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Saturday, July 30, 2016

January 13 2016 Mojo Mantra Talk


She came to me after watching Shiloh's Mojo Mantra videos. I wrote a whole slew of words as a letter to the new year 2016~ you can read the words I wrote as the underpainting on page 46 here in the red tent.
At first I painted a Lady and I couldn't get her expression right so I painted over her and leaned my Lady against the tree like she is my Muse dreaming my year into being.
Now I just hafta scrunch my hopes for the year down into words or phrases that will fit onto the
strands of hair/golden ribbons floating from her head
and the directions for the Compass that show my desires for
my self
the universe
my Beloveds
and my path.
It's funny but I feel less prepared with an agenda for the new year (I usually write it 4 spiritual focuses for a new year~ this year I only wrote Wild Delight) but even going through the process of writing so many words in my underpainting letter to 2015 I FEEL more open and ready to receive whatever this year should plop down on my plate. I know that doesn't make sense logically but it's almost as if I have crossed over a bridge and no longer hafta ask for good things because I KNOW whatever the Powers That Be have planned to gift to me will be far better than any specific things I could ask for and yet you can tell from my wishes to the new year that I am living in a place of Great Expectations. I look for and find miracles and blessings every day. Stuff really got shifted for me last year~ especially when I started taking shadow stuff into my welcoming arms instead of always playing Pollyanna and putting a good spin on stuff~ I am learning to truly surrender to my mantra borrowed from poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox:
It's like I am finally understanding what my Buddhist friend has been trying to share with me.
Being raised Christian in the United States surrounded by a materialistic culture that advertises we need MORE to buy happiness I have been on my own rebel road of studying Edgar Cayce and learning the true value of applying spiritual principles in my
Life. My being here in Red Thread world answering Shiloh's queries and studying the mystical Kabbalab Tree with Mama Caron and Havi and learning about everyone's different spiritual practices widens my horizons and opens my heart wider to receive new ways of doing and being.
I am in conversation often now with my Muse, SHEKHINAH, the Cosmic Queen. Hildegard von BINGEN, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, Sophia, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and Lordy and Big Mama.
What have Barnabus and his lady friend had to say to you lately, Metta?

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