take a look-see
(that people ain't accidently messed it up.)
If we're in doubt- maybe we need to go outside
& simply pick up a rock & hold it & listen to its message fer us.
We kin always knock it upside our own hed
if we ain't hearin' the message.
But the Bible & all dem udder Good Books
sez we can't knock it upside our neighbor's hed
ifin' they ain't hearin' it.
One thing we know fer sure
cuz we feel it in our fingers & toes
& guts & hearts, too:
It is all God
& it is all GOOD!

[More proper, high faluting version]

We are taking responsibility for finding new solutions to our problems.
We no longer see them as lessons to be learned.
We accept them as gifts given to uplift us to higher ground.
We allow the truth that we are all One
to permeate every cell of our being
-physically, mentally & spiritually.
We encircle everyone in our belief that we are all one.
We hold the vision that everyone is becoming enlightened.
We KNOW that the Divine Plan is in order.
It is all God
& God is GOOD!

[short version
-most closely related to notes Tate took during our meeting]

We take responsibility for our problems.
We allow the truth that we are all One
to permeate all of Humanity.
We hold the vision of everyone becoming enlightened.
We know that the Divine Plan is in order.
It is all God
& God is good.

Now it's y'all's turn.
Everyone is invited to put in their 2 cents worth.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 23 2010 Sunday

I awoke this morning and discovered
Susan Hazen-Hammond's book
on a shelf by the stairs.
Since it contains
Native American Tales
I looked up the Hopi Tale
because Gregg Braden
writes about the Hopi
in chapter 4 in his
(the one we're studying in our
Search For God @ Fish River group
that meets here on Sunday evenings.)
Susan's Hopi story led me to read about
White Star Woman
and Great Star Man.
And all of this wandering
led me to write here again
on my Flamingo Gypsy blog site
to say: Isn't it wonder-full
the way one thing leads to another
and how amazing it is
that we're all woven together
in this one story?