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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Newtown Poem Written December 17, 2012

RED MADONNA December 17 2012 Reply by Susan Daniel /Flamingo Gypsy (the 1st lines of this were in my head & heart upon awakening this morning) if you can keep your heart after a young man wielding guns in his hands sprayed bullets into his own mother's face and then tromped on to lay dead little children after plowing through with bullets the ones who tended them and tried to keep them safe before turning a gun upon himself and pulling a trigger sending a bullet into himself thus ending the pain of his twisted hurt, anger & despair Those dear sweet angel babies agreed to assist him in his release That principal, those teachers, adults stood up to be mowed down so he could get out of this world They left hearth & home & family to travel on into the next realm if you can find sleep somehow when laying your head down on your pillow knowing the mourners can find no rest for their weary, tear-stained faces if you can dare to celebrate the holidays knowing others have had theirs shattered by sprays of senseless bullets if you can dare to hold hope in your heart for healing for every mother in this whole wide world that sometimes seems wrought with destruction, death & danger who holds sorrow for her child Feed & nourish the crying hungry ones around the world Strive with your own shaking hands to tend & mend the wounded heal the broken parts of us & build a world more better than this one splattered with the red of blood Dare with great courage to pick up your red thread & weave beauty & love helpfulness & hopefulness to mend our broken places to strengthen the weak strings to create among us a holy, sacred fabric a beautiful tapestry that weaves us all together standing on the common ground of our dreams & desires Then you will have lived the purpose you were born into this world to give When we can look around us & see who about us needs our helping hands of love from deep within our hearts @ the core of our being here now When we can plant seeds of songs & poetry paint prayers & promises & things that we believe in we can grow this garden of life into the paradise of awe & wonder that reflects the glorious light of the Divine & spreads rainbow colors of delight to cover the blood stains of our sorrows Let us be about the weaving of our web that will be a net to gather us all in When we all can get in the boat then we can all go home to Bon Secour /our safe harbor

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