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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spark! Day 18 a

My Lady of the Living Waters
This sassy splashing mermaid represents freedom to me.
She's on a breathtaking holler screeching thrilling ride through rapids
and takes me gleefully free falling down waterfalls
screaming Wheeee!
and submerges me in her underwater domain.
She's Kwan Yin's cousin
and is chockfull of strength
so she can go to great depths in delivering her compassion
to those most in need of it.
She's drenched in emotions
and a wild spirit from the git go.
Kind of a cross between Kwan Yin
and a waitress in a rowdy bar.
She dunks me in her silliness
and wipes me clean
of all pretenses of seriousness.
My Sassy Mermaid Lady of the Living Waters
reminds me we are created to be childlike
~living in joyous delight.
She teaches me the value of living with every emotion
and gives me wild rides on her seahorse
through her KIN~dom.
She's fresh and young and daring
~always ready to step off a cliff
to get to deeper waters
and more intense understandings.
She's spirited.
Kinetic and moving.
She's always into having Grand Adventures
and likes to show me new vistas
of incredible breathtaking beauty.
She knows where there are hidden treasures
of great value.
She's truthful and honest
and boldly and brazenly in direct connection
with the Divine.
Her Living Waters wash me clean.
My Lady of the Flowering Earth
stomp dances with her barefeet on the ground.
She's a whirler and a twirler.
She's Queen Bee of all the honeyed sweetness in this world.
Her favorite sweet smellum smells are
gardenia, jasmine
roses and lilies.
She's a  good one to be with when
you want your spirits lifted.
She lives music
and is in tune with the music of the spheres.
She was there at the beginning
when the morning stars sang all together.
She connects things, ideas, people and places
and builds bridges.
She likes fruits and vegetables.
rocks and trees
and is friends with
creepy crawlers
and creatures that fly and swim.
She likes midnight and late night partying
and midday sun at the beach.
She loves waterfalls.
She has a gypsy soul
and people call her Big Mama.
She's married to Lordy.
She gives hugs and snugs.

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