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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Spark! Day 29

Day 29
~Traditional Church
~Contemporary Church
~Children's Church
~ Edgar Cayce's Search for God @ Fish River
~Coastal Creatives
~Mindful Movement Yoga
~Ruff Wilson Youth Center Reading
~Love & Light Ladies
 ~Yin Yoga
~Page & Palette Bookclub
~Pulpwood Queen Bookclub
~Prayer Beads & Books
~Creative Spark Writing Circle
~Labyrinth Keepers
~Morning Meditation
~Spark! October 2014
~Art journaling
~Red Madonna Matrix 2014
1~ The beginning of my Love Rant starts like this... I am blessed to be in so many circles of love, spirituality and creativity. I feel like I have been surrounded by a bunch of explorers who have curiosity tattooed into the very cells of their being. I live in awe! and wonder! of so many things because people fling open doors and windows & say "Lookee her!"
I grow in appreciation if The Great Mystery when they open their hearts & say "Look inside here..."
2~ My Commit Art Focus is looking for art in all the little and BIG things about living life.
3~ My report back on yesterday is painting about the meditation I had where I flew on a white butterfly's back & could see the patchwork fields of farmers below  & the green growing beside a meandering river. In the sky I saw a tree floating upside down in the air with its crown closest to the earth & it's roots pointing skyward. & a castle in the clouds.

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