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Thursday, November 6, 2014

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 4, 2014

Mary John's Haiku
(upon her Uncle, her mamma's brother, passing)

Spirit Wings Away
Journey Through The Milky Way
In Oneness Once More
From Cat's Catalyst:
The river in my backyard is my sanctuary.
Beaver says, "Be in kinship and community with others. Build dreams."
Swan says, "See beauty in all things."
Flamingo says, ""Be vibrant and social. Have fun with others."
Otter says, "Be curious and surrender to the moment."
Unicorn says, "Be romantic. Surrender to the Mysteries."
Mother Nature, Animal Totems and Nature Spirits
Brother Sun and Sister Moon
Father Sky Mother Earth
Spirit Guides and Angels
lead me on my Path With Heart.
They are my Guardians and my Guides.

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