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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Do I meditate regularly
as close to nature as possible?
Am I reprogramming my thoughts
toward more relaxing
and peaceful thoughts?
observing nature?
reflecting on happy memories
and loved ones?
Do I identify
and replace
negative thoughts
and their effect on me?
Do I expand my positive thinking
and active thoughts
to those around me?
Is my purpose/ideal selfless?
Do I practice the true joy
of thinking positive
and feeling lighter
and healthier
by helping others find the same
inner peace and calm?
Am I creating an atmosphere of "positivity"
that is contageous,
a way of improving
how I feel every day...
and how the people around me
feel as well?
(inspired by Edgar Cayce's ARE's
April/May 2008
June/July 2008)

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