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Thursday, August 4, 2016

February 2, 2016 Poem?

February 2, 2016 Poem?

Poem? upon arising Wednesday February 3, 2016

In the dark night thunder
that shakes the walls
and rattles the windows
booms me awake from sleep
Going back to sleep
beneath rolling thunder
waves crashing on the
unseen shores of
night sky beaches
In the morning sweet gentle rain
a bird's chirps
with long pauses in between
as if she's marking out measures
for songs she's yet to sing
when it's not a soggy wet
and drenched with rain's steady fall
Working out the cadence /the good timing
to create/ bring harmony into
Yesterday insistent winds
dancing roadside signs
into Shimmies that make
their backsides glimmer
like twinkling lights
Coming home I found
the flamingo mailbox's
flamingo flag
whipping northward
so I know these winds
come from the South
Winter's winds that bring the cold
blow from the North
I arise from the sheets and quilt
upon the Ship that is my bed
less agitated from I unremembered dreams
like I was here yesterday when the winds were stirring up
Today birds' plaintive cries
accent the rhythms
of the songs they long to sing
when it's not so wet and rainy
Inside of me a stirring
Dare I take fields of daffodils
and Japanese magnolias
and azaleas bursting into bloom
as signs that Spring is coming?
Last night coming in from
my Jeep Libertina
the air was so muggy
I flung the window open
to listen for the coming rain
Here in the Borderland
between Winter and Spring
there begins a tug of war
we know Spring will finally win
in the end
The wondering is in
how many tugs winter will give
and just how strong
those tugs will be
Back and forth this game
they play
Life is so often
a dance between
This and That
A war?
A dance?
What is this language
that I use?
How is it defining me?
What new words need
to bubble up
to define this space
between the seasons
when great booms of thunder
shake the foundations
of my home
and I know in my heart of hearts
I am preparing
to sing
a brand new verse
in this song called
my life
Unique and novel
and yet somehow
also woven
into what is tried and true
Pretty soon I'm gonna inch my way
out on a limb
and dare
to fall off
into flying
soaring up
and down
flowing on the wind's rivers
soaring to new heights
in Winter's groundedness
Just now I am a seed
pushed down into
the dark of Earth
and night
but soon I shall be pushing up
into the air
letting go of the nutrients
of dirt
not clinging
Rising up like a dragon in flight
or a she~nix bird rising up
to suck into my lungs
the elements of air
so I can sing
my soul's song
and weave my part of the tapestry
that matrixes
and holds together
this new way of being
in this world
that we are dreaming
the dots that mark my heartbeats
are like notes upon my musical staff
the song I have to sing
is being measured
by the drum beats
of the thunder rolling
across the night sky above me
when I sleep
and the waves
or gently lapping
at the shoreline
betwixt land and water
at my feet
I rise up from
the sheets and butterfly quilt
upon the Ship that is my bed
and decide
just how to enter in
to the journey of this day...

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