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Saturday, July 30, 2016

My January 13, 2016 haikus

My January 13, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Courage
to my glimmering

~I will tend the flame
of my candle so it can
shine brightly this day

~As more light returns
to cold winter days I rise
up to shine with warmth

~Others with strong faith
help me put on the armor
of my own beliefs

~ In the Cathedral
of our hearts we share poems
and prayers together

~We practice merging
our light with the light of all
the beings of Light

~Our devotional
times of being in spirit
are shared with sisters

~We develop depth
in our Divine relations
by sharing our hearts

~We find strength, guidance
protection and peace when we
share our practices

~Sipping our morning
cuppa we share Cafe with
our world neighbors

~How we reach toward
the Light is influenced by
how others do so

~Help us to give and
receive with grateful hearts and
magnify the good

~Let us rejoice and
be glad in this day as we
share here together
If you'd like you can share in haiku form
with 5 syllables in the first line
7 syllables in the second line
and 5 syllables in the third and last line.
Or you can just share a picture
of something of beauty you've seen
or of a painting you're painting
or share the words to
a song you started singing
when you heard frogs singing
during your morning walk in Nature.
Maybe a question will arise
that you are questing answer for
How can I find joy in this day?
This is your red tent sanctuary.
Here the sky is the limit
and the way down depths
where our roots grow
and the rocks we stumble
and fall down over
~here whatever is in your life
can become stepping stones
to living life in spirit.
You are welcome to ask for prayers
and painting advice here.
Please come in the red tent
and connect with the lives of others
who are on their Paths with Heart.
Let your hair down
Get comfortable
and know in your heart of hearts
you have found your tribe
where you can feel seen and heard
and witnessed
and supported.
Welcome home!

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