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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My July 29, 2016 haikus

My July 29, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
Simplicity's spirit to
where it is needed

~Sweet is the breath of
Nature in my life Simple
joys come I slow down

~Standing Stones point to
the sky I am a channel
from Father to MA

~A connector of
the oceans of cosmic and
earthly love I am

~Whom am I called to
encourage today? Give me
strength to comfort them

~Raise me up one more
time from calamities and
troubles O Divine

~When the heavy rains
persist Let my delicate
flowers become strong

~Let me rise up in
Beauty when the sun stops the
rain and shines again

~The Divine helps me
when I feel weak under the
weight of life's lessons

~Help me to show the
same kindness to others and
support them in storms

~Centering myself
in a positive spirit
is truly praying

~I lift my heart in
Joy and move toward better
outcomes in my life

~How can I raise my
spirits and engage in a
optimistic stance?

~I trust all things are
working together for good
in all of our lives

~Let our joyful hearts
give us the energy to
empower us here
ALEPH brings Divine to Earth
How will I receive the generous Breath of Creation this Sabbath?

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