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Saturday, May 25, 2013



COSMIC COWGIRLS Painting on watercolor paper detail

COSMIC COWGIRLS Painting on Watercolor Paper


COSMIC COWGIRLS Susan Daniel on May 25, 2013 at 2:58am MY LIFE SEAL painted by Elizabeth Waitekus Susan=lily (Clockwise) Otter=animal totem Water=beach nearby/river in my backyard Gypsywagon Feather to write book and tarot cards I believe w/ eye Owl =bird totem (Center) 2 hands holding rainbow bowl of of my being w/flames of passion/creation Flamingo=bird totem holding lantern to remind me to shine my light to help others find their path with heart


COSMIC COWGIRLS by Susan Daniel on May 13, 2013 at 10:30am SHE HAD CHOICES WHEN SHE LIVED IN THE GREAT MYSTERY She had choices She had teeny~tiny~seed~ sized choices no bigger than a grain of sand She had choices @ the forks in the road She had choices @ the crossroads She had choices She had choices that added more color to her world She had choices that erased the board She had choices that would take a long time to bring into fruition She had choices She had choices tiny as fireflies She had choices as steady as lighthouse beacons She had choices as magical as fairy dust She had choices She had choices as sweet as honey She had choices she had to make in pitch black dark She had choices heavy like stones She had choices She had choices that took her into valleys of sadness She had choices that weren't shown on any map She had choices she shrank away from She had choices She had choices she leaned into She had choices that marked special occasions She had choices she never paid attention to She had choices She had choices that looked like MOUNTAINS and didn't amount to a hill of beans She had choices that made her heart sing She had choices that took her breath away She had choices She had choices of utmost importance She had choices as easy as a gentle breeze She had choices that dug way down deep She had choices She had choices that created belly laughs She had choices that made her body dance She had choices that seemed preposterous She had choices She had choices that wouldn't let her loose She had choices that made her shape~shift into other ways of being She had choices that seemed old hat She had choices She had choices that felt like deja vu She had choices that filled her with élan vital She had choices that made her feel like she'd lost everything She had choices She had choices that gave her blank pages to write on She had choices when it felt like she had no room to even sign her name She had choices that were uplifting She had choices She had choices that dashed all hopes to the ground She had choices that made her walk through labyrinths She had choices that tasted YUCK! She had choices She had choices that led her to her heart's center She had choices that she wrestled with She had choices that rolled like water off a duck's back She had choices She had choices that led to dreams come true She had choices that led her far from the truth She had choices that whispered She had choices She had choices she hollered out loud in despair and desperation She had choices that gave her the willies She had choices she made with others She had choices She had choices she made alone, all by herself She had choices that were straightforward She had choices that were winding and convoluted She had choices She had choices that tooted her own horn She had choices that made her be in harmony with the universe She had choices she made before the morning stars first sang together She had choices She had choices that were in auspicious agreement with the star patterns She had choices that drew lines and dared others to cross over them She had choices that protected the innocent She had choices She had choices between a rock and a hard place She had choices that opened windows and showed her new vistas and horizons She had choices that shut doors forever She had choices She had choices that led to sanctuary She had choices that took her into war zones She had choices that took her on her path with heart She had choices She had choices where she had to wear armor just to survive She had choices that took her into nature She had choices where trees gave her air to breathe She had choices She had choices where she was drowning and couldn't catch her breath She had choices where she was lost in the woods She had choices where she wore masks She had choices She had choices where she stomp danced naked by the fire She had choices where her heart beat in time with her Earth Mother She had choices where she sang out of tune She had choices She had choices when she felt like she knew everything She had choices when she didn't know where to begin She had choices when she felt shattered and broken into tiny fragments She had choices She had choices where she picked up her thread and wove it into the tapestry of All That Is She had choices where she crooned lullabies and told fairy tales to newborn babies She had choices where she chose to cradle fallen soldiers in her loving arms She had choices She had choices where she raised her arms in praise of the Great Creator She had choices where she hoed her row in the garden of life She had choices when she strut and sashayed into a new day where the birds had sung the sun awake She had choices She had choices she had to make in the fierce winds of hurricanes She had choices that were good medicine for her She had choices where she had to shed skins to get to the truth and beauty at her core She had choices She had choices where she cried out to Father Sky for help She had choices where she could talk with animals She had choices where none of the symbols made any sense She had choices She had choices where she had to make up the meanings for herself She had choices when she didn't have a clue She had choices that made her live in awe and wonder She had choices She had choices She had choices

COSMIC COWGIRLS May 11 2013 Post REMEMBER by Joy Harjo

COSMIC COWGIRLS POST by Susan Daniel on May 11, 2013 at 7:48am REMEMBER by Joy Harjo Remember the sky that you were born under, know each of the star's stories. Remember the moon, know who she is. I met her in a bar once in Iowa City. Remember the sun's birth at dawn, that is the strongest point of time. Remember sundown and the giving away to night. Remember your birth, how your mother struggled to give you form and breath. You are evidence of her life, and her mother's, and hers. Remember your Father. He is your life also. Remember the earth whose skin you are: red earth, black earth, yellow earth, white earth, brown earth, we are earth. Remember the plants, trees, animal life who have their tribes, their families, their histories, too. Talk to them, listen to them. They are alive poems. Remember the wind. Remember her voice. She knows the origin of this universe. I heard her singing Kiowa war dance songs at the corner of Fourth and Central once. Remember that you are all people and that all people are you. Remember that you are this universe and that this universe is you. Remember that all is in motion, is growing, is you. Remember that language comes from this. Remember the dance that language is, that life is. Remember.


COSMIC COWGIRLS by Susan Daniel on April 28, 2013 at 1:44am My Creative Creed April 28 2013 It is so I have muses Who, like angels Animals and Spirit Guides Lead, guide, nurture and nourish me On my path with heart. I am learning a new language And it is the language of painting. Little fairies bring messages to me Tricksters, ravens and coyotes Tease the magic out of me. Inside @ the very depths of my being There is a holy, sacred Creatrix Who carries my portion Of the Divine Spark. She lights the candle In my lantern to show me My way when the path is dark. She kindles my fire of passion. She leads, guides and directs me Into the Wilderness. She comes when I least expect her And always answers when I call. She has many faces And wears many bright and colorful costumes. She bids me dance and drum and flute. She shakes my tambourine To lift my spirits. She honors me in every way. She seeks to have me honor myself As part of the All That Is. She longs to hear my song sung. With the Powers That Be Flowing through me She bids me express the Highest Truths I know. She holds the sacred threads That connect me with every living thing. She tugs @ me when I forget to be awake. She whispers in my ear That all my answers lie within myself. She poses questions, like koans, Inside my heart That must needs be answered. She lets me open my eyes And see my world afresh. I awake each morning to the birds Singing the sun awake. Because my Muse lives inside of me I lean toward every living thing. I use the power that is gifted to me To gift love out into the world. She gives me magic tools to play with. Into my hand she places magic wands Like paintbrushes and flutes. Because my Muse empowers me I lend my helping hands To uplift others to Higer Ground. I promise to love and serve Beauty Truth And support Joyous Delight In any ways I can. I Believe And it is so. Ah oh!


COSMIC COWGIRLS by Susan Daniel on April 23, 2013 at 9:52pm In response to Ti Klinger's STORY OF NO Sometimes I define myself more by my Nos than by my Yeses Yes! I place things on my calendar and TO DO lists that make my heart sing BUT I also leave open empty spaces where I can do Soul Talk with myself in meditation. Into my emptiness can grow my yearnings. Being hungry I can go to get myself fed. Pausing I can see where it is light written that I need to go. I learn which path to follow. Alone for a while ~I can decide to go seek others. With others too much ~I can seek solitude. Face to face with myself I can see the All That Is. Empowered to speak my true no my true yes I can use my discernment weighing carefully what is BEST for me and others. No this won't grow. Yes this will lead me toward the Light. Becoming flexible Bending Melting into the mold that I Creatrix have created for myself I flow perfectly into the vessel that holds my being. Yes! I'll put this into the soup pot. No I'll leave that part out. This I know to be a thing of truth and love and beauty. That thing of less than the Highest Good For All does not belong to me and so I can easily say No to it. The things I say YES/NO to create the world I live in. My soup pot holds some things I'd best take out. The soup in my pot lacks some things that will make it taste better. The one force source flows thru me. Some energies need to be Yes-ed like a waterfall through me to flow like sweet honey overflowing from my cup /the bowl of my being out into the world surrounding me. Some uses of energy need to be taboo erased from my playbook No-ed out of my sacred space with volcanic force. Sometimes I teeter totter between my Yeses and my Nos but on a day with clear blue sky or in the dark of a night spangled with moon and stars I stand in the middle of that seesaw with my arms flung out wide to hug the Cosmos to hug both the tiniest blossoms and the tallest mountains both this world and the other realms beyond the veils one foot securely planted in my No my other foot tenderly balancing placed with loving care in my Yes.


COSMIC COWGIRLS by Susan Daniel on April 10, 2013 at 1:01pm My sweet spot begins when the screen door slams shut on my back porch My sweet spot wanders thru the woods where I notice how the winds have blown the bamboo west it's like they have little spindly legs and walk when we are not looking My sweet spot has dragonflies who accompany my walking stick as I traipse on the raised walkway over the marshy bog My sweet spot glitters on the river's water as the seagulls teach their babies how to fish for food My sweet spot Huck Finn raft rises up when it is high tide and lowers down when the low tide pushes water through the bay and out into the gulf My sweet spot splashes sunshine onto my wintered hungry skin My sweet spot swells up with the sounds of seagulls singing in my ears My sweet spot is safe haven Like a snake I shed the skin I wear in the world and come naked bare to the bone to receive the waters' blessings of my sweet spot Here at the river I etch the blessings of this sacred spot into the cells of my being so I can carry the essence of my sweet spot inside me wherever I go....


COSMIC COWGIRLS by Susan Daniel on April 9, 2013 at 10:19pm Lift me to Higher Ground O lady Muse find your way into my words into my heart Wipe the dust and dirt offa me Let me shine and sparkle and reflect your radiance out into the world that surrounds me Cradle my butt and give me some of your oomph so I can rise up outta this rut I've fallen down into Help me remember I know what the sunshine feels like I live in paradise Open my eyes and let me see the blessings you have in store for me this day Gingerly, tenderly unwrap me from my cocoon Kiss my unfolding wings with your fresh morning dew Empower me to fly high in the sky Lift me to Higher Ground


COSMIC COWGIRLS by Susan Daniel on April 8, 2013 at 12:01am i breathe in i am tired i breathe out i am UNDERwhelmed i spent most of my day unearthing my bedroom altar (suzy homemaker i am not) almost everywhere i look there is something i could clean up i spent some afternoon time in a circle of friends studying what Edgar Cayce channeled about the book of Revelations Reveal me to me Let me balance this rare spring cleaning fever with time in my sweet spots ~my newly excavated bedroom altar ~my painting room ~the floating platform @ the river in my backyard ~my garden ~the Labyrinth ~any yoga mat i can get myself onto

COSMIC COWGIRLS April 6 2013 This one button can summon HELP

COSMIC COWGIRLS by Susan Daniel on April 6, 2013 at 1:48pm This one button can summon HELP! A friend of a friend of mine wrote in her book, "Possibility is what matters." & so I ask: Which button shall I push? What memories shall I make for myself? What revelations am I ready to reveal? From Suzanne Giesmann's collection of SANAYA sayings in LOVE BEYOND WORDS: there are a lot of whats which ones will I bring into being? In the liquid base of my being is the sea of all possibility. How am I being Spirit today? What mysteries of the Universe am I holding? Which ones will I reveal this day? Will I do my best to bring the love that is in each one of us to the surface today? In the words of Luis Cardoza y Aragon: "For an artist, a tip of a fingernail has planetary connotation. Rooted in symbols, human beings take over the world to know it better, to know who they are and where they are. And to explain the world, investigate it, and invent paths and possibilities." In my mind's eye I have an old Lily Tomlin telephone switchboard in my head and the ability to hookup wires and push buttons to connect parts of myself and the world in conversation. Of course I know my little self the operator will listen in and always be willing to jump in with my ego's 2 cents worth just as I know my Divine Mother and Father, creators of this Great Switchboard that is my life's work will lovingly listen in on me and the whole operation. What buttons will I push to be a better flow of energy in my world today? One ringy dingy Two ringy dingies.... If I follow The Way Of The Muse I may plug in the cord and push the button that connects me with TRUTH Are my actions in Dharmic Service of others for the Highest Good of all beings? Am I expressing words of kindness caring & understanding? or I may choose to push the button that's labeled COURAGE Do I use courage to pick myself up from my Woe! is me Poor Pitiful Pearl place & sit & keep on with my soul's purpose? Am I using my creative spirit to celebrate my Indwelling Living Light? Am I radiant with all of the good ju~ju stuff I believe? Like: Each time you Remember the Truth of who you are. You bring more light into the world. or I could select the button that says VISION Do I drum? Howl at the moon? Observe Mother Nature to see what lessons she has to teach me? Walk the Labyrinth? Build Medicine Wheels? ~to find and listen to my Inner Voice of Truth? so I can walk My Path With Heart? Do I sometimes let my fingers push the MUSIC button be it flutes drumming or songs to empower me to dance in celebration of the gift of life we all have been blessed with? Do I push the INSPIRATION button to find guidance seek revelations that help me live with feelings of hopefulness and helpfulness? Do I push the MYSTERY button to explore my connections with the Powers That Be? Am I awake and aware of how the Powers That Be flow through nature and me and others on this Earthball? Do I use the DESIRE button to find in~stances that help me live with RESPONSE~ABILITY and AT~ONE~MENT? Do I push the PRAISE button to connect with the Holy names of the Powers That Be /Creative Force~Source Christ Buddha Goddess Spirit Divine? Do I push the DANCE button to move Living In Spirit with joyous delight? Do I use my VOICE button to express my Oneness with all of life and express my Revelations of Truth? Do I push the QUESTION button to seek ways of being my own Personal Legend? When I push the LAUGHTER button do I find my way to live in spirit with joyous delight, love, grace and gratitude? Pushing the LISTEN button do I find my way to the quiet place where nothing can harm me to that quiet place we carry inside ~the heart of the world ~the heart of the world? When I push my MEMORY button can I conjure up pictures of how each day I have been given the steps it was necessary for me to take in order to grow and unfold? Will I remember days when I muttered the mantras: WE CAN ONLY GROW AS FAST AS WE CAN GROW and SURELY EVERYTHING IS UNFOLDING THE WAY IT IS SPOZED TO BE in mercy for others and myself? I have the power to push any SONG button I desire to choose. The songs I sing in my heart can reflect all of the poems and prayers and promises and things that I believe in. The DEVOTION button I select helps me be a channel of blessings~ love and light. These are only one kind of the buttons I can select from among the infinite variety of types of buttons that are mine for the choosing. I AM is another style/sort of button I can select from. In that panel of buttons I can choose I AM buttons that are labeled: Infinite Power In The Flow Infinite Love and Endless Light Respectful Of All Life Growing In Gratitude Aligned With Truth Ready To Take Action In Touch With My Own Power Aware and Awake A Reality Shifter Peaceful and Prosperous Kind To Myself and All Others Accountable For My Actions Authentically Unique At Ease With Change Committed To My Goals At Choice In Every Moment ~~~ My questions for you are: What panel of buttons to push for help will you create for yourself? Which button will you push today? In this moment now what do you need more help with?