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Thursday, April 21, 2011

VIII THE OPEN DOOR -golden calcite

What can I do to open the door
inside of me
and be a channel for goodness to others?
Am I allowing Spirit to lead me

so I can be free
and able to accomplish
things that are of real, lasting value?
The light shining in my door is goodness.
Negative thoughts close my door.
Are not many in the world at this time
ready to be shown a more perfect way?
I can show through service
that Christ in consciousness
overcame the world
and became the way,
just so may we, who follow in His steps,
awakening to our true selves
overcome all things.
Do I keep thoughts of doubt,
and self-condemnation
so that the door can be wide open
and let the light shine in
to show me the way?
Does the light from my door
shine so that others may find
their way
to walk their talk
and follow their path with heart?
I am a door that the Way may enter.
The preparation for the way
is the preparation of my self.
What am I doing to prepare for
the way,
the truth
and the life?
The kingdom of good,
the glory of the oneness in the Infinite,
is the eternal destiny of every soul.
/as I like to put it:
We can't go home to Heaven
until we can all get in the boat.
Creator has brought all things
into being.
What I am saying is:
we can create Heaven right here
right now on Earth.
Cayce said: We are our neighbor's keeper.
A new revelation is taking place.
A new order of things is being born.
Old things are passing away
and, behold, new things are about to appear.
Let us catch more clearly
the note of compassion and love
taught by our Elder Brothers and Sisters
and, in honor of the Spirit of our ancestors,
pass it on.
There is a great need for service,
not just in self-development
but also in the greater need~
we must see to it
that our neighbor, too,
comes to the knowledge of the Light.
There are response-abilities
as well as joys in service.
What abilities am I developing
to respond with?
No matter what the trials may be,
can I keep the faith?
Can I let my ego, personality self be as naught
/be erased /surrender
so that my Guides and Leaders
my Higher Self
/the Divine
may be better understood
by those who look
at my activities?
The One Power is the Light.
Am I applying my spiritual attributes
day by day
so that I become a living example,
showing my at-onement
with the Powers That Be
/creative force source;
not only opening the door,
but as a channel,
being a door?
Am I remembering,
as I work,
that those I meet along the way
are seekers also?
How can I exemplify Divine attributes
in the earth
and come to know the Divine?
I cannot hope to reach all
in a day
but little by little,
line upon line,
precept upon precept,
here a little, there a little,
until I come daily to know
more and more of the Divine.
If I would be a channel
I must demonstrate in my life.
What's some truth I can choose today
to first live for self,
then for others,
that they may see my good works
as I put into practical operation
just what I say I believe?
Each day I can choose a truth
to teach, first applying it to myself
then sharing it with others.
To be aware of Christ Consciousness
/Buddha Being
/the Divine
is to open the way for the Holy Spirit
to manifest in our lives.
The trials may be many,
but through the Divine Spirit
I am able to meet them.
There is a consciousness of
the Divine force,
and activity that we can draw upon.
I let no doubt linger,
but give thanks
for the seeking of this lifetime
to possess an earthly kingdom
that was prepared for us
from the foundation of the world.
What can stand in our way?
Only self!
As I realize this,
can I push self aside
and let the Spirit lead me
into that possession that is our birthright?
Can I exercise the benediction of Him
who said, "All power is given unto me
in heaven and in earth"?
[reading 262-7
Cayce's 7th reading for #262
#262 = the first Search For God study group
NOTE: sometimes the #s = an individual]
Be still, my children!
Bow thine heads that the Lord of the Way
may make known unto you
that have been chosen for a service
in this period when there is the need
of that Spirit being made maanifest
in the earth,
that the way may be known
for those that seek the Light!
For the glory of the [Divine]
will be made manifest through you
that are faithful unto the calling
wherein ye have been called!
Ye that have named the Name
make known in thy daily walks of life,
in the little acts of the lessons
that have been builded into
your own experience,
through those associations of self
in meditation and prayer,
that [the Divine] way may be known
among [people].
For the divine calls on all
~whosoever will
may come
~and S/He stands at the door
of your own conscience...
I, Michael, call on thee!
Bow thine heads, O ye sons of men,
would ye know the Way:
For I, Michael, the Lord of the Way,
would warn ye that thou standest
not in the way of thy brother
nor sittest in the seats of the scornful,
but rather make known
that love,
that glory,
that power in His/Her Name,
that none may be afraid:
for I, Michael,
have spoken!
SUSAN: When I wake up
to realize there is one Force Source
and I alone am response-able
for how I use it- I must ask myself
in every encounter:
Is what I am thinking,
interfering in another's connection
to the One Force Source?
Until I've walked a mile
in another one's shoes/moccasins
I have no right to be scornful
of the way s/he walks their talk
/how they choose to follow
their path with heart.
Hark! O ye children of men!
Bow thine heads,
ye sons of men:
For the glory of the Lord is thine,
will ye be faithful to the trust
that is put in each of you!
Know in whom ye have believed!
Know the He is Lord of all,
and His word faileth not
to them that are faithful,
day by day:
For I, Michael, would protect
those that seek to know His face!
SUSAN: I was raised Christian
in a Methodist church.
Edgar Cayce taught Sunday School
and Bible study classes.
It was easy for me to follow
his Christian lingo
but as my circle of understanding
and friendships has grown
I've come to believe there are
many names for God
and many paths to know Spirit.
One of the life changing revelations
that came my way early on
was the idea
that God wasn't necessarily
some old grandpappy
way up high in the sky.
God is the Divine spark that is
in each one of us
and in every living thing.
It wasn't long after that
when the idea
that we are all connected
and each in our own way
a part of the whole
came into the stories
I was hearing.
For me, Edgar Cayce's readings
were what rang true in my heart
and I wander in his work
to this day.
More recently,
I've studied Clarissa Pinkola Estes,
Caroline Myss,
New Zealander Barry Brailsford's
Maori legends,
Russian Vladimir Megre's
Ringing Cedar Anastasia tales,
about shamans from the Amazon to the Andes
and a whole stack of books by
Alberto Villoldo
about Peruvian shamans
and the Inca Medicine Wheel
and the spiritual journey of the Four Winds,
as well as books by Gregg Braden
and Bruce Lipton
and Kala Ambrose.
Which is to say
there are a lot of different ways to look
at walking a spiritual path.
I've studied
the Kaballah
the chakras
medicine wheels
over a hundered Tarot decks
Chinese Medicine
Body Talk
the Barefoot Dr, Darren Weissman's
Infinite Love and Gratitude
Lifeline Techniques
and Reiki
and energy medicine.
I find walking my spiritual path with heart

is like walking a labyrinth
there's one path in
and there I meet God
/the powers that be
and then I walk out carrying
what I've discovered at the center
in my heart.
Hmmm... that's a lot like
what I experience when I meditate.
I get quiet
stop my mind's chatter
and listen for that still quiet voice
or look with closed eyes to see
the colors, pictures, symbols or visions there.
All of these things help me
get connected with Spirit
and make it easier
to balance my body, mind and soul.
You can do it, too.
It's all about opening doors
and windows on the world,
widening one's horizons.
When I graduated from high school
in 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bailey,
our church's volunteer youth coordinators,
gifted me with a book written by a man
who was held as a prisoner of war.
In it the author quoted
an Edwin Markham poem:
He drew a circle
that shut me out
heretic, rebel
a thing to flout.
But love and I
had the wit to win
we drew a circle
that took him in.
I feel like we could
look for places
where we can share on common ground
as well as explore different ways of seeing the world.
Since there are versions of the golden rule:
Do unto others as you would have them
do unto you.
in 21 world religions
that might be a good place to start.
Sooner or later I feel like
we will lift ourselves up to Higher Ground
and one day we will find ways to fit us
all into the circle of the earth
with love, respect and harmony.
Music may be the glue
that binds us together
and I drum, flute and dance
in honor of that hope.
[addenium after reading


from Tony Samara's
with Harmony and Tad
Monday, April 25, 2011]
SUSAN: Okay so I wrote somewhere
about response-ability
but Tony gave me pause for thought
when he wrote:
intention is a state of "non-responsibility"
a place of deep releasing,
where we allow the essence of Life
to create a real image,
not generated by fear.

SUSAN: That sounds somewhat
buddhist to me.
Is it one of those paradoxes
kinda like a koan?
I feel like I'm spozed to pay attenetion
to my response-abilities
and by that I mean be mindful
of the ways I am responding
and not live in some sorta knee-jerk
responsiveness where I am doing everything
the way THEY say it is spozed to be done
but I have a feeling it gets
a bit juicier than that.
That's what I enjoy about living life:
we get all these wonder-full opportunities
to explore different ways of looking
at the world.
And as our thoughts change
our lives change.
We come into new understandings
and we are able to take different stances.
We have freedom.
We can make choices.
We even have the choice
as to whether/not we will be lead
by the divine.
The Divine created us
and made us with the choice
to say yay or nay to the divine.
For me and those who enter
my dwelling place:
we will be yay sayers,
We will ever seek ways to say Yes!
to life.
Now on to what Golden Calcite
has to say about The Open Door:
[from Jane Hightower's: STONE EMPOWERMENT]
The main quality of Golden
(Honey/Yellow) Calcite is expansion.
It opens my ability to receive
guidance from the highest spiritual sources.
Its energy is uplifting.
Enhancing meditation, it induces
a deep state of relaxation and spirituality
and links to the highest source of spiritual
It stimulates the higher mind and will.
[from Melody's LOVE IS THE EARTH]
Calcite is a world teacher
for all humanity,
facilitating macrocosmic awareness
and appreciation of the creative forces of nature.
It is useful in multidirectional energy
It brings forth a polarizing prismatic energy,
which engenders a spectrum of energy
to activate all of the chakras.
tells how Ancient Egyptians used Calcite
for ritual bowls, cups and objects
to pass the gentle, healing power
into food, drink or offerings.
It was believed to amplify the power of prayer.
Calcite indicates the need for patience
and for allowing life to take its course.
Golden, yellow/honey calcite
tells me to believe in myself
and maximize every opportunity
to influence others quietly:
my success influence will grow each day.
It is often called the wish stone.
[from Michael Gienger and Wolfgang Maier's
Calcite promotes the spiritual ability
to receive and be open to new experiences
and strengthens the stomach's digestive function.
Calcite brings joy to eating and life,
as well as a good sense of what is
nourishing and agreeable.
Calcite brings balance between
having enough
and wish fulfillment.
Helps in obtaining the heart's desire.
Calcite helps with self-confidence,
supports growth
and maturity.
Calcite inspires giving energy
to the community,
especially encouraging children
in their development.
Makes milk richer in nutrients.
Calcite helps to distinguish
what will do good
from what will cause harm
and to evaluate all the useful
components of nourishment,
stimulates growth
and promotes psychic
and spiritual development
through a good evaluation
of life's requirements.
Calcite helps to balance out
nutritional deficiencies
and strengthens the stomach
when digestion is weak.
Also has a psychically strengthening effect,
and helps to turn ideas into reality.
[from Judy Hall's THE CRYSTAL BIBLE]
Gold calcite is excellent for meditation
and for attuning to the higher mental planes.
It instills mental alertness
as it grounds the higher mental energies
into the physical realm.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


How can I more perfectly live my life that I may through patience gain better understanding?

What knowledge am I applying day by day?

What am I doing that brings the knowledge and understanding of my next step?

Through patience I learn to know myself

to measure and test my ideals

use faith

and seek understanding through virtue.

Patience puts all the virtues /spiritual attributes into action.

Do I have a constant, prayerful attitude for a purposeful life?

[inspired by Mark Thurston's EXPERIMENTS IN A SEARCH FOR GOD]

7-1: How am I responding within myself to things going on around me?

Each day before I go to bed I take a few minutes to think back over my day and write down responses I had to events of the day that I did not express or allow to show.

Example: When Jane made that remark this morning,

it hurt my feelings and I felt angry,

but I didn't let it show.

I indicate which of my responses were in accord with my ideals.

I make an effort during the week to respond in ways consistent with my ideals.

7-2: What affirmation can I use in my daily life whenever I confront a frustrating or painful situation so that I can respond with patience and love?

Example: "Everything happening around me is the past.

What's happening now is the way I choose to respond."

7-3: What's an aspect of my life that involves one of these three points:

1) overdoing something

2) feeling rushed

3) being impatiently concerned about another person?

I work each day for a week on replacing my impatience with a new sense of patience that comes from affirming the continuity of my life as a soul.

At the end of the day I make notes in my journal about how I did with recognizing my timeless nature in this part of my life.

7-4: At the end of the day I ask myself:

What's one experience from this day that,

at the time it happened,

was confusing frustrating

/difficult for me to deal with?

I write it down.

Then I have a moment of quiet to center myself

and get in touch with my real self.

I listen for an answer as to the purpose for my having that particular situation and write down my understanding of that purpose.


situation: I ran out of money at the store.

I had to borrow money from a friend and I was somewhat embarrassed.

purpose: I needed to remember that I need the love and help of others

and they need mine.

7-5: What's one area of my life in which I would like to experience greater patience?

Each day I try to reflect the potential for wholeness that already exists.

Example: I am not positive.

I am also active in my patience (in deed and thought).

If I find myself falling into being only persistent,

I take time to review my ideals for this area of my life

and re-orient myself to active patience.

I journal my experiences.

7-7: How do I experience living in the eternal now?

Do I focus on acting in the highest spirit that I know?

What if tomorrow I will meet Creator/Great Spirit face to face?

Will S/He know me?

Will S/He recognize me?

This day am I turning my focus to the spirit in which I am working?

to the presence of the Divine in the now?

7-8: How am I affirming the uniqueness of every soul's approach to God?

Do I use a part of my daily prayer and meditation period to move my consciousness from impatience to patience with others?

Do I seek to overcome any sense of self-righteousness within myself?

1) When I feel impatient with someone else I say silently to myself,

"What have we here?"

and allow myself to draw back,

re-examine the situation

and experience greater patience.

2) Whenever others become impatient with me

and I feel myself picking up their feelings

and becoming impatient myself,

I say aloud, "What have we here?"

I notice any effect it has on others

as well as the effect it has on me.

SUSAN: A God of patience
gives constant love.

Help me always to be
patient and available

Help me always to be

patient and available

to make my choice

Help me always to be

patient and available

to make my choice

to do the next right/good thing.

[inspired by Judy Hall's


Iolite is a vision stone that stimululates

inner knowing.

The aura is the energy field

that surrounds a person.

Some people can see it

as colors.

Iolite helps clear thought forms

and reenergizes the auric field

and aligns the aura.

It helps me express my true self

freeing me from the expectations

of those around me.

This stone releases causes of

addiction and codependency

and helps bring harmony into

the discord in relationships.

[inspired by Melody's


Iolite enables me to enjoy each moment

and to awaken to the inner knowledge

which is so patently awaiting access.

This mineral helps me change "painlessly"

toward spiritual growth.

It balances the male/female aspects

of my character

bringing harmony

within myself

and eliminating dissonance and disruption

in my relationships.

The energy of iolite

helps me to release

discord from my life,

allowing for progression

toward the perfection

which may be obtained

in this world

and the next.

[inspired by Jane Hightower's


Fear not, with knowing comes freedom.

Spiritually, iolite enhances and

supports me by giving me

access to inner knowledge.

In SEARCH FOR GOD Cayce said,

"Patience is the chief cornerstone

of soul development. It is, moreover,

the watch set at the gateway leading

from the physical body to the soul.

With it we not only meet

the weaknesses of ourselves,

but are able to estimate the strength

found in developing various attributes

of the soul- love, faith and hope.

What we are

what we have been

and what we intend to be

are shown more in the patience

we exhibit than through

any other virtue."

SUSAN: How can I practice patience

in more and more

of my daily activities

with others?

and myself?

Where can I look for ways

to practice patience

so I can come to deeper understanding

and apply the virtues I say I believe in

to do the tasks I find in my hands to do?

How can I WALK MY TALK more mindfully?

DOING what I truly believe in,


to my daily life, these are the threads

I pick up to weave into the very fabric

of my being. Picking up the thread of PATIENCE

and weaving it into what I think and say and

do helps me create my part

in harmony with the grand design.

Here a little, there a little,

line upon line, precept upon precept,

is how I build myself up as a strong

vessel or container to hold spirit.

In this way I become a Vessel of Love

and all of the other good ju-ju stuff

I believe in.


April 1-3, 2011 I made my way out to Quail Springs Learning Oasis and Permaculture Farm in a 450 acre canyon in the southern California mountains to hear New Zealander Barry Brailsford, Elder of Spirit Pine Sanctuary Tautahehcho Muhuawit, and Permaculture and Sustainabilty Leader Warren Brush. They wove stories and experiences that led us on a journey that truly touched and warmed my heart. People came from all over the world to explore and share our spirits. It was truly a blessed event!