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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm just sayin'

that today was one of those blissful days where I found myself living in awe & wonder in extreme gratitude. It started out with an hours worth of morning meditation. Then I went to see my chiropractor Dr. Justin & he let me be hooked up to the stim machine for my lower back before he worked his magic on me then he hooked me up afterwards for the pain in my right shoulder~ even tho I hadn't done my homework & applied ice as instructed. Then I trekked across the bay to visit Mama in her nursing home where I switched out her December bucket of bears for the mostly polar bears in bucket of January bears. I read Christmas letters to her, labeled her diapers & read to her from Janet Evanovitch's first book ONE FOR THE MONEY. Then it was back across the bay & down to Gulf Shores where I & my sister Labyrinth Keepers set up for a simple labyrinth walk focusing on taking into oneself the characteristics of Jesus like compassion & honesty & love, etc. with different foods like dried apples, Hershey bars, & candy hearts to represent character traits one might want to take into oneself during the new year. I got to walk into the labyrinth & that is one of my favorite spiritual things to do. Wrote in my Labyrinth Journal to mark the experience I had today. If you're ever in Gulf Shores, Alabama be sure to call Gulf Shores United Methodist Church so you can make a spiritual pilgrimage walk of your own. Left the labyrinth early to trek across the county to Rosie Bluum in Fairhope where I lay down on my mat with 15 other people to be led in yoga by Ms. Nancy & stayed afterwards for guided meditation with Ms. Betsey. Came home to do art online with Shiloh Sophia: both MARKED BY THE MUSE & THE RED MADONNA. Have a good book to read when I get ready to go to sleep later & I'm just sayin' ~ life is juicy, full of awe & wonder & I feel very blessed by all of the loving people who helped fill the cup of my day full to overflowing with good ju~ju stuff!!!

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