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Saturday, August 13, 2016

My July 9, 2016 haikus

My July 9, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Love For All
Beings to my home

~Lady, Mother of
us all You're the source of all
Love on this Earth

~Father, Papa of
us all You are the source of
all Light here on Earth

~Me? I am the Tree
Sustain me on my journey
and in my Great Work

~Let my fruits be good
Let what I say and do be
nourishing for all

~Thank y'all for being
the trellis I can cling to
and climb up and spread

~I can grow up to
your Light Father sun and
shine Mama Love down

~Let me study good
words and put the Golden Rule
into practice here

~I open my heart's
door to the Divine knocking
and let it come in

~Infinite goodness
surrounds me and I am blessed
abundantly now

~Looking around at
Nature I am reminded
how my needs are met

~The sun and air and
rains support the fertile lands
that feed my body

~Big Mama and Lordy
sustain me with their Divine
Wisdom here and now

~My expression is
blessed with creativity
and I share with all

Me as the Tree

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