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Sunday, September 14, 2014


I  saw, heard and was wrapped in the storytelling and songs of
Aloysius Weasel Bear
Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance (one of the 13 Grandmothers)
Carl Blackbird
Deya Dova from Austrailia 
Joanna and Leah Shenandoah
Lyla June
Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary
His daughter and son-in-law
Shawn Little Thunder
Ta'Kaiya Blaney
Xiuhtzeaetl and Itzchuntli Martinez 14 yr old & his younger brother (with their older sister they make up Earth Guardians)
Buffy Sainte~Marie
Nahko Bear
Xavier Rudd
There were probably others I haven't listed. The music lasted until 2 a.m. I was so freezing cold I didn't even go to the campfire. It was 39 degrees so once again I did not sleep in the tent~ I slept in my jeep Libertina.
What can I say about the words that were spoken? /the songs that were sung?
Can I say I feel like I have been in a place of birth?
Here in these Black Hills wake up words have been spoken.
Here songs have been sung.
Prayers have been prayed.
There is an honoring of what is sacred .
Vows have been made to weave spirituality into the fabric of the American Dream.
People have come from all over the world with specific intentions to giving back to the First Nations peoples the  guardianship of some of the Sacred Places all around the world.
There are warriors who have made camp along where a pipeline is mapped out to be places.
They are willing to die and give up their lives to stand up for what they believe.
More than that this is the gathering of people who are living their lives with great respect for Mother Earth. They are honoring Great Spirit in their lives. They are mindful of the elements and the directions. They are walking their talk and doing actions that reflect their thoughts. Loving each other is the message here and expressing love for everyone and everything in ways that will guarantee a legacy for 7 generations that is even more beautiful and abundant than it was when we came to it. We are the people the world has been waiting for. The time is now. Pick up the tasks that come into your hands to do~ and do them with love.


  1. Thank you for your beautiful sharing of your experiences at this gathering, Flamingo. I had chills reading it, and so wished I could be there with you. Please keep warm.....sending you a big 'ol Bear Hug! When do you head home?