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Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Lady of the Open Sky


What's AIR got to do with it?

A painting for Shiloh McCloud Lewis' Red Madonna Matrix 2014

Story I wrote for my friend Becky's Birthday July 10, 2014

Homework July 3 2014 We were given two ears but only one mouth
/Take the night train

Big Mama in the sky sat with Lordy one day
on the cloud edge with their feet danglin’ down
lookin’ at the Earthball they had co~created.
“That place needs sumpin’ Lordy
but I jes’ don’t know what it tiz,” she said.
Lordy took his pipe outta his mouf,
blew smoke rings up toward Venus, and said,
“Now Missy, I think you do too know what it needs.
You been talkin’ about fairies and imps
and hearts filled with sunshine and love
and magic and sparkly, shiny stuff
with the trickster magician thrown in
and the one true soul what’ll
love them others into be more positive.
Why don’t ya go into your treehouse kitchen
and see what you can conjure up?”
So Big Mama heaved herself up off
the edge of the cloud leanin’ on Lordy’s good shoulder
to get herself up and sashayed on over to the tree
where they lived when they were in this part
of the heavenly realms. She opened the round
front door and went in to the bookfilled cottage.
Lordy came toddlin’ in. And she swung the cookie
sheet in his direction and said, “Old Man, I’ll not
have you puttin’ your 2 cents in while I’m creatin’.”
So he took the cat with him and went outside
to sit at the Creatin’ Oven Saint Peter had made
for them and called Buddha to play chess
with him while they waited to see just what
Big Mama would conjure up thisatime.
They could hear Big Mama singin’,
“What’s gonna happen when the rainy season comes,
will yore roof cave in on you?
Will the lightnin’ spoil yore view
and the rain come pourin’ through?”
and other songs as she mixed up her dough
and added all her special ingredients.
When she finally had the little fairy princess
shaped out and placed on the cookie sheet
she brought it out to the Creatin’ Oven
where Lordy opined her Becky creation should have
2 ears but Buddha said she should only have one mouth.”
“Thataway she can listen and learn and spout great wisdom,”
Buddha added. Big Mama put stardust in her eyes
for sparkle and the three of them kneaded the red dough
that wuz gonna be her heart and smushed it into place.
Big Mama shoved her Becky girl creation into the oven
and they all stood at the oven’s door shoutin’ blessings to go
in it. Buddha shouted, “Let her heart be a sanctuary.”
Lordy said, “Let the Luna and the Sun be married in her
so she can create brandy new days.” And Big Mama hollered,
“Plant a fire seed in her tummy so she can grow into a
living tree of life and spread Love and Grace and Truth
and Beauty all around her wherever she goes.”
The three, Buddha, Lordy and Big Mama waited around
the Creatin’ Oven’s door till all the stars came out
and it got to be nigh onto midnight. Then Kwan Yin
came around drivin’ the Night Train and agreed to deliver
her to her destination. She and Big Mama exchanged papers
and Kwan Yin released the back flap on the oven and slid
her into the Night Train while she was still hot from
cookin’ good and drove off on a golden path through
the stars. Buddha gave his jolly hugs to Lordy and Big Mama
and wandered off into the night. Old Man Lordy threw
his arm over Big Mama’s shoulders and asked, “Where’d ‘ya
send her to?” And Big Mama said, “She’ll be part time
in Kentucky but then later on I gave Kwan Yin
the papers so she cah switch up and go to Alabama
and cause some waterspouts there and stir up some love
wherever it’s needed.” And Lordy leaned over and kissed her
on her forehead and said, “I’m sure everwhere she goes
there’ll be goodness and sweetness and light and good lovin’
cuz you made her special, Big Mama.”

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  1. A frind who loves youSeptember 6, 2014 at 12:37 AM

    That made my heart happy.