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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spark! Day 18 b

My Lady of the Open Sky
is a celestial being
in an earthy body.
She births
and ideas.
She has a posse of angels.
She owns a ladder that connects heaven to earth.
She can read tea leaves
and predict futures.
She is a teacher.
She adds the sparkle to jewels
and knows the stories for all the stars in the sky.
She's been to more than one universe
and knows galaxies
like she knows the back of her hand.
She has the healing touch.
My Lady of the Flaming Heart
takes in the energy of the One Force Source
and breathes it out as Love, Light and Laughter.
She burns up what is no longer needed
to create space for new things.
She shines.
She is radiant.
She is the Mystery personified.
She tends to the smoke that rises from flames
as prayers.
She is the keeper of what's sacred.
She guards and guides spirits.
She takes care of spirituality.
She makes sure things are done for
the Highest Good of All.
She lights the fires of passion
and gets things done.

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