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Thursday, August 11, 2016

My June 12, 2016 haikus

My June 12, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
the spirit of Wholeness to
my living the Tree

~I am grateful You
have returned my soul to me
Great your faith in me

~Taking time to rest
with the Divine each day
blows cobwebs away

~When I am tired
and grumpy I can snuggle
in the Divine's lap

~In Divine's Presence
I find strength and am sustained
in arms that love me

~Love leads the way for
Divine Order I enter
my heart's cathedral

~I follow my heart
and do the next right thing
I dance in delight

~I devote myself
to what serves the greater good
What is mine to do?

~Ruth's name means love I
follow my heart and let love
lead the way today

~What inspirits or
enlivens me infusing
Spirit into me?

~I wake up with fresh
energy Revivified
Strong Ready to act

~What part of the Plan
will I unfold into my
own neck of the woods?
~~~Top of Form

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