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Thursday, August 11, 2016

My June 16, 2016 haikus

June 16, 2016 at 2:54pm

I took my floor altar apart so Juanita could clean it now this afternoon I am finding pleasure in reassembling it~ discovering spiritual treasures I had forgotten I had. Feel like I am following the shining trail that brought me here now. Astounded at some of the other culture ways of believing I so freely jumped off the cliff from the known into the unknown to explore...
And the beauty there is to discover on any path one chooses to traipse down. I am feeling a bit like the Fool who sets out on a Tarot Journey. You know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE~ the world is my oyster I get to growl my Pearl self in kinda feeling?

~I am tying my
hobo handkerchief onto
my walking stick~ Ho!

~I've got my travelin'
shoes on My heart is open
I start my journey

~I step on the trail
What will I hear? see? touch? taste?
and feel in this day?

~I am thankful for
the Grand Adventures each day
brings in Paradise

~In wild delight I
stomp dance my footprints into
my Mother's Earthwalk

~I am Her heart and
hands I listen to see what
She wants done this day...?
I am already sprouting haikus and I haven't even sat in prayer and meditation yet!....
We had a crazy weather day and I could not get my stuff to post~ so here tis!

My June 16, 2016 haikus

~Today I will bring
my Divine Nature to my
altar rebuilding

~The Divine Welcomes
my questions I ask what is
in my heart's longings

~My Inquiries lead
me to encounter Spirit
and do my soul's work

~I am thankful for
the eternal love that holds
me throughout my life

~ I know I will be
shown the right steps to take to
bring my dreams to fruit

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