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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunday at the Unity Concert for the Black Hills

These are some of the performers who got up on stage Sunday
Tsering Ladoe for Tibet
Uran Singer
Arlo Guthrie
David Amram
Rev. Kalanu Souza from Hawaii
Mel Lone Hill
Natanni Means
Paul Winter
Scatter Their Own
Tina Malia
Tracy Bone
Shawn Little Thunder (again)
Xavier Rudd (again)
These are just a listing of some of the performers that got up on stage. I wish you could've been there to hear their stories about why they are singing for our Mother Earth and to hear many of the Elders speak about the importance of returning sacred sites all over the world into the loving care and stewardship of the First Nations peoples.
I started out Sunday morning by attending a flower essence workshop. We traipsed up onto the hillside and gathered small gifts into a vessel of Black Hills' water, performed ceremonies and created sacred water infused with gifts from the black hills.
One interesting revelation I had was that when I gifted my salaiva and a strand of my hair in thanks for the Black Hills gifts to place into the water vessel I was leaving my DNA embedded into the Black Hills where it will stay forever.
I went to the Black Hills with peanut butter, crackers and nuts to eat, bringing very little cash money. A dear sweet lady Airica Parker from Colorado generously gifted money to Roselena for the expense of the bottles we carried our Black Hills infused water away in.
The music ceremony started with prayers for peace where we did a call out and echo chant for peace naming every country in the world . There were prayer flags. We were each given crystals to place in the waters where we live on September 21st. This will be a day of worldwide prayer for our waters. 
After Xavier Rudd sang the second time on Sunday I went up to him and told him I had seen him @ the Hangout Music Festival the year after our son was killed when a lady accidentally ran a red light and killed him on his motorcycle. Saturday night Xavier told the story about his mentor dying and how he could still feel his presence in his life. I told Xavier how I'd felt my son Josh's presence standing near me when I first heard Xavier down at the beach and both Saturday night and Sunday afternoon in the Black Hills. Xavier hugged me twice and held my hand as I went trailing off ....

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  1. Flamingo,
    Thanks for sharing your moving experience with Xavier. I love it that you felt your son's presence. These are indeed the things that bring us some joy and keep us going!