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Thursday, August 11, 2016

June 28, 2016 The Mobile Delta

June 28, 2016 The Mobile Delta

The Mobile Delta is a place where the waters of 5 rivers come together...
Mobile River
Spanish River
Tensaw River
Apalachee River
Blakeley River
(where we saw old bricks in the banks of the river from the old ghost town of town Blakeley where its 4,000 people were wiped out down to 100 in waves of yellow fever epidemics that struck in 1822,1826 and 1828. It was abandoned after the last battle of the Civil War was fought there between 16,000 Union soldiers and 4,000 Confederates April 2-9, 1865.)  
The Delta river water comes together in Mobile Bay where the water does a moon and sun driven tidal ebb and flow dance with the water of the Gulf of Mexico.
Fed by Magnolia and Fish rivers nearby Weeks Bay also connects with Mobile Bay. Mail is still delivered by boat to people's mailboxes on their piers in Magnolia River.
Fish River is in my backyard, It is a tidal flow river affected by the attraction/pull of the sun and the moon.
Who knows? Some of the water we traveled over today as we explored the Delta rivers in Jimbo's boat
~may have been Fish River water I have swum and floated in with my arms and legs flung out like a star
in my backyard!
I live in awe and wonder of all of the amazing ways we are connected here on our Mother Earth. 
I thank you for going with me in my heart's pockets

as I journeyed the ribbons of wild waters in the delta...

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