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Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 21 2012

December 21, 2012 The Mayan calendar l-o-n-g count ends and we flip the stone tablet over We dream we are entering a new world We are co-creators with the goddesses and gods We wrap about ourselves the star studded shawl of our Heavenly Mother for protection We seek counsel from the Wise Wizards and Shamans We pray - may every child the whole world over wake up each day & go to bed each night w/ God’s healing light & love nurturing & nourishing them- may we all work for the reality of the Highest Good for All ! We create ~a space of worship ~rituals to celebrate the light We desire ~ a home full to overflowing with love & laughter & victories made glorious by the sharing of burdens & trials by fire ~an open hearth blessed with the warmth of friendship ~a Bon Secour/ safe haven to provide rest for fellow travelers on their path with heart ~a place for the medicine wheel & labyrinth We desire to lead the little ones ~to be observers of Mother Nature & the lessons she has to teach them We ask ~to lead them beyond the conditioning which surrounds them to the path with heart & the Inner Voice of truth We ask ourselves ~How can I live so as to bring good to all people? Our hope for the planet is ~that it will become a dwelling place of the Divine/ the Powers that be in the spirit in a sense of empowerment for goodness & The Light We ask ~may the networks that spread out to connect us one to another like the invisible lines of power that criss-cross in Places of Power strengthen us & help us learn to nurture & nourish in balance as Mother-Earth teaches us to dance in celebration of the gift of life we have been blessed with We ask for courage to pick ourselves up from our Woe! is me Poor Pitiful Pearl places to sit & keep on w/ each one of our soul’s purposes to take our in-stances to assume our response-abilities (to respond with our abilities) to express the Powers That Be focus on the Spirit of God at the core of our beings to live in hope gratitude empowerment to seek revelations to be in at-one-ment live in oneness with the Source to express helpfulness & hopefulness to offer upliftment/uplifting to live in wonder-ment & joyful doingness to explore the Tree of Life/chakras/Tarot paths of understanding Living in joy we see every day is a blessing we live in awe-inspiration of nature & amazing grace We surrender We ask for Grace/transformation We live the stories of our Personal legends We are connecting/attuning ourselves w/ God/ the Powers That Be /Creative Force-Source We are weaving the divine into the earthy-earth/ the mundane We are living with thanksgiving/ an attitude of giving We search for spiritual truths/inspiration/new ways of being We seek Revelations of Truth We do our work in the world as our Dharmic Service toward others for the Highest Good of all beings We believe in Oneness with all of life We are Living in spirit with joyous delight We seek Inspiration with joyous delight We express Love, grace and gratitude with joyous delight We are Being joyful with joyous delight !!! We are preparing the way for: Oneness with all of life Our work in the world will be: Dharmic Service of others for the Highest Good of all beings (dharma = our true nature, our true reason for being) Our work in the world will be: With love, grace and gratitude with joyous delight We Make this declaration several times: I am love and I choose joy as my experience. –Brother Ishmael We are using our creative spirit to celebrate our Indwelling Living Light. We are radiant with all of the good ju-ju stuff we believe. In this new year we try to develop and use our creativity and use different parts of our brains. We are family We are Living in Spiritual Grace We ask to be Lifted to Higher Ground We are being luminous. We are living in gratitude for the many, many blessings that flow into our lives. We are deepening my path of service/ dharma. We accept our places on the Dharma Wheel We are discovering what creative tasks we need to do each day. We live in fearless love Infinite Grace awe & wonder.

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