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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Big Mama Plans Her Getaway To The Black Hills

At first Big Mama had talked herself outta going. After all she had just recently come back from hopping outta the nest and hopping offa the cloud where she and Lordy lived to go see sonar pictures of her daughter Sarah-Star and son-in-law Al's baby girl Aeraly Ember. Lordy had been too busy with The Theater to go along with Big Mama on that trip to North Carolina and he was certainly more busy with The Theater now so he couldn't trek offa the cloud to go to Unity's Concert for the Black Hills. Still in her heart Big Mama longed to go so she explored the website to see who all would be there musically and possibly to do ceremony. Of course, Buffy Sainte~Marie who was on Big Mama's bucket list would be there but when Big Mama discovered Xavier Rudd would be there from Austrailia she took it as a sign. He was all tied up with her dead son Josh and the Hangout Musical Festival in Gulf Shores and one of the last times she'd seen her son before he dropped his body when that lady ran a red light and killed him on his motorcycle and Josh,without his body, went dancing in spirit along the Milky Way Road to his next realm. Anyway by the time Big Mama stayed up all nite listening to Nahko Bear (Xavier Rudd's friend) Big Mama aka Mama Bear was convinced she should try and go even if she had to travel sans Lordy. She mapped out the 25 hours and 39 minutes it would take her to get there. She waited awhile~ then she made her reservation for the free concert and place to pitch a tent. On a day about a week and a half before she'd hafta leave she sat down and wrote Lordy a letter explaining why she had to sneak and run away from home to be in South Dakota on September 13th and 14th. She felt CALLED TO GO similar to when she and Lordy had felt called to become co~ coordinators for the SE region of Edgar Cayce's ARE/ Association for Research and    Enlightenment.  Would she see Rickie and Michael Beckwith again? Would she meet some Native American teacher? Or was she just hungry to be on the road again? She'd missed having freedom to travel in the summers like she'd had back when Lordy was the Chief Marine Biologist for the State of Alabama and was up to his neck with alligators in the busy summertime when she'd had time off from teaching kindergarten munchkins. Finances were in the red most months since big Mama and Lordy had retired but in her Wild Desire to go she convinced herself she could make this trip cheaply. Stopping @ rest stops to nap along the way and driving straight through and packing 2 jars of peanut butter for sustenance. So Big Mama began to pack her Jeep Libertina with her winter coat, long jeans and clothes she might need if it was cold out yonder in them that Black Hills. She made arrangements to borrow a tent. Yep! It looked like the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise she was gonna make her getaway on Wednesday, September 10th. And so the story goes. Big Mama is NOT running away to join the circus and the gas money $295,55 will hafta be paid for somehow but she is gonna fly the coop to see just why her heart is calling her to trek on out to the Unity Concert for the Black Hills. More tales of Big Mama's Adventures will be posted here. I'm jest sayin' Y'all come back here, 'ya hear?

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  1. Flamingo,
    I am over the moon for you!