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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The wagon and me at rest in August

Here's a picture of me on the gypsywagon porch
when I was reading Steven Pressfield's
Below is a copy of an e-mail message I sent to my friends:
A Dream And A Miracle
DEAR! Friends-
I woke up from this dream around noon today:
(I went to sleep after the sun came up)
Tuesday August 23, 2011
I awaken from a dream in which
I am explaining to Dr. Justin
how I have my days & nites mixed up sleepwise.
I say it in a disgusted tone,
aggravated with myself.
Then I realize how different my attitude
is from how a good parent feels
when they have to wake up during the night
to feed a newborn baby.
Here I am birthing a new self
re: after Josh & Harm & Granddad's deaths
and having no TO DO list
and instead of doing it with the love
I feel about a newborn baby
I've been doing it from a Woe! is me!
Poor Pitiful Pearl Place
saying I'm lost in the woods.
I've been doing it from a mind set of
diminishing ...'s of infinite possibilities
in my hope for the future.
From a place of despair.
Instead of being joyful
and excited about birthing a new me.
I've been depressed
and low pot about feeling like
I'm on a slide in a deep dark cave
headed toward death
in a freefall
over which I have no control.
The moral of this story is:
I can change my attitude
and perspective
and look at this as an OPPORTUNITY
to celebrate birthing a new me
in this world of living.
I don't want to be living death.
I want to be living life to its juciest
before I get to be born out of this world
& into the next one.
I took this as one of those Aha! moments
that can turn your life around.
After being stuck in a deep dark depression
that started the day I put Jan's cross up
@ the site of Josh's accident on July 1st.
A dream came & I remembered it
& its message seemed to speak right to my heart
& something in it helped me get over myself
& feel like I'm back on my path with heart.
I went to see Dr. Justin this afternoon
-he's the chiropractor that saw Harm for free.
He did a lot of tests, took x-rays
& gave me treatments.
So far the bloodwork for Dr Bill
they took last Wed hasn't come back in.
I came home, ate some salad & watermelon
& sat in the sun in the front yard
until it was time to go to an essential oil class
out @ Charlotte's Healing Acres.
When I got home I put ice on my arm & back
per Dr Justin's instructions
then I came upstairs
& applied Abundance essential oil to my hips
as he asked me to do
(not so much for $
as to attract good into my life).
After all of that I finally got around to
playing my flute
& finishing my morning meditation stuff.
Get this
for today said:
SEASONAL FOCUS: The bountiful harvest is gathered
MORNING FOCUS: The angel of Joy
OPENING: Before the reading,
meditate on the image
of a newborn child,
looking out at the
world in awe.
Experience your newness.
MEDITATION: This day lies before me,
a newborn child.
What shall this child experience
As it grows from day to night,
From new to old?
Will it be a clone of yesterday's child
And of the day before?
Or is there newness in this day
To match the newness of a child?
Is there joy awaiting
to match the joy of expectation
Twinkling in this newborn eye?
I am the child;
The choice is mine.
Wow! I feel like you do
when you draw a tarot card
& it's just the right one with the message
you need to hear.
Tell me there aren't angels & spirit guides
watching out over us-
I won't believe you!
I felt the Divine was @ work in my life today!!!
Since then I have been going to see
my chiropractor Dr. Justin
and my regular Dr Bill
called me on a Saturday
to tell me the results from my bloodwork
were all okay.
I've even started on bi-weekly visits
to my friend Jennifer @ Healing Hands
for the delightful experience
of Thai yoga massage.
All of this to say I've turned a corner
and while I may not be outta the woods yet
I feel like I am back on my path with heart.
I know some of you may be going through
your own dark nights of the soul
so I reach out to touch you across the miles
in hopes we may share communion together
and feel nurtured and nourished
by sharing our stories.
All ways us living
& Laughter,
Ms. Susan
The Pink Flamingo Lady Of LALALand
/Lower Alabama
H 251-988-8693
M 251-752-7806
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Flamingo Gypsy's Spiritual Wanderings
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