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Sunday, July 31, 2016

January 18, 2016 VEILS AND BUTTS


Thoughts from my morning yoga class

/Awareness is not commentary (/criticism)

There is an Ah~ha moment when my eyes are closed and my mind shifts from thinking veils of separation were set in place by creator
to sensing the veil of my unbraided hair
and following it up to my skull
and realizing sometimes the veil with the illusion of separation is simply the thoughts in my head
Removing that veil for a moment in yoga brings bliss and ecstasy
Then we are told to be mindful we are sitting on our butts
and my Eureka! flows right into knowing:
Many times it is my Buts...
that keep me from being present in spirit in this moment
The times the Powers That Be send messages to me
But I make all sortsa I'm busy sounds
Or times I close up shop for being here now by shooting forward into the future or backward into the past
In yoga this morning
My thoughts about VEILS AND BUTTS
sat me right there on my BUTT realizing sometimes it is me and my thoughts inside my head that keep me from Being in the Bliss of each moment
My Buts faded away
I was able to sit mindful on my Butt and simply be...

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