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Saturday, August 6, 2016

March 8, 2016 Spring Here In The South

March 8, 2016 at 10:25am

Here in the South
of a northern continent
Leaves fall in Spring
to make way for new leaves to grow
And with tree branches and trunks bare
We see lichen growing there
and look up to see Spanish Moss
like an old lady's gnarled and tangled gray hair
hanging from tree branches
blowing in Mother Wind's little baby breezes
Were the lichen and moss there all winter long and we just didn't have eyes to see them?
We sigh at all things lost
And take in the sunlight from
the confederate jasmine
the tulips
and the daffodils
And wonder should we dare to ask for the coming bodacious blossoming of purple wisteria
that catches our breath and takes it away
and lets us know electrifyingly
that we are still alive?
and we have hot juices still flowing in our blood?
Spring comes
to clean us out
and make us fresh
for summer...
when possibilities dance like dragonflies
who eat all the pesky Mosquitos of our gnawing negative self~talk thoughts
There's magic
in the way
Mother Nature
shakes the trees
to swirl and sweep
the old leaves away
and make room
for the tiny little nubs
that will grow into new leaves
Fresh new beginnings come
even to the very old
What we choose to focus upon
may change
But Spring is an Insistent persevering woman
and she will have her way with us
What heart chamber will we open
to let her in?

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