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Thursday, November 6, 2014

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 3, 2014

Mary John's Haiku
Stillness Calls to Me
Breathing Divine Love and Light
Nourishing My Soul
My response:
From Cat's Catalyst:
Who are some of the muddy angels who cause me to think about soul?
Who was/is outrageous , but makes me happier to be a human being?
Who would never be canonized as a saint but still is someone who inspires me to let my soul shine?
2 people come immediately into my mind as muddy angels for me, Cat.
One is a National Geographic magazine picture of an old man in a tattered, dirty white robe, bent over, clutching a cane, walking on a dusty road, that I cut out and framed years ago, in the Vietnam era.
The other is my adopted baby brother, who is gay, and has used more drugs than most people see in a lifetime.
His life partner died a coupla years back~ a slow painful death of cirrhosis of the liver.
My baby brother and I swam out into the gulf to release his ashes.
We've been together for 40+ years.
There is no one in the world who knows my soul better~ not my husband/ my girlfriends~
he can make my soul shine like no other!
Thank you Cat for bringing muddy angels into my art journal.
Thank you for this precious gift you're giving to me.
Your blogs help me find my painting and writing voice.
I deeply appreciate your
care and concern
and kind thoughtfulness.

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