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Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Lady of the Living Water

These are some of my favorite learning experiences from Shiloh McCloud Lewis' Red Madonna Matrix 2014. We are spending the year going around the Medicine Wheel and being with the elements: WATER, EARTH, AIR and FIRE.


What's WATER got to do with it?

My Writing January 8 2014
I wanna be in~formed
both heart AND head
in~forming the actions
of my hands

I wanna be in~form
with stardust people
in~forming community
in my tribal band

I wanna be in~formed
with red thread seekers
in~formed from their
far flung lands

I wanna be in~formed
by the Great Mother
in~formed together
with her husband

I wanna be in~formed
touched by the Great Mystery
in~formed as we
take our stands

I wanna be in~formed
by the world's holy words
in~forming our travels
along new strands

I wanna be in~formed
into a new vessel
in~formed by my muse
with my new brand

I wanna be informed anew
etched with lines that mark me
in~forming what tasks
I am to do

I wanna be in~formed with love
so we can co~create
a new earth that mirrors
the heavens above

I wanna be in~formed with y'all
so we can surrender
in~formed to living for
The Higest Good For All

I wanna be in~formed with freedom
so we can tend to each other's needs
in~formed with tenderness
from our new Queendom

I wanna be in~formed

My Writing January 14 2014 POWER ANIMALS for 4 Directions
http://api.ning.com/files/xB84uhwVI9l1*sT913C74UpFoxrOvEqYrcK6OnH6*cx-BIwfOW2S4vZSEkPL-s0RLyl05jtSblL1bIw5cxsYoSOhpZ38B46t/868071712.jpeg?xgip=256%3A0%3A1530%3A1530%3B%3B&width=48&height=48&crop=1%3A1http://static.ning.com/socialnetworkmain/widgets/index/gfx/badges/heart_96x96.png?xn_version=173270351Comment by Flamingo Gypsy/Susan Daniel on January 14, 2014 at 9:12am
DEAR! Havi~ When I closed my eyes and listened to your meditation I received into my heart
~from the East FLAMINGO
(which connects to my focus on COMMUNITY in 2014)
I've rarely seen flamingos alone, singular /all by themselves
I see them flying together in flocks
/settling down to sleep together for the nite)
~in the South OTTER
reminding me to play with wild abandon like a child
~in the West GIRAFFE
telling me to lift my head up
to eat the leaves from the highest branches near the Sky Walkers
and reminding me to focus on the BIG picture
and not always only what's close by
To think about how what I say and do ripples out from me
like ripples on a pond
Reminding me to look and see what others are doing
and remember we're all a valued part of a puzzle
that is all part of some HUGE cosmic blueprint
and telling me to listen to the stories each one if us is telling
so that my horizons can expand to see everyone's vision
~from the north BEAVER
reminding me to be thankful for all the trees that have been cut down to create all of the books I have collected as treasures
and asking me to be in tune with nature whenever I build a home that has a dive into the water to get to the entrance doorway
It brings messages about looking only closely at the task at hand when I could believe in the sky stories people tell me about (even tho my beaver eyesight can't see them)
It begs me to only dam up and build my pond home when I am sure its placement is respectful of how what I do affects others farther up or down the stream
Beaver reminds me to always pull everything into my heart so I can be sure me singing my Heartsong is in harmony not discord with the music of the spheres
In other words I wanna sing like we did in the beginning when the morning stars sang all together and we created this whole she~bang together
I wasn't surprised by the first three
I've met flamingo, otter and giraffe people and known we were a part of the same clan
But the beaver was something new to me
Although living on Fish River which connects with the Gulf
and being married to a marine biologist
I have always been connected to the waters of this world
Hmm....I wouldn't have been surprised if a mermaid had shown up here
but on my desk I have a small painting of an otter AND a beaver
~so I know in my heart if hearts I need to settle down and listen for messages BEAVERs may have for me
Last nite I read your meditation to my Live & Light Ladies so now they'll all be going out into the world seeking messages from their power animals.
Thank you, Havi. I KNOW from experience working and playing with power animals can bring much happiness and fun learning. I deeply appreciate your bringing it into our red tent circle here. Your meditation is awesome! You are truly a light onto our paths with heart.
My Writing January 29 2014

So this is my dance of creation
Here I am on a wild toad ride in a gypsy wagon traveling into the mysteries
I've mindfully cared for my little patch of the garden
But I'm setting off to explore star maps in the Cosmos.
So this is my dance of creation
I have tattooed messages like runes upon rune stones carved into my skin
I have my heart compass marked with my True North
to show me which ways to go.
So this is my dance of creation
My hands hold the magic wands of dripping paintbrushes
They cover holes on flutes to bring forth my spirit's songs
They pound drums in time with my heartbeats and the celestial music of the spheres.
So this is my dance of creation
I conjure up the joy and intimacy of Show 'n Tell celebrations
I've packed in kindling wood for late, dark of night, storytelling fires
I stack stones to be little prayer altars along my way.
So this is my dance of creation
I've stitched poems and prayers and promises and things that I believe in
into the patchwork fabric of my life story
I've gathered talismans and trinkets to place in the bowl of my being.
So this is my dance of creation
I've shouted out to the Powers That Be when I was lost in the woods.
I've found Bon Secour to shelter me from life's storms
I've circled up with friends to find different ways to be in community. 
So this is my dance of creation
I've left no stone unturned as I've built the altar of my being
to be a vessel for the Great Mother's flames.
I've scalded myself on burning truths.
So this is my dance of creation
I flash my pink flamingo feathers and fly
I lift my tall giraffe neck to greet the sky walkers
My beaver and otter parts of my being play in the water.
So this is my dance of creation
I stomp dance with my tree of life roots
stirring up the minerals my body needs
I gather gemstones into my apron pockets.
So this is my dance of creation
I meditate and attune my chakras
My in~breaths take in the sky energy
My out~breaths flow out as manifestations of earth energy.
So this is my dance of creation....
I light prayer candles to pray for others
I shine my lantern's light on the path behind me
I look deeply into the Divine Sparks I discover on my path with heart.

http://api.ning.com/files/xB84uhwVI9l1*sT913C74UpFoxrOvEqYrcK6OnH6*cx-BIwfOW2S4vZSEkPL-s0RLyl05jtSblL1bIw5cxsYoSOhpZ38B46t/868071712.jpeg?xgip=256%3A0%3A1530%3A1530%3B%3B&width=48&height=48&crop=1%3A1http://static.ning.com/socialnetworkmain/widgets/index/gfx/badges/heart_96x96.png?xn_version=173270351 Reply by Flamingo Gypsy/Susan Daniel on Friday February 21

I have this purple folding chair
labeled EMBARK
I drag it out into the sunshine in the yard
refusing to let go of one moment of this warmth
that heralds spring
I've seen Spring's signs that she is coming
an azalea flower blooming, heard the seagulls' cries
that tell soon they will be teaching their babies
how to make their ways in the world
I've stayed awake beneath night skies
rumbling thunder and flashing lightning
I've seen pelicans gathering and swapping tales
of how they fared this winter
until it is time for them to take flight
to the places where they will build their summer stories
for sharing when the fall season comes
Exodus, some of us are traveling to the Promised Land
We're howling with the coyotes
and looking to find the meaning beneath their trickster ways
We invite our Muses to tea and serve chocolate
to insure they'll stay and visit long with us
We dream we can climb up and down ladders to commune with our angels
In daylight we try to place our footsteps where we feel divinely guided
We gather in tribes that celebrate where we are now
Believing we are walking the medicine wheel
Great Spirit has laid out for us
We surrender our wanderings and offer up the steps we take
to be in Exodus from mundania to Heaven on Earth
Me? I drag my EMBARK chair out to be in the warmth
of the spring~coming sun surrounded by the sweet birds' songs
I am looking for the pillar of clouds to follow
that will feed me manna as my daily bread
I long to find the gemstones that will glimmer
in the moonlight and show me how to follow my path with heart
Into the mystery I plunge drowning away in Our Lady’s Living Waters
all things that would keep me and All That Be
from getting in the Mother Boat and finding Bon Secour
The time is now to be on this Great Exodus
that takes us from where we are right now
to the Heaven on Earth we are co~creating
My Writing March 7 2014
Who and/or what is it that you think of as being represented as Our Lady?
My Lady is a mermaid riding on a seahorse
What is the basis and/or source for your thinking this?
I have a statue of her on my altar.
Translate your answers into a poem.
Consider writing in first person as spoken by Our Lady,
or consider a unique slant such as the perspective in this classic by Robert W. Service

My child of the Living Waters please
Bring your Living Words to life for me
I will sweep you up in my strong arms 
I will gift you with my magic charms
Ride free with me on my wild Seahorse
I'll spin you around your compass course
Teach you my mystical mermaid ways
Be with me on bright sunshiny days
I'll help you leap over all your fears
When you cry I'll collect all your tears
I'll guide you to express all you feel
Dance you around Grandmother's Wheel
Drench you with moonlight through your dark nights
Show me how to love with your delights

My Writing March 13 2014
Who and/or what is it that you think of as being represented as Our Lady?
My Lady of the Living Waters is a mermaid on a seahorse
What is the basis and/or source for your thinking this?
She started out by being inspired by a statue I added to my art room altar
Do you find this assignment challenging and if so, why?
The words aren't hard to come by
But, for me, the painting ain't easy
Translate your answers into a poem.
In the beginning was the assignment
Paint and poem my very own rendition
Of Our Lady of the Living Waters.
And while everyone goes
Swiftly or Slowly
About their business of painting her
My words flow easily
But my painting gets stuck
So much so that I must cry out
into the wilderness:
Why have you got it back assward, Susan?
EVERYbody is painting except for YOU!
And so I wait, hoping something fishy
/at least waterlike will show up...
...........................I wait a L-O-N-G time
and there ain't nothing showing out in my net
Until one day I go to get a massage
and dedicate the time while Kristen
is touching my body all over
with her sacred, holy language
as only she can do
to listening to what my Lady might hafta say
And there in the darkness behind my closed eyes
My lady sends pictures
She shows me she wants
This circle divided into 4 parts
to represent her vision of the 4 directions
as a whirley~gig
AND that audacious mermaid lady
wants a shaman's hole in some tree trunk
to be found in her watery realms
at the bottom of her Cosmic Ocean
She's bust thataway
working in our Earth's waters at the same time
she's floating around in different realms of
not only this universe
but way, far too many to count,
beyond universes my little human mind
can fathom
"Come into the Mystic," she says
swishing her mermaid tail as she dives deeper
Since we are red thread connected
I have no choice but to swim down after her
She entangles me in her seaweed
and will not let me go
Any struggling on my part
will simply entangle me more-
I feel as if her father Titan and all her mermaid sisters
are gathered in a chorus singing:
Go with the flow...
Be mystified
And please note:
It's hard to dig your feet into the sand and resist
when I am dragging you down into my Deeps
You simply cannot be in denial
when you are swimming in the Nile River with me
"You can be empowered by 'setting your intention' ' she says to me.
"I am Woman, hear me roar," she sings.
And shows up Lioness in water
Paige found to illustrate the words in Marilyn's poem~prayer
and we're all shook up to see signs in nature
What challenges me? It's not the words
I have long had a groove worn out by constant passage
connecting me with the Divine thataway
It is the painting, The seeing an image in my heart
and trying to scribe it in paint onto my canvas
It is then my hand shakes
but I hold my breath and I jump off the high cliff
and fall into the unknown waters
knowing it is this way
swimming through unknown, uncharted waters
that I can find my way to new ways of being
and together we can create a brand new day
a way that lets everyone the whole wide world over
become empowered by doing the tasks
that are theirs TO DO that bring more LOVE
into our creations....

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