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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Joy & delight

The queen sits on her throne

Porch friends

We live in the wagon world

May peace be in the homes & communities

Following the waterway

Dreama found a fish friend

It is sooooo green

There's fauna in the flowers

Look where we are!

2 friends climb skyward

Skyward thru the bamboo

In the bamboo forest

Like a bridge

over troubled or happy waters. RiverJosh & dreama the river otter
model how it is sometimes good to have a friend travel with you and
help you cross your bridges in sad or happy times. How can you help
build the bridge between heaven & earth?

Relax & enjoy the goodness in life

Here's RiverJosh in his laid back position showing you just how to do
it. He's leaning on his friend Dreama to show we all need a little
help from our friends.


& flamingos start the same. If you ever get the chance put your hands
into the dirt & tend a garden. Our friend Tadley tends to the gardens
@ our Fish River abode. Thanks Tad! Corky lends his hands to tending
the gardens @ ARE headquarters here in Virginia Beach. He plays the
guitar & sings beautifully, too. What are you doing to make this world
a better place?

Can you see how delighted Dreama looks?

She & RiverJosh are by a waterfall. Some amazing things can happen in
the energy surrounding waterfalls! Dreama? She loves sliding down the
slippery rocks & splashing into the water.

In life there are friends & benches

& gardens of love. As often as you can go into nature & be with your


Many Edgar Cayce A.R.E. members consider coming to headquarters in
Virginia Beach is much like when spiritual pilgrims journey to a
sacred place. Here you see RiverJosh and Dreama in the Meditation
Garden. "Oolala!" Dreama exclaimed. "Water! Whee!"

On the road again

Here's the gypsywagon when we pulled out from South Carolina heading
toward Virginia Beach.

Monday, June 20, 2011

North until it's time to turn East again

Here we are RiverJosh, Dreama the river otter and Poor Pitiful Poor
all set for the next leg of our journey connecting the dots between
Florence, South Carolina and Norfolk, Virginia where we'll all set up
camp in Lynne and Peter Miceli's yard. There's water there in their
backyard reminescent of the way we have the water of Fish River in our
backyard. Oh joy! Journeying. Ah... wonder-full wonders- Grand

Poor Pitiful Pearl

We have a batch of friends traveling with us on our journey. One of
them is Poor Pitiful Pearl. She has a part to play in Susan's
introduction of her friend Elizabeth Waitekus' LIFE SEAL workshop on
Thursday, June 23, 2011 @ Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and

the first day of our journey

And so on Sunday, the first day of our journey, we drove North then
East, straight on until we reached Florence SC. Did we stop and camp?
No! After 22 hours of driving in the past 2 days (Saturday 10 hours
from Steve's mom's in Victoria, TX to our Audubon Place South Good
Time Gang abode on Fish River Sunday 12 hours from our Fish River
dwelling place to Florence, SC) Steve and Susan opted for/ chose the
comfry pillows and hot running water at the Hampton Inn at the
crossroads. They could park the gypsywagon in the Inn's parking lot
and walk to get something to eat at a nearby Olive Garden. In the
warmth of the early Monday morning sun we made a 90 degree turn and
headed North on the second day of our journey. [Note: When some people
see UFOs they say the aliens in a spacecraft meditate together and in
this way turn the craft 90 degrees and jump into another reality/
dimension of consciousness.] When I, Susan, travel I am often
intriqued and dellighted in the wonders of the scenery in the
different places I visit. The people I meet along the way as I travel
are such interesting characters. The tales they tell to me open up the
world for me from different windows and doorways that have led them on
their own paths with heart.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Their journey begins

The birds sang the sun awake on the fated day of their departure.
RiverJosh climbed aboard his trusted blue steed Libertina with the
magical, mystical gypsywagon hooked on behind. He let his otter friend
Dreama ride up front. They left the realm of their home stomping
grounds on their Fish River that flowed into The Gulf. They headed
North and East in the general direction of another shore on the
Eastern shoreline of their huge, vast, expansive country. They started
out from LALALand/ Lower Alabama. They went North to the capital city
Montgomery in the middle of their state, then turned right heading
East toward Hotlanta in Georgia the next state over from their home
state. And so RiverJosh's gypsywagon adventures began...

They packed the gypsywagon

Dreama put the books she liked in the wagon. They packed some food for
their bodies with all of the paraphernalia they'd need to cook it in a
camp setting. They hung clothes to wear over Libertina's back seat.
Pretty soon ready or not it was time to set out on their journey.

They sat by Fish River and thought of things to take on their journey

RiverJosh packed food for his soul (good books to read), flutes and
drums. Treasures and trinkets to giftaway: cowrie shells, pretty
colored pieces of sea glass/ sea gems and tiny cobalt blue bottles to
hold splashes of sweet smellums from his essential oil collection.

River Josh and Otter Dreama prepare for journey

Once upon a time, not so long ago and not so faraway RiverJosh began
preparing to leave upon a long journey. This was to be the first trip
he would ever make toting his magical, mystical gypsywagon behind his
trusty blue steed Libertina. RiverJosh asked his otter friend Dreama
to make the journey with him. Together they sat on their floating
platform on Fish River and pondered what to take. They packed a little
bit of this and a little bit of that. RiverJosh wondered if they had
everything they would need. He fretted he might be taking too much and
want to jettison some stuff, chunk it and leave it alongside the road
as they journeyed.