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Saturday, May 25, 2013


COSMIC COWGIRLS by Susan Daniel on April 28, 2013 at 1:44am My Creative Creed April 28 2013 It is so I have muses Who, like angels Animals and Spirit Guides Lead, guide, nurture and nourish me On my path with heart. I am learning a new language And it is the language of painting. Little fairies bring messages to me Tricksters, ravens and coyotes Tease the magic out of me. Inside @ the very depths of my being There is a holy, sacred Creatrix Who carries my portion Of the Divine Spark. She lights the candle In my lantern to show me My way when the path is dark. She kindles my fire of passion. She leads, guides and directs me Into the Wilderness. She comes when I least expect her And always answers when I call. She has many faces And wears many bright and colorful costumes. She bids me dance and drum and flute. She shakes my tambourine To lift my spirits. She honors me in every way. She seeks to have me honor myself As part of the All That Is. She longs to hear my song sung. With the Powers That Be Flowing through me She bids me express the Highest Truths I know. She holds the sacred threads That connect me with every living thing. She tugs @ me when I forget to be awake. She whispers in my ear That all my answers lie within myself. She poses questions, like koans, Inside my heart That must needs be answered. She lets me open my eyes And see my world afresh. I awake each morning to the birds Singing the sun awake. Because my Muse lives inside of me I lean toward every living thing. I use the power that is gifted to me To gift love out into the world. She gives me magic tools to play with. Into my hand she places magic wands Like paintbrushes and flutes. Because my Muse empowers me I lend my helping hands To uplift others to Higer Ground. I promise to love and serve Beauty Truth And support Joyous Delight In any ways I can. I Believe And it is so. Ah oh!

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