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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dragonheart Spirit

Dragonheart Spirit allows me to be a spiritual warrior who will rise up in passion to fight for the things she believes in. ~~~ Dragonheart Spirit allows me to delve into the mystery. Here I can have tea with my muses, dance with my demons, sing songs in harmony with the Divine. ~~~ Dragonheart Spirit invites me to traipse between veils and enter through portals that open into different realms. ~~~

Monday, August 12, 2013

Thoughts in a poem

What if I come back in the next life and hafta follow the act I'm living now? Will it be a hard act to follow? When people comment on my life's story will they see the times I tried to portray being the best supporting actress for other shining stars? /will the critics pan me for times I tried to hog center stage? In my Akashic Record is it being scribed that I helped make the world a better place? Will I be seen as a catalyst for helping others find and follow their paths with heart? Will being The Pink Flamingo Of LaLaLand /Lower Alabama /Love Always Land a Flamingo Gypsy be tattooed on the memories the world has of me? Rising up each morning when I hear the birds sing the sun awake I dress in my Flamingo Gypsy Way and step out into the world being a splasher of bright colors into this world of love and grace and gratitude. My finest hours are ones when I in awe and wonder respond to words and art and living just like when I toted my red and yellow plastic Crayola mailbox home on weekends to respond to my kindergarten munchkins' creations. It is the threads that connect me to others that cause my light to shine and in my radiance I am witness to everyone playing their part to awakening this new world and creating our own versions of heaven on earth. I live in the days and age of the second coming of Christ. I see many people following this Wayshower's way. I see little Buddhas everywhere. There are priestesses and goddesses galore! In joyous delight I flute and drum and dance following my path with heart. Along the way I stop to ponder and I pass out invitations: Will you come and follow your path with heart and shine your light in your neck of the woods? Will you be witness to and tend to and nurture and nourish the growth of new ways of being in your little corner of the world? Will you join tribes that shine the divine spark of being that is in everything ~every tree, rock, flower, wind, drop of rain or ray of sunshine, every being whether winged, four legged, two legged, swimming or creepy crawly in ways that sparkle and uplift with hopefulness and helpfulness? Will you weave threads that connect us with love one to each other? Will you use the mystical keys you have blueprinted onto your DNA to unlock the tools you can use to paint your life's picture or write the script of your life's play with elan vital? What legend are you living that you will be remembered for? What are you creating mentally, physically, spiritually in your little patch of the garden of life?