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Monday, November 24, 2014

TO SEE WHAT WE CAN SEE November 21, 2014

Mary John's Haiku BREATH
With Breath We Begin
With Breathing We Also End
Coming Full Circle
In response to Havi's Sovereignty:
Oh Havi! Once again you have done it.
Am I in good standing
with my destiny?
with my life?
within my sovereignty?
you ask.
Let me live in the fluid realm.
Let me serve the sacred/Kedusha.
Let Shekinah shine forth from me.
I tend hearts with my tender loving care.
I sashay out from the center.
I entered into this Medicine Wheel from the West 
with my heart seed burning RED hot.
I honored Our Lady of the Living Water 
with her Healing & Intuition.
We trekked North
where I honored Our Lady of the Flowering Earth
with her Faith & Creation.
Traipsing into the East with y'all 
I honored Our Lady of the Open Sky 
with her Connection & Soaring.
Turning South I honored Our Lady of the Flaming Heart
with her Devotion & Passion.
Drenched in the elements 
& fire
I entered the center.
I honored Jeshua, the Way Show~er
& other masculine forms of the Divine.
The spirit child I create
from my lonely ego man
& my woman who must needs be 
return to my center home 
for sustenance for my soul
climbs up and down the Tree of My Life
gathering the qualities of my sovereignty from
Kether~ crown
Chokmah~ wisdom
Binah~ understanding
Chesed~ mercy
Geburah~ strength
Tiphareth~ beauty
Netzach~ victory
Hod~ splendor
Yesod~ foundation
Malkuth~ KINdom
My creator created me to live in joyous delight!
I chant in gratitude and grace.
Who could ask for more?
[This was written to my Red Madonna sisters
in Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis'
Red Madonna Matrix 2014.]

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