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Saturday, May 25, 2013


COSMIC COWGIRLS by Susan Daniel on April 10, 2013 at 1:01pm My sweet spot begins when the screen door slams shut on my back porch My sweet spot wanders thru the woods where I notice how the winds have blown the bamboo west it's like they have little spindly legs and walk when we are not looking My sweet spot has dragonflies who accompany my walking stick as I traipse on the raised walkway over the marshy bog My sweet spot glitters on the river's water as the seagulls teach their babies how to fish for food My sweet spot Huck Finn raft rises up when it is high tide and lowers down when the low tide pushes water through the bay and out into the gulf My sweet spot splashes sunshine onto my wintered hungry skin My sweet spot swells up with the sounds of seagulls singing in my ears My sweet spot is safe haven Like a snake I shed the skin I wear in the world and come naked bare to the bone to receive the waters' blessings of my sweet spot Here at the river I etch the blessings of this sacred spot into the cells of my being so I can carry the essence of my sweet spot inside me wherever I go....

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