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Saturday, September 13, 2014

How can one sleep

How can one sleep when the moon is dancing overhead ?
What happens to us when we have forgotten the star's stories?
When it had been too long since we have bathed our bodies in the moonlight?
When the wood has been gathered but the fire has not yet been lit?
What happens in the stillness of not doing?
When we cease to be about doing?
When we are resting in the isness of being?
In the great night silence
the world at rest 
What dreams may come?
Where are the night creatures to accompany us?
What song could we dare to sing
when our own heart is the only drumbeat?
When the sun's light comes 
There will be the flute songs
But in the silence of the night surrounding us
with the red threads loosened
and the web that weaves us to the world gone slack
with no gravity to hold us to the earth
would we slip slide
and maybe fall through the earth
and out the other side 
finding ourselves in other realms?
Not bound to our bodies
would we perhaps fling ourselves out into
the empty spaces between the stars?
Without the stars' stories to inform us and give us direction
Without this World's compass with its East, South, West and True North
Without the threads that connect us one to another
What would our tale be?


  1. Flamingo,
    This is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Please post this on the Red Madonna site. It so speaks to what we are creating and experiencing! Love You!

  2. Yes, I agree with Mary John. I hope you post these beautiful poems on Red Madonna. Thinking of you and sending you warm heart light.