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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spark! Day 21

Day 21
MESSAGE from the Artist card in the Spirit Oracle deck:
You hold
the infinite power
 of creation within you~
a divine artist.
Create something
beautiful today.
Feel the stars shining.
You are one with
the Universe
and Nature.
The eternal light of creation
shines through you forever.
1~ What I am composting today is
all of the ways my body, mind and spirit
are not aligned with the music of the spheres.
2~ My commit art focus is
using a tarot card titled the Artist
for inspiration.
3~ My experience making art yesterday was
literally full of shit.
As I art journaled
I sat in shit
that squirted out of me
without warning
 I dripped soupy poopy
all the way to the toilet.
Since today's post is Sue's comment:
Compost your shit
I wonder if the Powers That Be
were giving me
a real life experience
that was a prediction
of things to come!!@??

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