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Thursday, August 11, 2016

My June 22, 2016 haikus

My June 22, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Fullness to
my faith~filled journey

~I open my heart
to the Divine and ask for
guidance in loving

~How can I be a
loving force and choose actions
that are loving ones?

~I share the love that
overflows from my vessel
with all whom I meet

~I accept them where
they are and give support
and encouragement

~ I nurture and care
for the seeds they plant in
their heart's garden

~My body is a
temple of divine life and
light dancing delight

~Divine life flows through
ev 'ry cell in my body
I sing my soul's songs

~Healing miracles
flow through us as we become
radiating Light

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