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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spark! Day 27

Day 27
1~ My focus is finding art I can delight in creating every day.
2~ The story that I am claiming as my Spark Experience is Sue Sellars came into my heart with Jenafer Joy's magical invitations to look at Sue's art and read Sue's words and be inspired to art journal every day for the month of October. This story has a Happy Everafter Ending because from here I just wanna go on and on... creating art journal pages...
3~ My spark actions for today are seeing the environment (light shining from a hole in a tree trunk near the roots) and waiting for the little fairy to flit in...
4~ My report back on Yesterday is that I created a Lady I absolutely, positively love and was able to create a very detailed background for her to stomp dance in the mud in.

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