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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

May 23, 2016 I AM FROM whittled down

May 23, 2016 I AM FROM whittled down

I have whittled my I AM FROM words down to these I am going to paint on my board today:

I am from the THAT
of Daddy and the THIS of
Mama Together

I am from the dreams
of romance and the hard work
of everyday

I am from the dirt
of Tennessee and red clay
of Alabama

I am from lightning
bugs star stories and the kiss
of butterflies

I am from purple
bicycle Wandering in
green woods with blue streams

I am from friendships
lost quarters no ice cream and
making do with hope

I am from grabbing
ahold of Letting go and
Onto the next thing

I am from one thing
leads to another Change and
no thing stays the same

I am from battles
between Poor Pitiful Pearl
and Pollyanna

I am from bright stars
black holes and courage to go
into the unknown

I am from Mother
Nature Father Sky Spirit
flesh and blood and bones

I am from poems
prayers promises and things
that I believe in

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