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Saturday, July 30, 2016

January 11, 2016 MOJO MANTRA

So today I have been working on my Mojo Mantra for 2016

My Mojo Mantra underpainting words:
Dear 2016~ I come to you filled to the brim and overflowing with Wild Delight. I ask you to bring to me surprises of wonder and awe and lead me to the places I need to be. Open my heart. Let me live heart first into the world. Guide my mind to be filled with Wisdom. Gift to me lessons of the Mystical KABBALAH Tree with Shekinah Sisters and Rabbis. Let me write Big Mama and Lordy stories and poetry and new things you desire for me to write. Take me on Shamanic Journeys. Let me learn to be a Sacred Listener. Bless my hands to do the tasks that come for me to do. Help me to be full of Helpfulness and Hopefulness, a catalyst for change where it is needed so I may teach others to Empower themselves to walk their Paths with Heart. Be with me as I explore the Cathedral of the Heart with Shiloh. Bless the circles I sit in~ Love and Light Ladies, Creative Sparks, Red Thread, Knitters, Drummers, Readers, new circles I might come to stomp dance in. Let me honor my Body Temple with the Trinity of Yoga, Belly Dancing and Tai Chi. Let me learn more of the Language of Painting and Creativity. Let me weave magic. Help me paint and draw daily. Lead me through new gates, doors and portals. Expand my horizons. Keep me in right relationship with Mama Caron and Havi. Send to me new teachers. Make my relationship with my Muse more outrageous, zany and inspiring. Help me to become a more better spiritual midwife. Let me find more ways to be devotionally devoted to the Divine. Fling me sky high and make it easy for me to delve deep. Bless my friends and bring me new friendships. Gift to me fun in the sun and water. Let me spend time in nature. Show me secrets and revelations that are ready to be revealed. Tantalize me with the mysteries. Let me build rainbow bridges. Gift to me new seeds to nurture and nourish. Feel free to add to the things I've asked for you to do so you can be sure you 2016 bring to me all the things I need so I can grow more Love Truth and Beauty into this world.
~Flamingo Gypsy Mama Susan Daniel

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